Friday Estimate

Happy Friday! Let’s do our weekend estimates.

I’m going to see how the day goes before deciding what I’ll be doing tonight, but one of my closest friends is having her annual winter party on Saturday evening, so I’ll be attending that and bringing a host gift. The forecast says rain all weekend and next week, so I’ll have no problem staying in on Sunday (besides a run to the grocery store). My estimate is $100, but I’m going to shoot to go under.

What are your estimates?


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ThatJenn (#916)

Today, I have to buy lunch out somewhere: $12.

Tonight, making dinner and playing Pathfinder with friends: $0.

Tomorrow, no plans except cleaning and hanging out with my dude and cooking, and maaaaaybe going to a state park if the weather’s nice: $0.

Sunday, I’m having a business lunch ($20) and going grocery shopping only for a few small staples ($30).

I’m estimating $62 for the weekend, but I think it’ll actually be lower – nice, because I just spent $250 on a used treadmill yesterday (awesome but expensive).

snackcarts (#3,300)

I’m going to two concerts next weekend (one of which requires traveling four hours to Massachusetts and thus an overnight hotel stay) so I’m trying to keep it cheap this weekend: lunch with a friend today ($15), another friend’s free happy hour tomorrow night ($10, maybe), and a cousin’s dance recital on Sunday ($20 for the ticket, plus a free lunch with my extended family). Looking to keep it under $45 this weekend, but we’ll see how that goes.

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

I’m in Vegas visiting my parents this weekend. 7:30pm flight tonight means dinner at the airport, so I’ll say $10-$15 for that.

As for the rest of it, not a clue. I’m not even sure what we’re doing. Going to a buffet because that is the one thing my boyfriend has expressed a strong desire to do. Those usually run $30-$50 depending on where. Going Ellis Island for their $7.99 steak dinner – comes with a beer! And the Hoover Dam (no idea how much that costs). I’m not a big gambler, so I don’t anticipate spending more than $20-$40 on penny slots. Running outside and sitting in my parent’s backyard soaking in the sun is what I’m actually looking forward to most and that will be free at least.

I’ll say $200 for the weekend.

Catface (#1,106)

@ATF@twitter I did the Hoover Dam tour years ago on a business trip to Vegas. I don’t remember how much it was, but I think I’d remember if I thought it was expensive. But if you’re the kind of person who is interested in the Hoover Dam, even if your tour is on the pricey side I think you will judge the expense to have been worth it. SO COOL. The scale of things is just mindblowing. Have fun, I’m kind of jealous — I might even go again if I ever found myself in Vegas (I don’t have that job anymore).

pawnknee (#2,911)

I really can’t afford to spend any money this weekend, but peer pressure still lives on in adulthood.
Tonight I’m meeting a friend for drinks and we’ll probably get some food($40).
Tomorrow I’m going to a party and should bring a bottle of something ($20).
Sunday I’m hoping for a lazy day but I’ll need groceries so I can make a batch of something for the week ($30).

endofherleash (#201)

some grocery shopping and laundry need to be taken care of this afternoon.. i’m estimating about $100/$10 respectively. tomorrow i’m working 8AM-6PM and will do my best to pack a lunch with the groceries i’m going to buy. i have some dogs to walk on sunday and might meet a friend for lunch in the dog’s neighborhood if the weather holds out so i’ll factor in another $20 just in case.

$130-not bad compared to last weekend’s splurges of plane tickets and tattoo deposit (thanks tax return!)

annecara (#1,914)

Dinner and drinks with friends tonight – $50? $60? This may depend on how much cash I have in my wallet.

I have no weekend plans otherwise, but we may get pizza or something on Sunday. I’ll estimate $75 total.

Blondsak (#2,299)

Continuing with my under-$50-for-fun weekend goal, here is my “fun!” estimate:

Tonight: Nothing because I am working late.

Saturday: Taking my boyfriend out to an Indian buffet for his birthday. The total w/tip should be $33, unless he decides he wants a birthday drink too, in which case I estimate $40.

Sunday: Spending the afternoon at the library doing classwork, and will probably buy food. We’ll say $8.

Total: $48.

