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Meanwhile in Florida

Please read Stephanie Mincimer in Mother Jones on the shit show that is Florida’s Medicaid system, and what Gov. Rick Scott is doing to keep it that way: “Today, a single parent with two children can’t qualify for Medicaid in Florida if she makes more than $3,200 a year—one of the nation’s lowest eligibility levels. Obamacare provides funding to raise that ceiling to $25,390 for a family of three.”

BUT Scott is rejecting the Medicaid expansion and Obamacare funds because: “‘We don’t need to expand a big-government program to provide for everyone’s needs,’ he said. ‘What we need is to shrink the cost of health care and expand opportunities for people to get a job so more people can afford it.’” asldfjaksldjfklasjdflasjdfkl. And here are 12 other governors who think just like him. AMERICA.


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cmcm (#267)


ahhdhf;lkahg;lkaghj america YOU CONFUSE ME SO MUCH.

cmcm (#267)

@cmcm ALTHOUGH I do agree with one thing- shrinking the cost of healthcare. But duh, the reason it costs so much is because it is a BUSINESS and people are MAKING MONEY off of other people’s illnesses. wtf.

boringbunny (#3,260)

I think taming costs makes sense. Yes, expanding medicaid would mean that poor people could get care, but since medicaid pays such low fixed prices, health providers would have to raise prices to stay afloat. Who would pay these inflated prices – a lot of middle class without insurance.

Says the man who perpetrated the biggest Medicare fraud in history…

@swampette@twitter Yeah but he didn’t know about it, it was just conducted by the company that he was CEO of or something, right? Because that makes sense.

la_di_da (#1,425)

Besides all the other ridiculously despicable things, who cuts mosquito control funding in Florida? How stupid can you be?

ThatJenn (#916)

Somehow I knew this was going to be about that douche as soon as I saw the headline. :( He (well, and the political climate that got him elected) is the one reason I don’t feel I can realistically suggest that friends move here. It’s really appalling (basically everything he does).

lizard (#2,615)

wait 3,200 a year? that makes no sense. why would you even work if you make so little?

deepomega (#22)

I mean, he’s right. From a purely functional standpoint, his solution would work – if he could demonstrate any reliable way of getting the cost of healthcare down. But NOBODY seems to have any idea how to do this, short of a single payer solution.

Anti-face party to nose: TAKE THAT!!

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