Monday Check-In

Good morning! It’s a gross, drizzly, slushy Monday in the city. Let’s check-in.

The snow didn’t stop the subways from running this weekend, so my friends and I headed to dinner at Mission Chinese, Danny Bowien’s popular Chinese restaurant that originated in San Francisco. We showed up a few minutes before the restaurant opened at 5:30, and there was a line already forming down the block. The hostess took our name down and told us the wait was going to be 45 minutes, so we headed to a bar around the corner for some pre-dinner beers ($12). The wait was worth it—the three of us ordered six dishes to share and three cocktails, and our bill came out to be $45 each, including tip. If anyone is ever in the city and is interested in going, our favorite dish of the night (as was Pete Wells’s) was the cumin lamb. After dinner, we decided to watch Zero Dark Thirty ($14). I also spent $28.18 at the drugstore, $37.88 at the grocery store, and hung out with a friend at her apartment on Sunday evening catching up on TV and getting a glimpse of the Grammy’s (free). I estimated $140 on Friday and ended up spending $137.06.

And how were your weekends?


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ThatJenn (#916)

Friday, after getting gas in the morning ($36), I unexpectedly went to lunch with a friend after a horrible morning, but he paid (I paid for us last time we did lunch). Then I ordered pizza that evening but my partner paid because I was in the shower when it arrived, so that’s $30 I estimated but didn’t spend.

Saturday I ate leftover pizza in the morning instead of driving through someplace, which is $12 I estimated but didn’t spend. Grocery shopping was at two places: Trader Joe’s, where I used my gift card so my total was only $20 instead of the $60 I estimated, and then Publix for bread flour & all-purpose flour, which my partner insisted on buying so he could say he bought me flours for Valentine’s Day. (Wow.)

Then, my partner picked up the Target bill, too, because on top of the birthday present for our friend he threw in a few pieces of clothing for himself, so that’s $40 I estimated and did not spend.

I did spend $7 at my sister-in-law’s yardsale, but I got awesome stuff (neat martini glasses, a lighter-outlet-powered spotlight for the car, a paper cutter), and $7 on some random iTunes stuff.

All told, I spent $70 instead of the $108-178 I estimated. Cool! I have nice friends and a nice partner, is really the moral of the story.

mczz (#569)

I figured we wouldn’t leave the house and would spend little money (predicted only a $75 Sunday grocery run), but we weathered the blizzard differently than expected.

Friday night we walked to a bar, which was a super fun adventure. ($44 for a few beers and tip for the heroic staff keeping the place open.) ($0 to watch a drunk neighbor be allowed to drive a cop car in order to get it unstuck.) Saturday we went out walking again, and ended up going to Shake Shack, because it was open and my husband wanted to reward them for being open (his charge, around $23.) Then on Sunday we did the EPIC SHOVELING, during which I accidentally broke our neighbor’s plastic shovel, ($48.03 on Amazon to get a replacement and some shovels for us). The anticipated grocery shopping never happened, we had stocked up well enough on Thursday, and it would have been impossible anyways.

Total damage at $115.03, which was more than expected, but a seriously great weekend for being in the epicenter of the snowfall accumulations. And no work today! Life is great!

Let’s see… on Saturday, I took my fiance out for coffee and pastries ($8) and got a haircut ($54, including tip). Sunday, we got bagels and coffee for lunch ($9), went to our favorite record store ($16 for two records) and did a CVS run ($28). Later I went to the ethnic grocery for tortillas, ancho chiles and Korean hot pepper paste ($8). So $123 in total– not bad for me, considering the haircut.

Almost made the $0 target, but Eloquii was having a 50% off sale items coupon, so I ended up spending $33 on a couple of work shirts and tights. At least I didn’t spend any money on food outside the house… because I couldn’t leave the house!

thenotestaken (#542)

I didn’t estimate again!
Friday: Went to a friend’s for burritos, picked up ingredients for guac and salsa ($13), hung out there all night.
Saturday: Yoga on a membership, morning grocery run ($14), climbing (free), and went sledding in the evening which was free but afterwards picked up wine ($16 ugh) and got in on some pizza delivery ($10).
Sunday: Didn’t leave the house but did spend $30 on a magazine subscription for my sister.
Total: $83

eagerber (#1,958)

Relatively low-key weekend. Still wish we got some snow here, slush and all!

Friday: Got lunch with a former coworker and spent only $7.79. Later took a coffee and croissant break with my current coworkers for $4.27. For date night with my boyfriend, we cooked dinner together and then went to the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse for comedy; Nyq Kaplan was amazing! He told a lot of jokes about working in a coffee shop — totally relatable as my boyfriend & I have both had our fair share of coffee shop jobs. $21.75 for my ticket (with the service charge); my boyfriend bought us drinks and snacks.