I haven’t been including not-Fun things in my estimates lately because the total makes me feel very anxious, but I think it would be healthier for me to see it ALL written out. So, here are my not-fun things:

Saturday: Groceries ($60 + $40 cashback to repay some people with), laundry ($3.50).

Sunday: A haircut in the morning ($50 w/tip)

Total: $150. I really hope it’s not that much. Maybe I can cut a few groceries…

M Ra (#3,295)

Hotel for tomorrow night with my boyfriend and sister to visit my brother for his birthday, $100. BUT my parents will be there as well and will likely pay for celebrations/meals. $40 for small grocery trip Sunday evening for some staples, so $140 total.

eagerber (#1,958)

Small grocery trip is in order (I have a bunch of leftovers to get through first). I plan to work on my thesis this weekend (maybe get coffee & breakfast: $8) and I’m babysitting twice. I’m really, really exciting, I know. My boyfriend & I are meeting up with some friends Sunday night for trivia, so I’m guessing another $20 there for dinner & a drink. Let’s say $80 total.

I’m trying to spend nothing but I know that’s not logically possible. I need to get some stuff at the drug store today ($8), poker night tonight which is a $5 buy-in, then maybe a coffee shop trip over the weekend to the cheap coffee shop, not the expensive one ($3) and an Oscar party to which I can bring one of the many bottles of wine leftover from my party. I’ll try to keep it under $20.

Caveat: I might do my taxes this weekend and since I’ve lived in two different states and made all sorts of weird income (fellowships, freelancing, etc) I’m guessing that the free TurboTax will not cut it. So… however much that will be (charged to my credit card and paid off ASAP on the first of the month).

Maladydee (#909)

I will have to buy probably $50 of groceries at some point this weekend, and I’m going back to Festival du Voyageur tonight so that will be $5-15. Other than that, I am hoping to stay in all weekend and have my friends come to me.
Wish me luck, I’m hoping to have a $65 weekend or less!

amirite (#2,677)

@Maladydee Festival du Voyageur!

I have nothing of substance to say, but I grew up in Manitoba, so it makes me happy to see that.

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

The weather for this weekend caught me off guard so I’ve sacked the majority of my plans. This is good? I guess? Saturday I’m going to work on some writing projects and catch up on correspondence. By this I just mean that I’m going to send some emails I’ve been putting off, by I feel like “catching up on correspondence” gives it a veneer of class. Saturday night I’m seeing my friend’s band play their first big show in ages. I think there’s an invite list so it’s unclear if I’ll need a ticket but I bought one anyway to be safe ($10.00) I will also possibly consume some beers but no more than $15.00 worth.

Sunday I’m having breakfast with a friend at a new café in my neighborhood. I’m unclear on the price range. My friends have described it as “totally reasonable” which means breakfast could range anywhere between $10.00 and $25.00. I’m very generous with myself in the morning so I’ll assume I might spend up to $20.00 including baked goods. I also have to do some very minor grocery shopping and pick up a bottle of wine for a dinner I’m going to on Sunday night. Maybe $30? My Friday estimate is extremely estimatey this week. I’m aiming for a total not to exceed. $75.00

Megano! (#124)

I am out of money entirely until next week, so…whatever’s left in my bank account. It’s maybe $60?

calamity (#2,577)

Tonight I think I’m going out for a friend’s birthday, but they’re planning for H Street which is far and inaccessible by public transit, so with taxis that’ll probably be $40.

Saturday I’m hosting a smallish house party, so $50 or so for beer, cups, napkins, etc. (Will probably have some leftover, but that’s better than running out midway!)

