It’s My Trigger Word

I don’t like the word taxes. On a page, on a screen. Said outloud. Just typing that has made my shoulders tense up, my leg start shaking, my eyes squeeze shut, my mouth whisper, make it stop, make it stop. My face is white. My hands are clammy.

What I’m saying is that it’s a really great thing that THAT WORD is EVERYWHERE right now. Twitter! Email! A text from a friend! (“How do you do your taxes?”) THIS BLOG. So like, happy t@x season everyone.


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Weasley (#1,419)

I had a tax scare yesterday. I answered one of turbo tax’s questions incorrectly when filling my 1098-T information (It wasn’t a mistake, I had misunderstood the question) and I saw my running tax return tally rapidly decrement and go from green to red. It was a horrible feeling. But I figured it out! And I’m back to getting a return instead of owing.

E$ (#1,636)

Logan, you had me at “lol what refund.” I just hope I estimated my taxes OK so I won’t owe a LOT more than what I’ve already paid in. And that I don’t get a “please pay us $400″ letter like I got last year (it was a mistake on the IRS’ end, but it took months to straighten out).

lol what refund is me too! woo hoo!

rorow (#1,665)

i just made the decision to hire VERY EXPENSIVE tax lawyer/accountant people because i’m terrified of taxes at the best of times, and this year i have to file in two countries, plus deal with some gifting and some rental income and various other really confusing things.

every year i hope for a refund and end up having to pay multiple digits. maybe this year the expensive people will pay off and i will get a refund? refunds seem so fun!

Beans (#1,111)

Do those mega high-tax Scandinavian countries make this whole tax process easier for their people than we do? Because I’d gladly pay out the nose if they were just like “here is what you owe us, please pay it.” Instead, the tax authorities in the US are like “here are 50 flaming hoops, please jump through them.”

ImASadGiraffe (#982)

@Beans Those hoops are what keep me employed (I work for the IRS), so I would like them to stay. Don’t hate me, please!

NJGirl (#2,613)

@Beans In Sweden you get a letter in the mail, look at it and can text, yup it looks good. My husband just got his yesterday…..There are more complex cases but for the majority of people it’s simple

readyornot (#816)

i am curious whether t@xes stress people out more in lower income quartiles (because there’s less money to go around and the risk of having to make a payment is a super big deal) or in upper income quartiles (because the absolute amount looks big). or if everyone, all the time, is stressed out by this super complicated annoying thing, and some of us deal with those stresses differently.

Derbel McDillet (#1,241)

@readyornot After owing a few hundred bucks once, I have the higher single rate withheld (I’m married). Now I love tax time because it generally means getting a few grand back!

I hope this doesn’t come out as condescending or obnoxious, but I kind of wonder if freelancing/self-employment is a good fit for Logan. I remember in one of the mental health posts, her describing being at her best when she was working a job with clear expectations and reasonable accountability (I could be remembering that wrong or misquoting!). And granted, employers can completely screw up your taxes, but it is generally pretty low stress compared with managing your taxes as a self-employed person (when my husband was self-employed, he ended up owing prretty big amounts a few times and had a payment plan with the IRS for years). Of course, Logan is my favorite part of the Billfold and I don’t ever want her to leave, but this post just got me thinking about the collateral junk we deal with in different types of employment.

TARDIStime (#1,633)

Am happy to pay taxes.
The paperwork gives me some serious hives, though!

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