Monday Check-In

Good morning! Let’s check in.

This weekend, I got dressed up and attended a close friend’s annual winter gathering. The cocktail of the evening was the Manhattan, so I brought along a bottle of Rittenhouse Rye, which I learned a while ago is a nice, affordable bottle to bring along to parties for such an occasion ($27.31). After a long night out with friends, I shared a cab ride home ($10). On Sunday, I spent $57.79 at the grocery store, and read bits and pieces about the Academy Awards before calling it an early night. My estimate was $100, and I spent $95.10.

How were your weekends?

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pterodactylish (#2,321)

$25 dollars on a train ticket home, $88 dollars on groceries (where DOES the money go? cured meats, that’s where.)

ThatJenn (#916)

I estimated ( to save anyone else time looking for it):

$12 for lunch on Friday, but I really only spent $9.
Saturday I ended up doing lunch AND dinner with a friend unexpectedly! That was $22 for lunch (me and dude) and $12 for dinner (just me). I also spent $2 at a craft store that my friend brought me to (we were doing very very early-stage wedding planning stuff, but the thing I bought was adorable notecard envelopes not for a wedding at all). That wasn’t in my estimate at all.
Sunday I didn’t actually go grocery shopping at all ($0, though I’ll have to do it soon and will spend that $30), but I got lunch out, covered the lunch my friend was bringing his wife because he didn’t plan ahead well enough, and also brought home quiche for me and the dude to share for dinner: $38.

So I estimated I’d spend $62 on the weekend but spent $83, without even doing my grocery shopping, which also meant buying breakfast and lunch today. Yuck, my body’s totally feeling all the restaurant food and craving homemade stuff, which is funny because until a year or two ago I used to eat out 5+ nights a week without batting an eye.

annecara (#1,914)

Friday: $30 on dinner/drinks with friends.
Saturday: $20 on pizza.
Sunday: $35 on groceries.

$85 for the weekend, which is only $10 above what I estimated.

(Not included: whatever my husband spent at brunch and groceries on Saturday. Other married/partnered people, how do you factor in your other half’s spending when you’re making your weekend estimate? I tend to not factor it at all.)

andnowlights (#2,902)

@annecara I think that depends a lot on how a couple does their money. My husband never makes any purchases from our joint account (he tends to be a little… spendy and actually stopped carrying a card to our account because he couldn’t stay in budget we’d set), so if I don’t spend it, it doesn’t get spent! I’d say most people wouldn’t factor in what their significant other spends cause they don’t control it! :)

breakfast (#633)

We went out of town briefly this weekend, so it was spendier than usual (or spendier than budgeting me can usually allow). Friday: $10 on snacks for the dog-sitter (he ate none of them). $11 on beer to give our hosts, $20 on gas.
Saturday: Boyfriend covered diner breakfast, $3 on coffees, $2.50 on taffy in ocean city (Ocean City in the off-season is…odd, but not odd enough to warrant a trip, or maybe I was just too cold) $11 on dinner, $3 on drive home snacks. Boyfriend covered drive home gas.
Sunday: $28 at grocery store buying produce for the week, and chicken for the next couple weeks. $5 meeting a friend for coffee and snacks (a suprise $5 in my jeans pocket!) Total: $94, pretty standard for before I was really trying to budget.

megsy (#1,565)

I estimated $100 and spent $95.02. It’s like Mike Dang and I are BFF’s in spending (except for my debt and Mike Dang’s lack of debt).

Friday: $28.63 on food and drinks; I had to have one of those fasting blood tests so I needed breakfast and then later on after work I needed food so that is included. I also spent $20 on some local craft brews, but $6 of that is an investment in the bottles.

Saturday: $30ish bucks on all you can eat sushi. Is this a thing anywhere else? Because in Ottawa I find your choice is really all you can eat, super expensive a la carte sushi or disgusting grocery store sushi. No real in between option. Also, this sushi place, for some reason, had limitations on shrimp sushi (only 2 pieces per person per meal) which I found to be incredibly strange.

Sunday: $16.39 on pizza because I hadn’t done my dishes from earlier and just didn’t feel like cooking. This is a very bad habit of mine and I was supposed to be giving up pizza for lent (again) but at least this time I lasted almost two weeks. Even though some people say you don’t have to follow Lent on Sunday’s. So I guess I didn’t really break the Lent thing.