Saturday: helped my friend cope with the idea of moving back to Wyoming. I bought us pizza ($20.90) and we wound up at Target for some moving needs; I also wound up “needing” some packing tape, a box of thank yous, and a cute new iphone case: $28.68 total. Then I babysat for six hours. All my magazines: read!

Sunday: did laundry ($4.50), worked on my thesis, and bought groceries: $30.97. I would have been spent closer to $50, as predicted, but I had a lot of good coupons and there were some super unexpected deals (I sound like such a boring person). Our friend had a last hurrah dinner, so we brought over a bottle of wine ($11.04) and she and her roommates fed us and our friends.

TOTAL: $129.90. Under budget by about $3. Woo.

probs (#296)

@eagerber I went to a great comedy show at the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse! Saw Baron Vaughan and Erin Judge there, a hurricane knocked the power out, no AC, lights, or mics. Magical! Love that place, I should go more often.

Blondsak (#2,299)

Once again was under $50 for fun spending, which is my weekend goal until I graduate from grad school in May.

Friday: I estimated $30 for going out for drinks with a friend, but managed to spend only $15 because we left early and went to drink at my place instead.

Saturday: Planned to spend nothing, but ended up spending $20 on takeout. No regrets.

Sunday: Almost nothing, but a sudden compassion moved me to give $5 to a legless man begging on the street. Definitely no regrets.

Total: $40.

probs (#296)

Too lazy/case of the Mondays-y to do the exact breakdown while posting from my phone, but I estimatex $100 and spent about $130 on my share of a produce box, hookah/tea/tip with a friend at Andalusia, beer from Safeway, dinner with that same friend, tiki drinks/tip with friends at Hogo, and a grocery-run that include restocking some long-term staples. However, I also discovered a giant leak in the J-pipe under my bathroom sink, and it cost $70 to have the condo repair people fix it. I rent, so I’m going to try to have my landlord reimburse be with reduced rent.

Total- ~$130 with the reimbursement, ~$200 without.

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

It snowed in Boston. Like a LOT.

So Friday I got ordered to leave work super early (noon) and I made a last second run to the grocery store to see if they had some stew beef. And they still barely had any meats but they did have some steak tips and roasting chickens, both on sale, so I got those and few other things. Came to $42.

And that was all I spent all weekend. Friday the boyfriend and I had a FANTASTIC time bar hopping to various bars that were walkable from my apartment. He paid for everything because I had spent a small fortune on groceries. The best bar was the Tap right near Faneuil Hall, which is a dude-bro shitshow most any other night. But everyone there was so happy to be out that every time a new patron wandered in out of the snow, a rousing round of cheering went up. Second best was Porters near the Garden where we had an impromptu 80s singalong at some point.

Then Saturday was spent wandering the city and taking SO many photos and Sunday was spent being a slug on my couch getting into House of Cards or whatever that new Kevin Spacey Netflix show is called. Both Saturday and Sunday I cooked all the meals we ate.

All in all, good blizzard.

pterodactylish (#2,321)

All my money went to doctors, copays, and the pharmacy, which is good since Valentine’s and boyfriend’s birthday this week will be doozies.

KingCash (#2,095)

Pretty quiet weekend for me. Spent Friday night in with my boyfriend and we ordered pizza ($24, my treat). On Saturday I bought a watch and a set of pearl earrings from Amazon ($43), registered for the LSAT ($160) and biked over to Surfside for dinner ($13). Did some grocery shopping on Sunday ($27) and got a charge for Capital Bikeshare ($2).

Total: $269

Crabtree (#774)

I estimated $80 for fun but I only spent $ 9.20 on lunch and $40 on groceries (instead of eating out). However, I did have to buy bus tickets for inside the city $18, and I had to buy gas ($46) since I was afraid I wouldn’t make it home safely from work on a quarter tank.
In the end I spent 113.20 which is more than I planned, but within the realm of normal. I just have to try to be frugal for the next few weeks, but that’s fairly impossible with everyone’s birthday coming up.

annecara (#1,914)

Well, my bridesmaid’s dress was $170, and I totaled almost $250 in wine and groceries (on the plus side, I won’t have to buy wine for a month and the next few grocery shopping trips should be a lot smaller). About $420 for the weekend, when I’d budgeted $300 – significantly over, and while I’m a little surprised at the number, I don’t feel bad or guilty about the amount of spending. I had to buy the dress at some point and all the food was things we needed.

joyballz (#2,000)

I spent $6.61 on coffee and a croissant before the cider summit. Then I took out $60 in cash and it’s gone. Mostly on cabs which always makes me sad.

Estimated: $85
Total: $66.61, but still need groceries for the week.

amirite (#2,677)

After-work beer: $9

Groceries: $38.99 (I said $30, but then decided to buy breakfast supplies instead of going out for $12 breakfast on Saturday, saving $3).