Sunday will probably be $30 for groceries and $8 for lunch and reading at a cafe. Total: $128, yikes. Better than last weekend’s post-birthday shopping spree, though – I did get a lot of stuff considering what I paid, but very little of it was actually needed. (oh Sephora, the things you put me through …)

PrettyNicola (#692)

tonight, supporting the UF Women’s Gymnastics Team: $4 for a ticket. Will attempt to sneak in my own food.
Tomorrow: TEDxUF–FREE ticket, and will make my husband buy lunch.
Dinner and drinks followed by homemade ice cream for a friend’s birthday–$20?
Sunday–hopefully $0

My goal is $30 total

BATS! (#2,770)

Tonight I’m going to karaoke with some work pals, so that’ll be a couple of drinks and possibly (although I hope not) a cab. So, $40.
I have no plans for Saturday but might be at the office for a few hours, so I’ll say $5 for a coffee or snack part way through, as a reward for working on my day off.
Sunday is my usual day for buying bus tickets ($30) and I have roller derby in the morning, which I always follow up with a breakfast burrito and coffee ($13). I will probably also pick up some groceries for the week ahead ($20).
Grand total: $113.00

amirite (#2,677)

I have $106 to last until I get paid on Wednesday, plus $13.35 on a grocery store gift card, so I’ll have to keep it under that. Skipping my after work beer today so I can go out to a show tonight. Skipping the farmer’s market tomorrow, but I don’t need any produce anyway, so I’d just be buying breakfast.

Groceries: $13.35 (I only need bananas and bell peppers so I think I should be able to keep it at that)
Tonight: Going to a show with some friends. $10 entry + $10 for cab home (buses won’t be running). Not planning on drinking booze, but may end up buying a pop I guess. Total: $25
Tomorrow night: beer with a lady, I am going to offer to pay, so I’ll budget $25 for that.

So that’s a total of $50 + grocery gift card. I don’t know, seems too easy. But I would like to have some money left at the end of the pay period to make an extra credit card payment, so I’ll try it.

joyballz (#2,000)

Tonight we’re doing a work happy hour in Wicker Park. It was supposed to be a “farewell” to me since I’m switching locations, but it turns out I’m extending my time here so now it’s just a happy hour. I imagine I’ll spend $40 on food and drinks.

Tomorrow I’ll be getting coffee and browsing around a bookstore which means I’ll be buying at least one book. Estimating $20.

Sunday I’m going to get groceries which will include booze and snacks to bring to the Oscar viewing party that my friend is hosting so that will be about $40.

Total Estimate: $100

mczz (#569)

My plans this weekend are pretty nebulous. I have a friend coming tonight and she’s running a half marathon tomorrow, and a lot of things are kind of up in the air.

Tonight my husband and I may or may not go to a happy hour, for which I’ll say $40 in food and drinks. We’ll probably need gas ($50). Tomorrow we’re tentatively scheduled to go to a friend’s house for bunch/tea, and should probably bring some stuff ($40). And then we are also tentatively scheduled to eat a late post-half-marathon lunch with a different friend ($50). If the lunch doesn’t pan out, we might meet him for late night drinking. Estimate is accurate either way.

That all is a tad crazy, and hopefully I’ll be able to take it easy on Sunday, but I may do some self pampering with eyebrow waxing and breakfast ($20).

Boo $200. Maybe some of that will not happen/work out cheaper.

Stina (#686)

Hmm. Hard to say.

Friday. Ordering new part for car $50
Saturday. Doing our taxes day, maybe doing some grocery shopping so $40 likely.
Sunday. A likely to be tense meeting for non-profit board. Planning on using some sort of fatty food as comfort/reward after so maybe $15.
Total Estimate: $105.00

Chel (#2,960)

Friday – staying in and making some soup, going to bed early. No cost

Saturday – I need to get groceries and gas and then return a jar of pie filling to William Sonoma. Around $50 (including the return).

Sunday – I will probably be working overtime, I find out today if my request will be approved, so I will pick up coffee and lunch. I have a Starbuck’s giftcard so there shouldn’t be any real money involved.

At some point I need to do laundry and should at least try to do my taxes. We’ve been swamped at work, so I don’t know how productive I will actually be.

