Monday Check-In

Some game last night, huh? And by game, I really mean that Beyoncé half-time show—no, it was all very exciting. Let’s check-in.

I did indeed spend my Friday night with George Saunders (or his book, at least), and gnawed on a baguette and some French blue cheese while reading on the couch ($9). On Saturday evening, I met a few friends at a bar in Harlem that serves craft cocktails ($35), and spent $8 on a plate of wings during the Super Bowl. I also spent $47.13 at the grocery store and $5 to do laundry. I estimated $100 on Friday, and ended up spending $104.13. Even I’m sort of impressed by how close that ended up being.

How were your weekends?


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Runawaytwin (#2,693)

I got lucky and found the sneakers I wanted on sale at models.[onlyin a putrid color but who cares they are gym shoes] This means they were 100$ instead of 145+ tax (~160)
I skipped the manhattan vintage clothing show on the advice of a few people including 1 poster here 0$
I bought a drink and app at a ridiculously cheap happy hour near my job 10$ and groceries on saturday. My job will feed me all week (its a busy week, lots of overtime) so i only needed a few things. 11$.

Total 121$.

Also aside from an appointment planned far in advance this week- I am going to try to do a ) 0$ spending week. Well see how it goes.

breakfast (#633)

Friday I didn’t go out at all, so $0. Saturday: $121 to ship a painting, $18 at the farmers market, $14 buying tacos for me and boyfriend at the good taco place. $10 on beer because my ‘buy a bota box of Reisling and it will last you a month’ plan isn’t really working out (it tastes like juice). Sunday: $9 on beer for a superbowl party (with purple packaging!) $6 on brownie mix for superbowl party plus tortillas and the big thing of oatmeal. $2.50 on convenience store eggs when I got home and realised there were no eggs in the house. total: 180.50, but I will be reimbursed for the shipping sometime this week, hopefully so really, $50.50.

Not bad, but I have to budget budget until I find a second job, because pay for my teaching gigs isn’t going to work out as planned. Two of my classes are accelerated, 1/2 semester long classes. I assumed I would be paid for my first class until March, and then my second class after that. Instead, they are dragging my first class out for the entire pay cycle of the semester, and then paying for my second class on top of that starting in March. WHICH MEANS money is going to be lighter than expected for another month and a half. Ugh, adjuncting.

probs (#296)

My girlfriend was out of town, so I had a pretty quiet weekend- but still managed to exceed my estimate by almost 50%.

Friday- $20 for groceries at Safeway. Made migas for dinner, googled for a cocktail recipe using random booze I had on hand, made that, stayed in.
Saturday- cleaned my house a lot and ate leftover migas for three meals. They were good. $33 for Washington’s Green Grocer box. Stayed in.

Sunday- helped my friends out in Manassas move in to their beeeeaaaaaaautiful new house with a bunch of college friends I haven’t seen in a while. I enjoyed it. They fed us bagels and pizza. Tank was empty, got gas, coffee, and a zero bar at Sheetz, $51. Got groceries at Shoppers to make Karala curry later this week and cheese fries last night, plus snacks and a surprise 12-pack of my beloved Shiner Holiday Cheer.
Total- $145. However, my girlfriend will be hitting me back for half of the produce box, and I got a very generous Xmas check from my Mamaw and an Xmas hundo from my aunt and uncle. I wasn’t thinking about buying gas, which made me think that there are certain infrequent but recurring expenditures, like gas, gym membership, and utilities, that I tend to forget about.

megsy (#1,565)

According to my budget/money tracking, I spent $45.79. I am quite impressed with that. Realistically, though, I had to repay a friend $42 from a dinner & event ticket she bought and I did that over the weekend although I recorded the $42 on the day on which it occurred.
So… either $45.79 (adjusted) or $87.79 (unadjusted).