I am still kind of on track to pay off the CC by the end of May so that is the important thing. I may also be lucky enough to have a windfall of several thousand (tax free) coming to me, but I don’t want to get into details on that right now but I do have an article about it I want to propose to the Billfold in the fall.

andnowlights (#2,902)

$1013.83 mattress
$5 parking at the flea market
$5 funnel cake
$22.92 lunch at whole foods
$4.36 Sea salt and Turbino sugar chocolate covered almonds at Trader Joes
Total: 1051.11

I guessed $900 for the mattress and $60 for the flea market. Over by $91.11 BUT we’re getting reimbursed for the mattress, so really we’re okay. Went under on the $60 for the flea market/whatever so I’m not upset.

snackcarts (#3,300)

I estimated $45 on Friday and came pretty close – my plans for Friday and Saturday either fell through or I avoided them, while my expected Sunday costs all ended up being covered by other parties (thanks to generous family members) so all I spent this weekend was $3.94 on breakfast on Friday morning and $43.01 to fill up my gas tank for the week = $46.95, or less than two dollars over my estimate.

However, I just bought a lawn seat for She & Him’s summer tour ($45.65) and my lunch plans for Friday got switched to today, so looks like it’ll be a spendy week.

SterlingCooper05 (#2,529)

Friday: $43.16 on Rx copay for daughter, groceries at Trader Joe’s (aka 6 pack of craft beer), and lunch out.

Saturday: $216.36 on birthday gifts for niece and nephew, clothes for wife, 2 boxes of checks, and a tank of gas.

Sunday: $77.11 on birthday gift for aunt, dinner out with son, and church donation.

For a grand total of $336.63

travelmugs (#162)

Oh man, my estimates were way off:

I bought drinks on Friday for friends: $36, so $4 under my estimate, BUT I took a cab home: $10, so the total is $6 over estimate.
Lunch out Saturday: $10 ($5 more than estimated)
Here’s where it gets bad:
Unanticipated Trader Joe’s Run: $45
Unanticipated Target run (I needed socks, new pajamas, a black cardigan, bulk catfood and lots of other pseudo-necessessities. Also, my old purse just broke, so I needed a new one, but still): $195
Sunday, just brunch: $40.

Total: $336. So, way over planned.

amirite (#2,677)

I totally blew my estimate, which was not really surprising because it was less of an estimate and more wishful thinking.

I estimated $50 for going out Friday and Saturday, plus $13.35 for groceries on a gift card.

I spent $86.45 on going out (drinks, admission to a show, late-night poutine) and all of my grocery gift card plu $10.97 in cash.

So, oh well. What I did not do was spend more cash than I actually had, and now I just have to get through today and tomorrow on the few dollars I have left before payday on Wednesday (not hard, since I almost never spend much money on weekdays). I won’t have any money leftover to make an extra credit card payment, but that is to be expected in a pay-period that has 5 weekends in it instead of 4.

Blondsak (#2,299)

I estimated $48 for fun things and $150 for not-fun things ($198 total). The actual:

Fun/extra things:
Saturday: $22 for take out, because I cannot control myself. But that was all, because the birthday lunch had to get postponed.

Not-fun things:
Saturday: $48 + $20 cashback for groceries, which was actually way under my expected grocery cost! Also $3.50 for laundry.
Sunday: $45 for a haircut w/tip.

Total: $93.50, with about another $50 in costs simply postponed. Not too shabby.

Blondsak (#2,299)

@Blondsak Just noticed I forgot to factor in the haircut… $138.50 total! Still under my estimate by $60 though, and saved about $30 overall with a low grocery store total.

Runawaytwin (#2,693)

0$ friday (stayed in w bf and had a nice relaxing evening)
Saturday went to the natural history museum (free passes!) and saturday night Bf took me to AYCE sushi (0$ for me) after which i bought a bottle of vodka for us (28$) Saturday night my plans were cancelled and sunday I stayed in to clean, organize.

Overall a very low spending weekend and the bottle of vodka *should* last about a month BUT i have serious cabin fever and expect this coming up weekend to be much more expensive because If i dont go out I am going to lose my mind. I hate winter.

KingCash (#2,095)

Friday: Went to dinner with my boyfriend at Great Wall Szechuan House ($21) before seeing “The Motherfucker with the Hat” at Studio Theater (I bought the tickets as a Valentine’s Day present)

Saturday: Booked a flight to California in May for my little brother’s college graduation ($497, which my mom very generously offered to refund me for). Went to brunch with my boyfriend at Coupe ($14), which we’d been meaning to try for a while despite the mixed reviews. Really nice space, but pretty mediocre food. In the afternoon we went to the Iron Horse to watch the fantastic Georgetown-Syracuse game with friends ($16).

Sunday: Went grocery shopping ($27) and got a burrito bowl at Surfside for dinner on my way to watching the Oscar’s with a friend ($11)

Total: $568 with airfare, $89 without

LizF (#1,399)

I ate out a lot in the past week so I didn’t want to spend any money this weekend. In reality I bought breakfast on Saturday for my boyfriend and myself ($5) and then he bought a glass of wine and a Heineken at the MFA (free admission because I’m a member)and then I bought pretzel dogs while we waited for the bus ($8).

