I’m a Slave 4 That 1 Thing

Thursday is a great day to do that 1 thing you don’t want to do but also don’t want to continue thinking about doing.

The 1 thing that I did this week was: I called my credit union and try to do that thing where you ask for something and don’t take no for an answer. I wanted them to stop charging me ATM fees, because, WHY NOT. So I called the credit union and was on hold for a few minutes and then something really important happened (someone maybe gchatted me? or a good song came on Pandora?) and I hung up and wrote an email instead (“I would like to request that you refund all these fees I’ve already paid you, etc”).

A lady emailed me back the next day and … said no without saying no (“I understand you are concerned about incurring fees on your account”). But she did find one fee she could help me out with going forward, a $3.95/mo. estatement fee that I didn’t even know I was paying. All I need to do is call her to tell her how I’d like to proceed.


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kellyography (#250)

My one thing today was to book a haircut for April. My lady is pregnant and going on maternity leave, so if I didn’t call today, she would be booked up and I would have terrible hair all summer and nobody wants that. So, bam. Done.

terrific (#1,532)

My one thing today (well, I did it yesterday, but whatever) was to download and get a budget started in YNAB and I am OBSESSED. It’s the best budgeting program I’ve ever used and fixes all of the things I hate about Mint.

RocketSurgeon (#747)

@terrific I really wanted to like Mint, but it sucked so much time to work around all of the little quirks that I stopped using it. I’ll look into YNAB, though.

bgprincipessa (#699)

@terrific But… the thought of spending money for a budgeting tool hurts my head.

terrific (#1,532)

@bgprincipessa I know! I haven’t bought it yet — at first I was like, eh, I’ll try it out and probably will like it but not enough but now I think HOW HAVE I EVER LIVED WITHOUT IT so I will probably buy it. It’s really good.

@terrific I seriously love YNAB so much. I am a YNAB evangelist! TEAM YNAB!

pawnknee (#2,911)

@terrific Hmm, YNAB seems to work for me like balancing my checkbook on my own. Meaning, I can never get the numbers to reconcile. I prefer Mint, even tho it’s a bit of work.

joyballz (#2,000)

I called to set up a payment plan for the cost of removing my wisdom teeth. She told me one schedule and I asked for something better. I was sooo nervous about asking, but it worked. She just said, “okay, we can arrange it into 8 payments instead of 6.”

Logan, I would ask again on the phone (next Thursday?). Calculate all the fees you’ve been charged and ask to have half reversed. Go from there. When we get requests for fee reversals there are few things that work in the customer’s favor: 1. they haven’t had any (or many) reversals in the last 12 months, 2. they aren’t asking to have EVERYTHING waived and 3. they’re nice and polite. Good luck!!

readyornot (#816)

that is like $50 a year! I thought credit unions are supposed to be nicer than that, meaning not charge you the fee in the first place, though it does sound like the woman responding to the email was nice in the second place.

OllyOlly (#669)

I sucessfully mailed off a radon test kit. I read something about radon and since I live in a basement and will probably get 100 cancers to begin with I have become really terrified about this?? Hopefully unrationally??

My next one thing is to make a haricut appointment, but I am also terrified that it will turn out totally wrong? I am a woman of many fears apparently.

EM (#1,012)

@OllyOlly Smartypants! Where do you live? There are good available radon maps in the US, although in Canada the one that is being developed is not available for free. They are helpful for determining if you need a radon test.

It doesn’t cause all the cancers, although it is a big cause of lung cancer, and it is a very distinctive carcinogen- radon-induced lung cancers are totally different from, say, tobacco-induced lung cancers. Radon studies are neat! And don’t worry. If you have radon, you can buy a filter; the exposure period required to develop cancer is probably pretty long, so you are taking good preventative steps in plenty of time! /end cancer prevention researcher interlude.

amirite (#2,677)

My one thing, which I have been dreading but I did immediately when I saw this post go up, was to call my landlord and tell him that the caulking around my bathtub is coming off. I don’t really care, but I know that can cause problems if mold gets in there and i didn’t want to be responsible for that.

Ugh, I hate making phone calls, and I was praying the whole time that he wouldn’t answer so I could just leave a message, and that’s what happened so, phew! Now no one can say that I didn’t report it. Why can’t he just have an online form for me to fill out? I’m sure I would still procrastinate, but probably not nearly as much.

In other news, I made a list of one things to do when the one thing post comes up and it is long and I don’t want to do any of them.

ellabella (#1,480)

My one thing: Call in my prescription has turned into… 11 things. 1. Call pharmacy. 2. Pharmacy calls back and says prescription is out. Tell them to call doctor and get a refill. 3. Call pharmacy two days later and ask if they’ve gotten a refill. 4. Pharmacy calls back and says they’ve got the refill, what prescriptions do I want again? 5. Pharmacy calls back and says prescription is ready but $350, do I really want it? 6. Call doctor and ask if there’s something else I can get, now that my insurance has bumped my $10 copay to a $350 “copay.” 7. Call pharmacy and ask them to get that prescription instead, confirm that it will be <$50. Ask for them to deliver to my work because if they deliver to my house it won’t get delivered because shockingly I’m not home during business hours to sign things. 8. Delivery guy brings prescription. It is wrong. Send back. 9. Call pharmacy, ask them to send correct one. Confirm that they really will send the one I want. 10. Delivery guy brings prescription. It is the same wrong one. We call the pharmacy together. Turns out the doctor’s office never actually renewed the one I needed renewing. Pharmacy says they will call doctor’s office to get the refill I actually need. Hopefully tomorrow will be 11. Deliver guy brings prescription I actually need.

And this is why sometimes we don’t do That 1 Thing, because you never know when it will be easy and a load off your shoulders, or replicate like gremlins into That 11 Things.

