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Making Stuffed French Toast & More

I unsubscribed to all of Gilt’s flash sale emails about a year ago, but recently rediscovered their food blog, which is actually pretty good. Its contributors include former Gourmet editor-in-chief Ruth Reichl, Whitney Chen Wright, who was a line cook at Thomas Keller’s Per Se, and Wylie Dufresne, chef and owner of wd~50. Here’s a post on making your own soft serve, one by Reichl on making a peach guacamole, and one by Chen on making a stuffed French toast. If you, like me, enjoy reading and looking at food, well you’re in for a treat.


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WhyHelloThere (#1,398)

Mmmm. Stuffed French toast!

I need to find some new food blogs, so thanks for this!

sheistolerable (#2,382)

I used to follow that (love Francis Lam) but it seems like they really slowed down their rate of posting some time ago. No new posts in 2013, and the last four are about plating . . .

emilyo (#1,011)

Omg! The BEST THING about the Gilt food blog is…
…on Delta flights, you can get free in-flight access to Gilt (and some other shops), which means you can read it w/out paying for gogo wifi or whatever. Sooo legit.

goodiesfirst (#75)

I thought it was especially good for an ecommerce site, but sadly the editorial component died late 2012.

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