Yesterday I cleaned and built my new bed so I ordered Thai food to eat for dinner yesterday and lunch today. ($18)

$31 is pretty good compared to some of the HUGE spend weekends I have had lately!

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

Fiddle lesson Friday night: $25
Dinner Friday: $6.79
Toiletries and other fun stuff like a lint roller: $43
Coffee on Sunday: $2
Dishsoap and cookies: &8

Total: $84.79

Hopefully I can make it to Wednesday or Thursday on my current tank of gas and not spend any money until then!

Friday night: I went straight from the gym to a party at a bar. $2 on a protein bar so I could keep up the health thing and not just rely on free pizza and beer for dinner.

Saturday: $5 on a bottle of makgeolli (Korean rice wine), which I bought because it looked interesting and was $5. It was… interesting. An acquired taste I have not yet acquired.

Sunday: Shopping day! My fiance bought most of the groceries, but I spent $40 on apples, almonds, protein bars, laundry detergent, and face moisturizer.

$47 total! Kinda low, since it was my fiance’s week to buy groceries.

Liz the Lemur (#3,125)

I didn’t estimate, because I’m irresponsible. Also because I was hoping it would be a minimal weekend. That was wrong.

Friday: Planned to stay in – went out instead. $25 for drinks. $22 for drunchies pizza. But I got to keep the leftovers, and friends picked up cab fare. Plus, it was cash that I earned from babysitting, which doesn’t feel like real money to me sometimes. (I don’t see the total go up or down in my account.) This might be a problem.
Saturday: Brought a 6-pack to a friend’s going away party, and bought one for myself to keep at home as well. $17.50
Sunday: Watched the Oscars in the campus auditorium. Free cookies and chex mix! Woo!
Total: $64.50. But I still need to buy groceries in the next couple of days.

I estimated (unrealistically) under $20.

Friday: $10 at drug store, $5 on poker night
Saturday: $6 for pizza
Sunday: $2.50 for parking
Total: $23.50, not bad!

And I totally did not do my taxes.

Chel (#2,960)

I estimated $50 for groceries and gas (and returning a $20 jar of pie filling to William Sonoma)

That was correct, but I also went to Total Wine on Saturday and spent $20 on a Bota Box, so the final total was $70. Worth it.

I went to breakfast with my mom (her treat) and did my laundry at my parents house. I worked 6 hours on Sunday, so that will be nice come payday. I did not do my taxes. Maybe next weekend.

Stina (#686)

Estmated $105 Actual $228

Extra $113 due to what we owe for our taxes, $3 for cub scout selling candy bars at church, and $7 more on groceries than anticipated.

mczz (#569)

Another weekend with changed plans!

Didn’t go out on Friday, just went to the grocery store to pick up ingredients for Saturday’s brunch and other groceries($50). Had to get gas on Saturday ($47). Cupcakes ($5), light dinner out ($36), and the craziest milkshakes I have ever seen ($12) all also happened. Sunday we did some cleaning, but I got super frustrated with some lack of organization and made us go to IKEA immediately to rectify the problems ($120). And then delicious tacos from the truck by IKEA ($12).

Very little of that was planned, and without IKEA it would have been $162, better than my $200 predicted. But instead IKEA happened (NEVER AGAIN ON A SUNDAY) and that was a $282 weekend.

eagerber (#1,958)

My estimate was $80, but I went over: $78.93 for groceries (and a new wallet, thanks Target!), $8.22 for miscellaneous items at CVS (I had an extrabucks rewards coupon plus another coupon), and $17 on beers at trivia night last night (which was under my predicted $20 for that).

TOTAL: $104.15. I did, however, babysit, not once, not twice, but a total of three times this weekend, so I made $198. I don’t really recommend babysitting three times in one weekend, tho. Pretty exhausting…

lizil (#2,780)

Friday night I got Chinese takeout for bf and me ($13.40). Took $20 out of the ATM Saturday to buy some absolutely delicious IPA bread ($6). For dinner Saturday we went to a local burrito place 10x better than Chipotle (and, coincidentally, a few units down from the very first Chipotle)where I spent $8 on a burrito and bf got beers for us. Yesterday we got hit with a blizzard, but went out to a nice dinner with bf’s mom, for which she generously treated us. So, $41.40 if you count the ATM money, $27.40 if you count what I actually spent. Not bad!

terrific (#1,532)

My estimate was something like $130 or so, but I went over. Of course. Friday, I spent $9 at Duane Reade getting shampoo and stuff; $6 later at CVS to get Advil PM because my roommate’s LOOoooUUD friends were over. I also donated $20 to my sister’s charity walk. Total: $35

Saturday, I bought groceries for $60 and went to $5 yoga and that was it. Total: $65.