E$ (#1,636)

I was overly optimistic about not needing groceries…
$14 – drinks on Saturday night
$65 – gift for boyfriend
$42 – groceries for the week
= $121

But I managed to get a refund on a Livingsocial deal I bought and have had an impossible time trying to redeem, so that’s -$25 = just under $100 for the weekend.

probs (#296)

@E$ nice job on getting the refund. I would’ve been tempted to be lazy and just lose the money.

eagerber (#1,958)

@probs @E$ I didn’t even know you could do this! I had this LS deal for a restaurant that was only open 3 nights a week. Every time I thought about using it, it was the wrong day of the week or time. Ugh. I would have loved a refund on that!

E$ (#1,636)

@eagerber @probs Check your fine print and see what you can do.

I’ve never done it before and I felt a little bad about depriving the business involved of revenue (maybe this would be a great What Would You Do? topic? Paging Mike Dang!) But I had tried to redeem it a few times before and I felt like I had done my due diligence to use it in the manner intended. I don’t have a problem when limits are put on using the group deals (businesses need revenue, and all that) but this situation was beyond that.

PrettyNicola (#692)

My estimate was the cost of a fancy “coffee”, but it turns out I had a free drink on my Starbucks gold card, so my Sunday evening decaf mocha was FREE.
However, I did purchase a Dropbox app for my new phone (1.49) and breakfast for hungry teenagers during Sunday School (~18), so my actual total was ~$20. I feel pretty ok about that.

eagerber (#1,958)

I was sick all weekend, so my money went towards making me feel better: $18.28 at CVS for mucinex and advil.

I also paid off my car! $64.35.

TOTAL: $82.63. I can’t wait to be healthy again.

chic noir (#713)

@eagerber Yes! For paying off your car.

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

If there was an award for being a surly malcontent, I would win it today. Gah.

Anyhow, I spent $50 Friday night on three beers and a personal pizza. And no, it did not cost me that much. Even with tip, it should’ve only been $40 AT A VERY GENEROUS MOST. But I was in a big group of very drunk people I didn’t know very well. And I wound up in charge of the check (this makes more sense in real life), so when the drunks didn’t check to see how much they owed and threw down some money, it fell on myself, my boyfriend, and another sober mutual friend to cover the difference. I hate when that happens. I am too old to deal with people that get drunk like that.

Then Saturday was burrito bowl (tix pre-paid, drink paid for by friend, so $0) and outdoor urban fire pit ($40 for a fancy cocktail, fondue, and s’mores). Fire pit was amazing time if super cold.

Sunday was brunch at my sister’s house. She (read: her wife) cooked everything but we brought $35 worth of fancy coffee from the coffee place near my apartment. I paid for $10 of that and my boyfriend got the rest. Then Sunday night was the superbowl. We bought stuff to make pizza nachos but my boyfriend paid for it all, so $0 spent.

So $100 this weekend. Not too bad but far more than I had wanted to spend.

faustbanana (#2,376)

@ATF@twitter I was in a similar pickle this weekend – splitting a check five ways that included me, who had about three drinks, and a couple who combined had about 42 drinks. Frustrating, but no one wants to be the pedantic person, right? I trust that the universe will balance it out.

I had a slightly spendy weekend, including the above check-splitting.

Friday: didn’t go out but ordered takeout in the afternoon: $12.
Saturday: $11 at thrift store (everything half off, woo!), $94 at a birthday dinner :( It was fun though so I don’t really care.
Sunday: about $40 for groceries, $7 for some toner. Went shopping with a friend and bought nothing. Let’s hear it for self-control.

Weekend total: $163

E$ (#1,636)

@faustbanana @ATF@twitter I’ll tell you who doesn’t want to be the pedantic person: The person who isn’t on a budget and/or who buys more than everyone else!

I try and let it go in those big group situations, but it can be superfrustrating to hold back and not be the enforcer. A few months ago one of my coworkers was leaving and we had a goodbye happy hour for him, and our tab was at least $40 short. Of course I paid it, because you can’t make the guest of honor cover that. But then I was stuck with the unenviable reminder that some of my coworkers are cheap jerks.

faustbanana (#2,376)

@E$ You’re right, E-money! What about people who don’t include tax and tip with their contributions? They are truly the worst people.

mczz (#569)

My plans got shifted around this weekend, and I came out a little lower than projected.