Yesterday I did THREE THINGS (but I took work off to do them)

1. visited tax professionals to get my $3000 tax re-assessment sorted out. (Shocker to nobody: what my employers are doing is shady and probably not legal)

2. Booked yearly physical

3. Called car insurance to see what I can do to get a better rate (although I was only able to leave a voice mail. Now they called me back and I don’t wanna deal with it right now hahaha)

RocketSurgeon (#747)

I swear, I think the secret to success is the willingness to do of all these annoying little things when they actually need to be done. A friend’s father called it “developing your crud muscle”, as in your ability to just power through the crud so you can enjoy the good stuff.

Megano! (#124)

Aw fuck, this reminded me that I have to call a city bylaw officer tonight and be like “I can’t pay this ticket! I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to put garbage there!” Because I got a $125 ticket for putting garbage in the wrong spot. The ultra creepy part is I LIVE IN AN APARTMENT BLDG SO HOW DID HE FIND ME?
Also I still have to change my address at like three places.

I sent my HSA account information to the HR manager at my new job so I can start getting reimbursements for my prescriptions. I hate dealing with anything that has to do with insurance because I get overwhelmed very quickly!

Lu Lu T (#3,225)

Love love love this feature! I had no idea other people struggled with this stuff too. I just created an account to join the fun.

My one thing: call Cox Communications to lower my outrageously expensive cable/internet/phone bill.
Status: complete! Monthly bill is now $30 less, thanks to one painless 5-minute call. Phew.

My one thing was to sign up for spin instructor tryouts at my gym. Given all the other bizarre and humiliating things I’ve done/tried to do for money, I have no idea why this one was giving me so much anxiety.

ThatJenn (#916)

I finished a massive scary task at work before 9 AM and I called my eye doctor to get a more detailed receipt to submit to my FSA (which I only knew to do after multiple long calls to the FSA-managing company). I am very thankful for health insurance and FSAs and having enough money for my contacts but man this is complicated even with all the resources and skills I have.

UUUGH. I need to call comcast and have been not doing that 1 thing for weeks now. I hate calling them. I usually go into a blind rage and my bloodpressure skyrockets. I wish I was exaggerating.

eagerber (#1,958)

Does anyone know how to cancel Comcast cable? I have a 6-month deal, thinking I’d actually take advantage of watching AMC shows as they aired, but have found TV to be more annoying than I remember. I’ve heard going to a Comcast store can be really frustrating, but I think that’s the only way to return the equipment and cancel cable services, right?

aeroaeroaero (#1,422)

@eagerber I dropped Comcast long ago (they’re THE WORST), but you can call them up and cancel. Unfortunately you have to go drop the stuff off at the store in person, but I think they give you a week (a month?) to do that.

@eagerber I haven’t had cable for years, and every time I go to someone’s house and their TV is on, I’m like, how can you stand this?! You sit through four commercials?! You just let them assault your time like that??

There must be another way than walking into the store. I would call, cancel, and mail in the equipment (with tracking so that they can’t say they “lost” it).

Tatiana (#194)

They charge you for e-statements? That’s just wacky. I really want to find you a better credit union! I work at one in SF and I wish you could join, but you’d be ineligible since you don’t live here. Unless you have immediate family who lives here…

sockhop (#546)

My 1 thing was to transfer my valid out-of-state license to Georgia, where I’ve lived more or less under the radar for almost 7 years (counting the 4 in college). I spent 7 hours in the DMV today, but I finally got it all done and taken care of and the Department of Driver Services lady even complimented my picture.

My next thing is that I’m going to buy a car this weekend, and while I feel confident in the research I’ve done so far, I am terrified that I’ll be a chicken and agree to things (like financing, like anything) that I don’t understand. I’m pretty agreeable under pressure. Mostly, I feel like I need a real grownup to take care of these things or at least to go with me and make sure I don’t do something wrong. :/

@sockhop I just did this for the first time last weekend (bought a car)! It was TERRIFYING. But I knew exactly which car I wanted and did 90% of the negotiation through email, and then gave a big smile for the last 10% and got $630 off the list price. You can do it! It’s okay to say you don’t understand something, even if they explain it and you still don’t understand. Don’t sign anything unless you understand it! And don’t be afraid to walk away. There are so many cars out there, including several just like the one you may fall in love with right then.

Logan, could you please start thinking of these fees in terms of actual money? It makes me so sad when people pay banks for the privilege of having access to your money. Imagine you’re window shopping and someone stops you and says, “That will be $5 for staring in this window.” And you had to hand over that money right then, when you wanted to spend that $5 on ice cream, and now you don’t have any money for ice cream. Imagine all the ice cream you could eat if you got a refund for all the bank fees you’ve paid in the past month!

kristindru (#2,477)

I finally put together all my student loan information in one place and organized an attack plan AND discovered I had enough money in my savings to pay off a loan with 6.8% interest! It was just a small-ish amount (like spitting into the Atlantic Ocean) but it still feels good!

slocker@twitter (#2,922)

Trying not to sound like a total shill for some big banks and I promise I am not, but here goes…
1) I had ordered something online from a place that sells band merchandise. Credit card charged and no package for 3+ weeks. I finally checked this place’s Yelp reviews / twitter feed / BB ratings and it turns out this company constantly rips people off left and right. Contacted Citibank and they were able to credit / reverse the charges.
2) I really, really dig and recommend Ally Bank. They refund all your ATM fees, and the first (only! hopefully) time I was over-drafted they pulled the money to cover it out of my interest and waived the $9.00 fee since I was a first time offender. If your credit union isn’t treating you well, Ally is pretty great for the no ATM fees.

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