My Last Hundred Bucks: Lunch, Lunch, and Below-Market Wifi

How did you spend your last $100, Rebecca Rindler?

$14.34, transportation
My preferred method of transportation is my bike (FREE! More or less), but in frigid temperatures, I take the bus ($1) or a cab ($10). I’ve also started using Car2go ($3.34 for 8 minutes after annual fee), which is a smart car sharing service. It’s perfect for one-way trips and often cheaper than a cab. Fun fact: When these cars go over 30 mph, they make noises that terrify everyone in the vehicle.

$17.50, one bourbon, one beer, and tips
Important and necessary hang with Alex Baca to discuss the origins of For Whar, Bro?!. Sadly, this is not deductible as a mental health expense, though it should be.

$21, lunch
Occasional solo sit-down weekend lunch (not brunch!), with a book, is a favorite indulgence.

$4.91, Valentines for my friends’ kids
Did not get it together to make my own, though next year my almost-nephews can expect “I choo- choo- choose you” cards. Because there’s nothing infants like more than a 20-year-old Simpsons reference.

$32.96, Whole Foods
Lunch with a friend from high school who just moved back into town. It was pretty chill. Also picked up some groceries.

$9.99, Home internet
Every year when my Internet provider raises my rates, I call and ask them to lower it. This time, they gave me a $30 credit to compensate for a $5 monthly increase. The helpful customer service rep also advised me to call back in 6 months and ask for another credit. It’s great negotiating practice! Thanks to transactions like these, my sister has decided my catchphrase is, “Did you ask for a discount?”


Rebecca Rindler asked for a discount.


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TARDIStime (#1,633)

DISCOUNTS! Just ask for them – I used to freak out about it, too, but it’s totally not even a thing for sales people!
Yesterday, I organised a whole new phone plan on IM with a sales person while I was meant to be working. It took like 10 mins, and was so very, very straightforward! And the best bit is because all of the chat is in writing, If they don’t waive the payout from my old handset like they said they would, I have written evidence to the contrary (emailed to myself and saved in my folder for bills) that I can email to whomever needs it to prove otherwise – double the convenience compared to doing this bullshit on the phone.

noralo (#581)

Who’s your internet provider? I had an infuriating call with mine (Verizon) yesterday over a similar $5 increase in which the “agent” told me I had been notified, then with much prodding (after telling me it was on page 4 of a mysterious bill, when I have paperless billing and my bills don’t exceed 1 page), admitted that the notification wasn’t visible to me anywhere online, but notifications are just a courtesy. So even though he lied, it doesn’t matter, because I was never owed anything in the first place, except some inexplicable $5 increase. Utilities! Can’t live with em…

Megano! (#124)


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