Friday was a bit crazy, going out with a friend who apparently wanted to get solidly wasted. $72 was the total damage with drinks, cover, and cab ride home.

Saturday I stayed in and recovered most of the day, and then we went out to dinner with some visiting friends. (~$50)

Sunday I didn’t leave the apartment but my husband got beer and groceries for superbowl snacks for the party we were going to (~$50), and gas ($43.21).

$215.21… not great, but better than expected.

pterodactylish (#2,321)

picked up a pricey bar and food tab on friday since my boyfriend paid an expensive one the night before ($130)… saturday i popped downtown to meet some friends and managed to drop 40 cash, so what ended up being a $50 day out tab turned into $90. also bought the last needed piece of furniture for my house, two tables ($200.) sunday i spent nothing.


oh god, why did i add this all up? well, in case anyone needs to feel better about their spending, compare to mine!

related: sunday night, bf and i decided to stay in till it gets warm. (ie, stop spending money)

KingCash (#2,095)

Friday: My boyfriend picked up Chinese food and beer and we had a quiet night in ($0)

Saturday: I paid for brunch for my boyfriend and me at Comet Ping Pong ($39) and then went on a mini grocery run ($6). We got free tickets to the Georgetown – St. John’s game through a friend, which was awesome.

Sunday: Bought a long-sleeved top to wear while biking, a nice new blouse and Valentine’s-appropriate lingerie from Nordstrom’s Rack ($86) and did more grocery shopping ($22). Got my back brake pads replaced at the Bike Rack ($21) and picked up a six-pack to bring to a friend’s Super Bowl watching get-together ($8).

Total = $182.

I can’t believe it! I was pretty close – I ended up with $32 for groceries, $16 for lunch, and managed to stop my gas pump on EXACTLY $20 (WIN!). My bus card is always the same, so I only ended up going $3 over my estimate. Operation SAVE MONEY TO TRAVEL 2013 is working better than expected.

chic noir (#713)

@Madeline Shoes I’m going to join you. I’m saving to visit Paris & London in October.

thenotestaken (#542)

Friday: $24 for groceries, $5 for beer
Saturday: $6 on transit, $7 on Indian food, $3 on hot chocolate
Saturday: $15 on groceries, $6 on coffee for two
Total: $66. I estimated around $60 or $70 so this feels great!

Megano! (#124)


I mostly stayed in and did work/watched The Wire/played Ni No Kuni, but on Sunday I had to go to the nice part of town and put up flyers for an event, and I invariably wound up spending like $40 on really good ice cream, dog treats/bone, and tea. Oh, and I bought a chai latte BECAUSE IT WAS FREEZING. Plus like $40 on groceries on Friday, and $128.50 for a bus pass. Soooo it was an expensive weekend for me.

Oh, so $4.13 means NOTHING to fancypants Mike Dang.

Wedding spending update:
Rather than splurge on a really fancy suit as intended, I bought a fairly nice but heavily discounted one at Macy’s that ended up being ~$270 and spent $112 on tailoring at this awesome neighborhood place above an old shoeshine shop, because my body is not really the shape that people who make nice men’s suits assume bodies are shaped like.

On the negative side, my fiancee managed to LOSE HER EFFING PASSPORT so who knows what that will cost to replace. The French embassy is being predictably useless, so hopefully whatever ID we can scrounge together will be enough for the court to let us get hitched on Friday. I suspect there may be some €€€ involved though.

lizil (#2,780)

I paid rent on Friday, as I mentioned ($585) so I was trying not to spend much all weekend. It helped tremendously that I was feeling quite lazy. I ended up going to Chipotle last night for some tacos, so $6.75. Next weekend needs to be about the same because my internet bill is due and I don’t get paid for almost another two weeks. Yay, AmeriCorps!

kate@twitter (#2,935)

I would’ve been on track with my predicted spending this weekend ($120) but I went to a bar for the Superbowl instead of going to somebody’s house this year and got killed by drink-and-food spending. I also added not one but 2 extra grocery shopping excursions…terrible, terrible habit, even if, yes, I do need to eat food.

emmabee (#2,008)

I estimated $85-$115 and ended up at $90 — $15 at the grocery store, $23 for drinks and bar snacks, $32 for dinner, and $20 at Home Depot, though they didn’t have everything I needed there so I’ll probably end up spending another $20-$30 elsewhere this week.

amirite (#2,677)

I did not do a Friday estimate because I had the day off on Friday so I was out and about instead of at my desk procrastinating on the computer. However, if I had done an estimate, it would have been way under, because I got a little reckless with my spending this weekend.