Going out dancing: $8 (I said $5, but ended up going to a $3 after party).

Laundry: $23.75 (I guessed $10, underestimating the number of loads I had to do–all my sheets, blankets and towels).

Snacks: $5 (instead of going out for coffee).

I didn’t go to hot yoga like I thought I would (I did 20 minutes of yoga in my apartment instead).

Total: $84.74. I guessed $80, so I went slightly over, but that’s still the cheapest weekend I’ve had in a long time.

Leila@twitter (#1,607)

My plans changed, mostly because buses were way too unreliable and the wind was unbearable. And I don’t drive.

I ate lunch out, instead of eating my packed lunch. Because I’m still new to the company, I don’t really want to turn down co-worker bonding time. $10
Came home, ate dinner, and vegged instead of seeing family. $0 :(

Laundry, gym, hiding from the cold. $0

Brunch with one cousin $20
Looked at apartments. $0
Breakup ice cream with another cousin, spoons directly in the liter. $5

Estimated total: $65
Total: $35

kellyography (#250)

I didn’t really estimate, but I spent $30 on dinner with friends at Dumont on Saturday and $20 for a new Metrocard. The rest of the weekend was spent holed up in bed with X-Files and laundry. Planning on making a big Target run tonight and possibly a plane ticket for spring break. Those will really be the spendy portions of my week.

BATS! (#2,770)

I estimated $203, and ended up spending $194. That still seems like a lot of money for one weekend, but I made a couple of forward-looking purchases (concert tickets for a show in March, pre-paid derby dues, &c.) so I’m happy.

Dinner, drinks, taxi: $65.
Concert tickets: $25, for a concert in March (and zero service charges!)

Farmers’ market: $41, which an accountant might amortize over the next 10 days or so because I stocked up on granola and coffee beans.
Skate tool: $0, because I borrowed my dad’s socket wrench instead.

Derby dues: $60. I decided to pay for February and March all at once, for convenience sake.
Post-practice brunch: $3. I used up what was left on a gift card I got from my lovely co-workers back around Christmas.

pawnknee (#2,911)

Still not good at this. I estimated $40 on groceries, only spent $28 (yay!). I estimated $20 on wine and spent $32 (boo!). Picked up laundry as planned, $11. However I went to an unexpected brunch for $18. I ended up spending $89 when I estimated $71. I guess that’s not bad? The challenge is fun, though.

chic noir (#713)

OMG you guys, I went over, way over.

44 bucks for that sweater.
10 Starbucks reload
50 bucks in the supermarket
11 fast food crap
4. Upscale chocolate
20 Sally’s for hair color

Total 139. I was only planning to spend 78 IIRC.

I fought the urge to spend 10 bucks on a new Nordstrom brand lipgloss “tawny”.

Liz the Lemur (#3,125)

Friday: Made pizza with friends and went grocery shopping. $45 for groceries, $8.25 for the weekend’s beer. Owed my friend $20.
Saturday: Hanging out at a friend’s house – $0
Sunday: Staying in by myself (Laundry and bread-making day) with a short excursion to the gym – $0. My dad asking me if I needed a “kick starter” for a Roth IRA – priceless.
Total: $73.25. Kept it way under my $100 limit. :)

Chel (#2,960)

I didn’t bring my lunch on Friday and went out, we usually have a work lecture series on Friday with lunch provided and I forgot it was cancelled for the week. About $7.

I wound up buying wine to take to my parents since my mom kept raving about this Merlot she had at dinner the week before. I got that and another bottle for around $15. She kept the Merlot and opened the other bottle while we were there.

Groceries were just under $25 since I had a couple of coupons, but I also went out for lunch on Saturday, that was about $7.

I stayed in on Sunday and did housework. Total for the weekend was about $55.

emmabee (#2,008)

Estimated $125 or so and ended up with $55 on groceries, $20 on gifts of wine for parties, $15 on ticket to vegan bake-off. But also $25 late fee (womp womp) for just totally forgetting I took automatic payments off my credit card. So $115 — under budget, but could have been better.

terrific (#1,532)

I did okay! On Friday, I got some snacks at work ($4), bought gloves, a hat, and a scarf for my ski trip ($27), and bought an on-sale 12-pack of Rolling Rock to put in the ski trip reserves ($9).

Saturday, we drove up to the mountain and I bought lunch and my share of the groceries for the weekend ($15).

Sunday, I had to rent ski equipment ($22) and pay for my lift ticket ($53). Then we went out to dinner ($25) and I paid for my share of gas+tolls ($16). A+++! Would travel again!

All in all, I spent $171. I haven’t technically paid for dinner and gas yet since I didn’t have cash and owe people money, but I’m including them in the round-up.

