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Who else is watching the Super Bowl mostly for the commercials?


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Weasley (#1,419)

So today I sent of an email to my future bosses about what I’d like to make. The bottom of the range is what they said was the max of what people in my position mak and the the top is something I think they’ll never agree to. But the bottom is also $200 more a monh than what I can comfortaly live on. I decided that it couldn’t hrt to ask for a bit more but I am nervous.

Tatiana (#194)

@Weasley ooh. you sent an email about this? i was my understanding to always negotiate salary stuff in person/over the phone. please let us know how this goes! best of luck.

Weasley (#1,419)


I sent an email for a couple of reasons. I asked them about salary stuff in my respective phone calls with both and neither could give me an answer. It’s not really dtermined by them but a combo of the HR and the specifics of the grant I’ll be getting paid from. They are also super busy researchers so instead of getting them on he phone I decided it’d be more courteous and productive to send an email so they can figure it out at their own pace

Harriet Welch (#127)

It seems to me that in science (are you doing science? I assumed with the research bit) this is the norm. I would never have thought about doing that, but all of my husband’s recent salary negotiations/raises have been done through email.

Weasley (#1,419)

@Harriet Welch

It’s a science position and it seems pretty laid back. On the phone they said something like, “we’ve got five months until you start so we have time to figure this out.”

Dancercise (#94)

My car loan refinance went through this week! I’m paying 1.99% interest instead of 6.99%, and my payments are dropping from $233 to $189 per month. AND they have a 90-day deferral option, so I don’t have to start paying until May 1. Hellooooooo extra $460!

BananaPeel (#1,555)

I’m usually pretty whatever on the Super Bowl and the commercials but I am slightly jazzed to see this:

honey cowl (#1,510)

I got a new jobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stina (#686)

@Lauren Yay you! Woooooooooot!

CubeRootOfPi (#1,098)

Is anyone else doing their taxes this weekend?

Weasley (#1,419)



tomtomtom (#3,111)

@CubeRootOfPi Just did em! 566 dollars from the feds and 3 dollars to Georgia but at least it didn’t cost me anything to file.

sea ermine (#122)

Does anyone have good tips for doing taxes? This is the first time I’ve made enough to do mine and I’m so nervous I’ll do something wrong and the IRS will come after me. I’m still waiting on all of my W-2s to come in. I graduated college in May so I have the one from my student job, plus some from the temp jobs I did, plus the one from my current job. I really wanted to do it this weekend though! Also, you know when you see those things about tax deductions and how to get them and what not? Does that count if you are being claimed as a dependent? Because I claim myself as a dependent but since for the first half of the year I was in college, then I was unemployed or underemployed, and then near the end of the year I had a job (which is the one I have now) my parents are claiming me. And I’m not sure how that will effect me, especially with the qualified student loan deductions and stuff.

@seaermine Turbotax.

@stuffisthings (Who are INSANE if they aren’t in the processing of shoveling money at the Billfold right now in exchange for a series of sponsored tax season posts.)

@seaermine definitely don’t be like me and do your taxes yourself (with your dad) and then get reassessed to the tune of $3000.

It’s no fun at all.

Weasley (#1,419)


I don’t think you can file as an independent if your parents are claiming you as a depedent. But I thinkit’s up to you an your parents whether they do that or not

Weasley (#1,419)


Wow. What went wrong?

limenotapple (#1,748)

@seaermine If you live in a community college district, you can also check with their continuing education department. Many community colleges have loosely constructed classes that are more like drop in sessions for people who need help with their taxes. Usually there is some kind of a requirement that you not be rich. Sometimes public libraries have offerings too. And I totally second the Turbotax suggestion too.

tomtomtom (#3,111)

If you made less than 31k last year, use the Freedom edition of turbotax! It’s not fancy but at least it doesn’t charge you to send in your state taxes.

Harriet Welch (#127)

I was under the impression that you can ALWAYS file for yourself. There’s even a box, like “Check here if you are filing and no one else can claim you as a dependent”, don’t check the box and then do it. I filed as a teenager so that I was entitled to the refund of the taxes that were taken out of my paychecks for my after school jobs.

I filed my taxes yesterday and am expecting a return of about $500, I found out today I’m getting a bonus for some good work I did, AND my dad unexpectedly sent me some cash to buy a new suit for my impending wedding.