Groceries: $37
Farmer’s market: $36
Going out drinking/dancing: $92 (this is the reckless part)
Snacks/eating out: $37 (and this)

The drinking/eating out is over twice my regular budget for the week, and the week’s not even done yet (I start it on Friday, and although I usually spend most of it on the weekend I usually have some left for a coffee or two during the week). So I’ll be compensating for that for the rest of the month. And the good thing is that I will compensate for it, whereas in the past I would have just put that kind of thing on my credit card and forgotten about it. But yeah, I have no justification for it.

Good thing: I went to a clothing swap and got two pairs of running shoes in good condition. I was planning on devoting a chunk of my March or April budget towards getting a good pair of shoes and now I don’t have to, so that’s nice. And I got a few other practical pieces of clothing, and a few fun things, and I got rid of a bunch of stuff that I wasn’t wearing or didn’t fit right, so that felt great.

I wanted to spend under $100, and I think I did!
Groceries: $38
Banh mi/ice cream/coffee: $22
Public transportation card: $10

Woohoo! I am not counting rent and bills, but I did pay off one of my credit cards—it only had $300 on it, but I was sick of those little, yet frequent interest charges. Wahoo! Now to tackle the bigger one (about $2800) which I would like to do before April.

nutmeg (#1,383)

I closed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so I didn’t really have much of a chance to spend money? I went to a beer and chocolate festival with my boyfriend (not worth the $5 donation [boyfriend paid], but the money went to a food bank and the line was ENORMOUS so neither of us bitched), and we went out for a beer/wings afterwards (he paid, I paid the $1.25 parking meter).

The check from my parents WAS returned to sender (because my name wasn’t on the mailbox, I’ve been living here for TWO MONTHS, no wonder I never got mail), but my roommate is from the same hometown and was visiting so she picked it up for me! Because I knew I could deposit it today, and because I had about $50 in my checking account, I bought a bag of chips for $3.99 on my way home from work last night.

So, $6.25, the lowest it’s ever been, probably, but it’ll be MUCH higher this week, now that I actually have money again to pay off everything I’ve had to temporarily put off paying.

Worker Parasite (#2,292)

My $5 estimate was optimistic, though not overly so. $23 on groceries, $12 on a special screwdriver (apparently you need special EVERYTHING even just to change the battery in a British made car?!) for a whopping $35 spent this weekend.

Stina (#686)

Spending was even worse than I anticipated

Husband had off on Friday so we ate out on both Friday and Saturday about $90 total
Scuba mask was $257 rather than $200 other people had averaged. Because I forgot how blind I really am without glasses.
$200 plus some random canned goods for Church/charity because I forgot about the “Soup-er Bowl” my church always runs each year and had to grab whatever I had in stock. (FYI: I have no problems tipping servers 18% or more for big groups and would never leave a snotty-ass note.)
Plus yet another adorable Girl Scout was out and about yesterday so I came back with another 3 boxes to add to my stash for $11.25. My quote to my husband about yet more GS cookies “I regret nothing!”
Only $4.56 for additional SuperBowl snacks

So $562.81

E$ (#1,636)

@Stina As a former Girl Scout I can tell you the cookie money helps fund tons of great things like summer camps and troop trips. So thank you for your purchase! And enjoy.

Chel (#2,960)

I estimated about $350 and spent $335, but I haven’t picked up my new bed frame yet. I’m still going to include that in the total since I should have gotten it yesterday so the final tally will be about $375.