Sunday, I didn’t mean to spend anything, but the cabbage rolls I made to eat while skiing were TERRIBLE so I bought lunch for me and my friend for $20 (she bought drinks) and spent $10 at… McDonalds on the way home. I’m a little embarrassed. Also bought morning snacks for my boyfriend: $7. Total: $37

All in all, I spent $137. Which actually isn’t too bad!

andnowlights (#2,902)

@terrific I stopped by McDonalds on my way home from work today. Sometimes you just need the grease!

rorow (#1,665)

OMG. i did bad things. i don’t ever estimate (therein lies the problem? a problem?)

Friday – went to a friend’s, then for dinner. had something cheapish, but tipped excessively. $15.
Saturday – went to a ‘women and weights’ class at the gym. GOT TALKED INTO GETTING A TRAINER. committed to $319/month for the next 6 months. dropped $79 pro-rated for February. my guilt over spending the money will hopefully equal my commitment to the gym, which i’m going to be paying for anyway, so maybe it will even out? maybe? then i went to brunch, so there was another $15. then museum, which seemed FREE mostly because i’d dropped $100 on membership the week before. coffee, $5. dinner, $20.
Sunday – i worked out! this is working so far! date and i’s tickets to book fair – $10. discounted hat because i was freezing, $5. fancy coffee, $7. snacks for oscar party, $11.

total = $167. not too crazy, since my weekly budget for misc/fun/eating out is $200 (and weekends are always the kicker) but oh, the trainer. that may have been a mistake.

I just started using YNAB (thanks to a tip from a Billfold commenter) and I’m REALLY liking it.

Also, my only spending this weekend was $60 at Giant — for a truly shocking quantity of food, given that I’ve recently been shopping at Whole Foods — and $28 for some fantastic and reasonably-priced Vietnamese food (that’s for 2 people, with tip) at Pho 14 in Columbia Heights.

danjose (#3,326)

Friday: stayed in & did laundry to get ready for my San Francisco trip, $0

$7 airport Starbucks for a drink and pastry
$13 lunch at the best food court ever
$12 after living social deal for a bowl of rum punch including tax and tip
$11 at Safeway for a bottle of jäger. CA liquor prices > WA liquor prices with all their taxes
$25 dinner at a Thai place
$11 for drinks at a bar
$7 for drinks at a club, my cover was taken care of by one of my friends

$14 chipping in for pizza and booze with my friends I’m staying with
Went on a wine tasting bay cruise but that was a prepaid living social deal
$25 for dinner at an Irish/Indian pub
$10 towards drinks at a bar where my bartender friend totally hooked us up

Total: $135 a lot less than my $185 to $205 estimate, though I’m still on vacation until tomorrow so I’m sure I’ll manage to catch up

BATS! (#2,770)

Karaoke on friday night was cancelled due to lack of interest. So instead I took my ladyfriend out for drinks and poutine: $27.

On Saturday I felt terrible all day, so I watched Netflix and took naps: $0.

Sunday was, as predicted, all about post-derby breakfast: $13.50 and buying bus tickets (and mini-eggs, obviously): $37.

Total: $77.50, quite a bit less than the $113 I had predicted, but I did not end up buying groceries on Sunday.

chic noir (#713)

My estimated total was 90-95 dollars.

55 in Walmart finally got that vacuum cleaner and a few toiletries.
20 bucks in supermarket but boyfriend gave me 11 towards the total.
7 bucks for movie popcorn
So a grand total of. … *drumroll please* 72 dollars hey I can in under total. Heck yea :)

selenana (#673)

@chic noir Nice!

selenana (#673)

Didn’t estimate this time because timezones.
Friday, fell asleep early and skipped the movie plan which is becoming a pattern.
Saturday, a friend who has never been to Japan was in town. So:
Soba lunch at 100% buckwheat soba restaurant (she’s gluten intolerant) 0yen, generously treated by my guy;
Two admissions to the Taiko Museum 1000 yen;
Street snacks 1000 yen;
Playing taiko drum game at an arcade 600 yen;
Dinner at an izakaya 2000 yen;
Small peach sweet from food floor of Tokyu for dessert 200 yen;
Two drinks at a cute bar 1000 yen;
Bar snacks at my friend’s rock show 1000 yen.
Sunday I had a gift certificate to Pierre Herme’s Chocolate Bar which was extravagant and delicious and free. But I spent about 2000 over the weekend on transpo.
Total 8800 yen or about $95.

joyballz (#2,000)

I estimated $100 for the entire weekend and ended up spending that in one day on Saturday. I can’t resist impromptu bar hangouts with my sister.

My total was somewhere around $200 for the entire weekend. Better luck next time!

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