Knowing how my luck works, I’m not terrified I’m going to fall into a manhole or something on the way home.

nutmeg (#1,383)

I needed to take a (short-term) loan from my boyfriend today so I wouldn’t bounce my rent check. He offered- I told him that I had been waiting for a check to show up that I think got lost in the mail (it’s from my parents to help with school/rent because they told me they will help me out with those, and they’re on a cruise right now so I couldn’t ask them to send another check), and that I was definitely going to overdraw my account. I owe him $105 now (five more because I needed enough money for a T pass), and even though I know I can and will repay it soon, I feel like a shit because our relationship is already so financially imbalanced.

limenotapple (#1,748)

@nutmeg I was in this place with my boyfriend (before he became my husband). I don’t think you should feel bad. I used to feel bad until he told me that I should consider his feelings about it…he wouldn’t have offered if he didn’t mean it, and for me to feel bad made him feel bad because it was almost like I didn’t trust him when he said it wasn’t a big deal to loan me money. Also, there are probably other areas of your relationship where you are the generous one, maybe in your time, or listening skills, or mad cooking skills, or ability help him in some way. It’s funny, I was always ok accepting help from people, unless it was money, and then it felt all weird, but I don’t think it has to!

chic noir (#713)

@nutmeg no he’s your boyfriend, he wants to take care of you.

TheDilettantista (#1,255)

@nutmeg Yeah, I owe my boyfriend nearly $1,000 from a series of things he helped with during a long period of unemployment. He’ll be getting a sizable portion of my tax return. Now he’s the unemployed student and I’m the employed sugar mama (not really I work at a non-profit, hurr) so I’m thrilled to finally be able to pay him back. And we’re going to get engaged soon so, yeah, it’ll all work out.

@nutmeg I once had to have my girlfriend send me $30, from overseas, to cover my rent check. And also I have a decent job and she was an unemployed student. Now we’re getting married! In conclusion: it’ll probably all work out.

Ok guys – how do you tell your boss you have too much work?

I work in a small department and we’ve been strapped for cash for ages. It’s been a continual two-year process of combining positions, people changing positions, people leaving, etc. I think we’re more or less stable now, and even making some more money in the next fiscal year, but we’re all under a lot of stress.

My office within the department has been cut in half staff-wise in the past five years, while our clients/workload has increased almost 25%. Honestly? I just can’t get all the work done that is asked of me. I take work home on evenings and weekends and it’s starting to take it’s toll. And this isn’t some high paying field. . .I work in higher education and make a pretty good, but still modest, salary. I love my job and want to do a great job, but we’ve been in emergency rush mode for about 6 months now, and something’s got to give.

How can I have this conversation? Can I even have it? The only solutions I’m thinking of are he finds some money somewhere to hire some more help, or I get to somehow pick some duties that we no longer have to cover. I can’t really see either happening. What to do?

@Koko Goldstein I think you can have that conversation and you should before it means you start missing deadlines/doing subpar work. You don’t necessarily need to tell him it as a grand statement, just the next time more work comes along, tell him you can’t have it done by the due date, because you’re working on X, but you can have it done by Y. Either he realizes he has to dial back the workload, or you’ve at lease managed your work flow to the point where you won’t burn out or do poor quality work which would get you in trouble anyway. Let him worry about whether they should hire someone else or take on less work.

highjump (#39)

@Koko Goldstein I work in higher education policy for a national organization and I am putting together a panel at our upcoming conference on this very issue! It probably doesn’t make you feel any better, but it is very common in higher ed.

I would definitely talk to your boss and I would frame it like this: (1) How are you going to manage the day to day? Explain in detail what your day looks like. What are the priorities, what absolutely has to be done by you and by no one else. (2) How are you going to manage the stress? Admit this is stressful. Can your boss let you work from home, provide a student worker (cheap and partially funded by the federal govt!), or allow for some other kinds of flexibility? (3)How manage the work long term? I hope you have gotten salary or at least title bumps with all this increased work, btw. Where is your career and the department going if you never get to shed any of your initial responsibilities and only have things added to your plate? This should show your boss you’re invested in the place long term, not trying to shirk the work that needs to get done today. Who knows, maybe it’s part of the State Univ 2020 Strategic Plan to double the staff in your office, but money won’t become available until 2015. Your boss should have a better sense of where things are headed. Oh, and if you work under a CBA talk to your steward.

Sorry for writing a novel. I’ve been thinking about this issue A LOT in recent weeks.

Amanda T (#1,842)

Obligatory plug for the Billfold Meal-Planning Google Group! If you want to learn how to meal-plan, budget, or just need food inspiration, your support group is right here.

TheDilettantista (#1,255)

@Amanda T Can you repost the link? I’ve lost mine, mreh.

I was chatting with my dad earlier and he was all giddy because he gets to fill out the FAFSA for the last time ever. (My baby sister’s gonna graduate next year if all goes well!) I feel like I should get him a bottle of wine or something to celebrate.

Maladydee (#909)

My hours got cut back at work and my budget is much tighter than before, and i just started school, so i also have to save for tuition. I’ve been trying to run the numbers and I keep getting vastly different answers each time I do the math. I’m not normally bad at math, either! So confused.
Hopefully I can cut back on my cellphone bill and start eating cheaper, because if I’m not careful I will end up further in the hole each month instead of coming out ahead!

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