Tatiana (#194)

So, my weekend estimate was $97, and I ended up spending $124… but the weird thing is that I have an extra $79 in my checking account (I balance my checkbook the old school way and have no clue how this happened), ergo, I don’t feel bad about going over by $27. AND, my weekend was pretty great. Happy Monday, y’all!

hellonheels (#1,407)

Ugh, I don’t even want to talk about it. My estimate was $100, but that turned out to be woefully insufficient when, on my drive home from work, I was suddenly hit with the realization that I never received my registration renewal notice from the DMV and my registration had expired in January. That took two hours at the DMV and $247 (including $47 in late fees) to fix.

As to my projected weekend expenses, there were Chinese food and beers on Friday night that I did not estimate for ($35), $95 on groceries and beer (I predicted $80, but got groceries for four days rather than the two I had planned for), and $15 for home improvement project. So $150 in total. Could have been worse, I guess.

lizil (#2,780)

Ended up getting reimbursed at work for something on Friday, so +$12 (haha). Haircut on Saturday was $18 including tip, then hung out with a guy I’ve been seeing and got lunch ($11) and dinner ($13) since he paid the last two times. Sunday was 100% low key as we just stayed in and watched TV all day. All in all, a quality weekend, and fairly cheap!

Beezus (#1,007)

This was my first time participating in the weekend estimate, and as it turns out, I am terrible at this game! I spent almost double what I’d estimated.

Friday, I went to see my friend sing with her bluegrass band and spent about $15 on beers. (Original plan: Craft night at a friend’s house – but the money worked out to be the same, because I would’ve brought a $15ish bottle of wine.)

Saturday, my boyfriend and I did the (free!) stairways tour we’d planned on. Then a friend came over for a Wes Anderson movie night we’ve been planning on doing forever. I ended up going a little crazy on snacks and drinks, spending almost $60!! (Original plan: Go out for beers and spend around $15.)

Sunday, we went for a hike and I chipped in $10 for gas. Also stopped for an iced coffee on the way. Then spent $38 on groceries for the week. (Original plan: Exactly this, actually!)



Mike Dang: was Mission Chinese worth it? (I know it ranks as a cheap place to eat, but worth it not just in terms of money but effort?) I tried to go to there on Saturday, but when we got there around 8:30, they said they weren’t taking names until 9, so we bailed. Was going to go, then, on Sunday, but they were closed for a private event. Now I am mildly obsessed with eating there, even though my interest was only minimal before.

Dancercise (#94)

I estimated $12 for lunch out with friends and ended up spending $8.67. And then I knew I was going to be spending $600 on my car insurance, so I spent nothing else the rest of the weekend.

breakfast (#633)

Friday: leftovers and reading, $0.

Saturday: $20 at the farmer’s market, then drove to DC with boyfriend, stupidly tried to go to the Hirschorn while he did his tasks, but left a little too late and got off the train at 4:45, so the museum was almost closed(what was I thinking?). Bought myself a coffee and a snack to console myself, then got immediately back on the train to met up again with boyfriend and help him deinstall his show: $12 on trains/coffee. BUT THEN he bought us Ethiopian food to thank for my help so it was all worth it. Went to a new bar when we got back in town: $13 because I tried one of their homebrews, plus, I finally had a John Waters sighting.
Sunday: picked up some studio snacks: $5.

Total: $50: good work, broke me.

AitchBee (#3,001)

Are you in Baltimore? Where do you Farmers’ Market (it’s a verb. Whatever)?

breakfast (#633)

@AitchBee The Waverly Market!!

sparrow303 (#1,641)

Forgot to estimate on Friday!

Friday night: Neither bf nor I was hungry; had popcorn and wine for dinner ($0, pre-purchased)

Saturday: Breakfast out (bf paid); Netflix afternoon, cereal dinner ($0)

Sunday: Starbucks run ($5) on the way home from groceries ($100- never went last week); $15 for the 2nd season of Downton Abbey on Amazon; $20 for the next 2 Game of Thrones books.

Total= $140, all spent on Sunday.

selenana (#673)

I think I estimated around $250 for the 3day weekend.
Friday was dinner and a movie, 2400 yen.
Saturday I went shopping with a friend and got a baby (dog) gate, I bought us lunch, and got some groceries. 9150 yen. That night I had a girls’ night dinner party, 3500 yen.
Sunday, I had to take the foster dog to his meet&greet. 2000 yen gas, 300 yen snacks. Picked up a foster cat on the way home and was treated to lunch. Went to Yokohama Chinatown for Lunar New Year celebrations – 300 on annin (apricot kernel) soft serve and 1000 yen on Taiwanese food.
Monday stayed in all day, except for running out to buy 300 yen worth of pasta.
Total was 18950 yen, or around $200.

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