My mom paid for everyone at bowling and dinner, so that was around $75 saved by me. My grandma gave my an early Valentine’s day bag with candy, a nice candle, and a $20 gas card. I used that and $20 cash to fill up my car. I also remembered that I had a $25 Trader Joe’s gift card and used that for my most if my groceries.

Instead of banking the savings, I bought a Hoover Steam Vac for around $150 rather than renting a Rug Doctor. I figured even with renting it twice a year for two days (and I really should clean the carpet more than that) I’m spending about $150 a year on the machine rental so I may as well buy one.

joyballz (#2,000)

Friday I bought a cheap bottle of wine that was also on sale ($6)and bought a few groceries and superbowl snacks ($18).

Saturday the bus was running late so I stopped into Asado for coffee before work($5). After work, I bought a hot chocolate and treated my friend who bought the scavenger hunt ($9) she also bought Bailey’s to put in our drinks which was only minorly helpful in dealing with the frigid temperature. The scavenger hunt had us end up at Miller’s Pub and my share of the food and drinks was $18. We did some State St. shopping after dinner and I bought some notecards to send to my hairpin pin pal ($5) and some makeup for my sister ($10).

Sunday I brought some beer over to my roommate’s boyfriend’s for the Super Bowl ($14).

Estimated: $75
Total: $85, which puts me over only by the gift for my sister. patting myself on the back.

Tatiana (#194)

I believe my estimate was $200. I pulled out $120 in cash on Friday and spent it over the weekend on: Bart fare for the weekend ($18), food at Off the Grid in Oakland ($11), a photography book at Oakland Art Murmur about bay area social movements ($25), breakfast Saturday morning ($11), taxi because I got lazy ($18), YakiniQ Cafe iced mocha ($5), and some other stuff. I went shopping, ate out too much, and bought some drinks and food for the super bowl.

I went $56 over budget, but I had some wiggle room so I don’t feel too badly about it. This week will be low key.

Blondsak (#2,299)

On Friday, Netflix released their version of the British mini-series “House of Cards”, which made spending little this weekend much easier. Continuing with my under-$50-for-fun goal, here was my weekend spending:

Thursday night we ordered pizza (using coupons for once!), which is usually a weekend thing, so I’m including it here: $7.50.

Friday I had a giant presentation which was successful but exhausting, so I came home and vegged out until I fell asleep.

Saturday was wonderfully boring, just did homework and watched more House of Cards. We did restock the wine rack that night though ($25).

Sunday: Cleaning, homework, still working through House of Cards. Ordered take-out ($15).

Total: $47.50. Awesome!

skippersarah (#2,314)

Friday night I hit up two movies with a friend, one was a free showing, so $12. I didn’t eat out or buy snacks because I have a soy allergy, so I’m allergic to pretty much everything, which means that I eat at home first and save money.

Saturday night was my brother’s fiancee’s birthday. I was the DD, so my drunk passengers paid for parking (would have been $15). I had one glass of wine early in the evening (which was free–yay Howl at the Moon!) and then stuck to water for the next 5 hours, so $0. There WAS a $10 cover charge to get into the next place, but again, my passengers insisted on paying for me. The trip did use up 1/4 tank of gas, which will probably cost me about $30 to replace later today.

Sunday was the Super Bowl and I stayed in with my sister and I made chili, the ingredients for which I already had on hand because I buy in bulk whenever possible.

So including the gas I will need to get later, my weekend expenditure was $42. Pretty good!

pawnknee (#2,911)

Oof, I am not good at this you guys. I estimated $130 for the entire weekend.

Spent $120 on that birthday dinner, didn’t make it to $5 yoga because they were booked up, $48 on groceries and $27 on eating out to celebrate all the hard work on the resume revamp.

So $195.

Oh my god that is so much for one weekend!

terrific (#1,532)

Ugh, guys, ugh. This weekend was a mess, and I was SO HOPEFUL.

