My Last Hundred Bucks: Books, Beer, Bobby Pin Vessel

Where’d your last hundo go, Liz Rush? 

$13.48, Amazon
I bought two used books that were too expensive at my local bookstore:

$9.99, Safeway
Last week my boss and I made pies for the office and I ended up with some left over key limes and eight egg whites. I decided to get fancy and make some macarons, but I wasn’t sure if I could successfully make almond flour in my coffee grinder without little bits of coffee getting in there so I just bought a package of the stuff. I was not expecting it to be so expensive. Next time I will try grinding my own.

$27.41, Fred Meyer
The Safeway was out of parchment paper so I headed over to Fred Meyer, where I also snagged some baking sheets that were on sale. In addition, I got a pound of coffee beans and an empty spice jar for the express purpose of storing bobby pins.

$14.52, Fred Meyer
I needed to get something to bring to a pizza-n-beer pajama party later that night. I spent a long time deciding on beer, which I have discovered has more delicate social etiquette in Portland than I have ever encountered anywhere else.  I didn’t know my audience very well, so I aimed for some middle-ground Oregon beer that wouldn’t come off as too cheap or too snobby. I settled on Flat Tail Tailgater Kölsch, Rogue Chipotle Ale, and Three Creeks Hoodoo Voodoo IPA. Other people brought Coors Light.

$36.99, Comcast
This is my 6 month promotional rate for internet and a router. After 6 months, it is supposed to go up to $78 or so; I plan to ask for an extension on the promotional rate or cancel the service and switch to another company when the time comes.


Liz Rush lives in Portland, Ore.


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Catface (#1,106)

But how did the macarons come out? Interested!

@Catface I don’t own a piping bag, so I did the plastic-bag-corner-cut-off thing, and it was impossible to get good round shells. I did half lime with white chocolate filling and half lime with lemon curd filling (lemon curd is better). They’re ugly, but delicious!

probs (#296)

I initially read “Bobby Pin Vessel” as “Bobby Pin Diesel,” which could be a good roller derby name or something.

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