Total estimate: $50

lizil (#2,780)

I told myself I wasn’t going to spend anything this weekend because I have rent and my Comcast bill due next week, but then I saw I got my tax return, so that changed my mind. But really, I shouldn’t spend more than $25 because I want to use my tax return on yoga classes. Let’s see how this goes.

emmabee (#2,008)

I filed my taxes last weekend and ended up having to pay around $400, which I was not expecting. Also I just quit my job for a new one that pays less. So other than a desperately needed haircut ($75), I’m hoping to keep spending low. Under $100 if possible.

travelmugs (#162)

Dinner & drinks with my boyfriend tonight. I’ll either pay for our dinner or drinks: $40
I have to work Saturday, so I’ll probably buy myself sympathy coffee/pastries: $5
Some non-necessary, but fun, gourmet shopping on Sunday: $10
Possible outing money for either Saturday or Sunday night: $25.
Total: $80

Tatiana (#194)

Lookout weekend cause, here I come! This weekend will be low key but also a tad pricey because I need to buy some concert tix:

Friday: Staying in and making dinner, then heading to Oakland. I should already have $3 on my Bart card so I’ll spend $4 to cover the rest of my fare. ($4 total)

Saturday: Probably getting brunch/lunch ($15), then catching up on tv/movies and most likely staying in again. (Total $15)

Sunday: Purchasing tickets to see Great Big Sea (about $75 for 2 tickets), going to high tea with some friends ($30), then picking up snacks for a clothing swap and the Oscars ($15). (Total $120)

Total Estimate: $139

megsy (#1,565)

I have zero plans so I am estimating $100 as a contingency

terrific (#1,532)

This weekend will be very low-key and hopefully not pricey! Tonight, I’m eating dinner at a friend’s house, and she is providing everything (we’re doing the Whole 30 together, so we’re alternating meal-cooking-weeks and also, due to that, bringing a bottle of wine would be pointless). I plan to spend no money.

Tomorrow, I’m going to yoga ($5) and then going to dinner with the boyfriend and his friends. I’m estimating about $15-$20 for that. At some point, I’ve gotta get groceries. It’ll be a big week — I’m estimating $65.

Sunday, I’m going SKIING! Woo woo! I’ve already got my ticket and we’re bringing food, so minus storing my shoes (I dunno, $7? stupid gouging ski lodges) and my share of gas/tolls ($15?, which my boyfriend probably won’t make me pay sshhhhhh) I won’t be spending any money.

Total: $113. That would be amazing if I could stick to that!

readyornot (#816)

@terrific what is this magical place where yoga classes cost $5?

terrific (#1,532)

@readyornot Oh man. I’m actually hesitant to put it on the internet because then people will find out my secrets: Yoga Agora, in Astoria, Queens. $5, + $1 mat rental. About a quarter of the classes are donation-based only. It’s AMAZING.

readyornot (#816)

@terrific well, you’re secret’s safe with me, I live in LA and won’t be crashing your awesome place in Astoria any time soon. LA has amazing options, but I seem to be cursed with hating every breathy utterance of donation-based class instructors and being really, really dedicated to my $15 on a punchcard class.

andnowlights (#2,902)

Hm. Well, we REALLY should do is go mattress shopping. So… $900 (which will get reimbursed eventually-long story).

What I really want to do is go to the flea market! And a coworker wants to meet up for drinks/board games at a bar- $60? $30 for each. I’m not a huge drinker but I expect husband will want a beer or two or three.

But what we NEED to do is clean the apartment and put together the kitchen table because my parents are coming next weekend. We’ve lived here for 4 months now without a kitchen table. Eating on the sofa and watching How It’s Made is so much better, though.

chic noir (#713)

50 bucks for a vacuum
20 bucks for a movie
10 Sally’s
10 -15 bucks grocery shopping
Total 90-95 bucks

danjose (#3,326)

this is my first time posting an estimate. probably not the best weekend to start as I’m going to San Francisco so its going to be an expensive one.

I’m a bit late in the game so I already know I spent $0 Friday staying in cooking food I already had and doing laundry/packing.

Luckily I can take public transportation to the airport and it’s covered by my normal monthly pass. I’m also staying with a friend so no hotel costs. Airports are a black hole where money is concerned so I’m sure I’ll spend at least $7 on coffee/snacks/whatever. Another $7 on the plane for a drink. $20 for lunch, $25 for dinner and $50 on drinks sat night.

Sunday I’ll guess $15 breakfast and $20 lunch unless we go to brunch which will make it a bit more. I’m going on a bay cruise that evening but already paid for it via one of those grouponish sites. Probably another $25 for dinner unless we end up at house of prime rib in which case it will be more like $45.

I’m looking at $180 – 200 total

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