Friday: Ended up buying my boyfriend’s dinner, cause I am too generous (and he is the best, and deserves it) – $36.
Saturday: Bought groceries – $33 – some shampoo – $6. Bottle of on-sale wine – $9. Cookie – $2.50. Didn’t go out! Woo!
Sunday: Somehow got conned into hosting a Super Bowl party, so $27 for ANOTHER grocery run, and $14 for a growler fill-up at the brewery.

I know I’ve got two huge money-spending weekends coming up, so I didn’t want to end up paying $127 this weekend. I know that’s not thaaaaat much, but … ugh.

foldingbills (#3,119)

On Friday night I went out to meet some friends for happy hour. I’m not drinking so I just spent $7 on fries, a pickle, soda water and a tip. (I sound pregnant.) $0.50 buying a sticker at a friend’s art event.

Did my taxes! I’m getting a cool $230 on my refund!

Saturday, spent $13 going out to breakfast. Worked an event all day and made $65 in cash. Wahoo! Spent $10 on dinner.

On Sunday, went to a friend’s house for brunch/hangouts, then to another friend’s for storytime. Spent $0.

A surprisingly thrifty weekend. Excluding my tax refund (since I haven’t gotten that yet), I made $34.50!

Liz the Lemur (#3,125)

Estimation: $35-50. Let’s see….
Friday – bottle of wine for a byob party. And I forgot that I owed my friend a six pack for fixing my bike. $17.86 total booze run.
Saturday – meant to stay in but ended up going out for a drink and cheese curds, because, cheese curds. (It’s kind of actually a problem that they’re only 4 blocks away from my house and 1/2 off after 10pm) $8.75
Sunday: Brunch with friends, $11 Superb Owl party – nada.
Total: $37.61. Pretty great.

sparrow303 (#1,641)

Freezer pizza at home with bf ($0)

Leftover pizza for breakfast ($0)
Sushi with a friend to whom I owed money ($31, covered bill to pay her back)
Stumbly, sad, frozen grocery store run ($105 WHAT DID I EVEN BUY?! It is SO cold in Chicago).
Stayed in and took hot bath, ate weird food ($0)

Coffee and breakfast tacos ($0, bf took my turn again!)
Super Bowl party beers ($15) and snacks (already purchased on Saturday)
Couldn’t get a cab home, so we walked ($0) (it was still cold, surprise)

Total= $151, over my $130 upper estimate, largely because I grossly underestimated my grocery bill.

selenana (#673)

Stayed in on Friday.

Took foster dog to the vet on Saturday, but his vax is paid for by the rescue so 0. Had a farewell party that evening, so 2800 dinner (including a bit of his share), 1000 yen contribution to his farewell gift (Kindle Paperwhite), 1000 yen karaoke, about 2000 yen for transpo including 1000 yen on a cab since we missed the last train connection.
Sunday I went to brunch and drinks but they wouldn’t let me pay since I picked up the bar tab last time, so about 900 yen transpo.

Around 8000 yen, or $87.

ThatJenn (#916)

Let’s see. I ended up getting pizza Friday night just because – $12 including delivery fee and tip because I had a coupon.

My lunch with my partner on Saturday was more expensive than I planned (I estimated $30) because we got drinks and dessert, but so worth it. $41.

Groceries were $47 (I estimated $50), even though I added a bunch of stuff for this brunch I’m hosting next weekend. Yay! I also started a new spreadsheet to obsess over, one where I track how much I paid for each thing on my grocery list so I can see what categories I spend money on and track how much I spend at each store for things. Yay! We’ll see if I can keep it up.

I did not have lunch with my friend on Sunday for our business meeting – since he was thinking he might be getting sick, we just Skyped for our meeting instead, so $0.

Total: $106 out of the $118 I estimated.

chic noir (#713)

Did not spend as much as I though I would:

Spent only 85.00 in Bergdoff Goodman
35.00 on Magazines
12 burger dinner in diner.
6.75 for cupcakes.
38 in BG’s men’s store
6.75 for Chinesse food
30 dollars for cabs (ouch)
6 dollars on tips
49 in Talbots
40 in Macy’s
Total 308.5 I think my original total was about 700 bucks.

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