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Friday Estimate

It’s Friday again, which means it’s time to estimate our weekends.

A bunch of us received blizzard advisories on our phones yesterday afternoon, so we decided to avoid the office today and stay in. A few of my friends and I were planning on doing our monthly dinner out this weekend, and at first, I suggested we put our plans on hold. Didn’t you see the reports? I asked: “…either a giant snowstorm will destroy life as we know it this weekend, or it’s going to rain. Plan accordingly,” warned New York’s Dan Amira.

“As long as the subways are running, I’m planning on eating with you guys,” my friend replied. “Can’t think of a better way to pass a cold storm, in fact, than eating spicy food.”

So I’ll be having dinner this weekend ($60, including drinks), running to the drugstore near my apartment for detergent and other supplies ($30), and doing a grocery store shop ($50). My estimate is $140 with dinner or $80 without.

What are your estimates?


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ThatJenn (#916)

This morning I bought gas for $36. Apparently I got really good gas mileage this last time (over 30 mpg even though nearly all my driving was in the city. Have I mentioned how glad I am that I sold my van and bought this car, despite the increased car payment?).

I really have no idea what my partner and I will eat tonight. Maybe like quesadillas or something? But there’s always a chance we will go pick up food somewhere or have it delivered for about $30.

Saturday morning I suspect we will drive through someplace for hot breakfast and caffeine for my partner on our way to help out with his sister’s yardsale at 7 AM ($12). After that we’ll grocery shop for regular groceries and the rest of what we need for the big brunch for 12 that we’re serving on Sunday ($60). I have to think about whether we need to go buy a gift for my friend whose birthday is on Sunday – my normal philosophy is “please don’t buy me gifts and I won’t buy you any and then we’ll both save money” but she always gives us at least little gifts for birthday/Christmas anyway and I feel kind of bad. (This girl wrapped up and gave me a gift for Christmas when she had never met me because mutual friends brought me to her house as a stray on Christmas. This was my first impression of her.) But I have much closer friends for whom I don’t buy presents? I dunno, maybe we’ll go look at games and buy her something we want to play – that’s what she usually does for us. That will mean we’ll end up at Target, which will mean I’ll spend like $40 because I’ll also buy something dumb I don’t need, or maybe just an extra spatula like we’ve been discussing.

Sunday I am busy all day with things that don’t cost money!

My weekend estimate is $178 if we eat out and buy a present, $108 if not. Plus, my partner has noticed that I keep trying to pick up the grocery tab more than half the time since his work hours were cut and might elbow me out of paying for those, too.

maebyfunke (#292)

I’m supposed to go to New Orleans on Sunday! By then the airports will be okay I hope! So my estimate is less than 20 dollars from now until Sunday morning, but from the airport on all bets are off.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@maebyfunke New Orleans! Have so much fun!

pawnknee (#2,911)

Let’s see if I can get closer this time. Because of the blizzard I’m not going anywhere this weekend. I’ll grocery shop tonight ($40) and buy some wine ($20). If the snow isn’t that bad, I’ll pick up my laundry ($11). So estimate of $71 because I really need my laundry, ha. Not bad.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

Ugh, Frugal February is not off to a great start. I have ate out more in the last week than I do in a typical month!

Tonight I’m going contra dancing: $8
Then out for drinks with date afterwards: $10
I’ll buy gas on Sunday: $15
Groceries: $20

Nothing more! My bank account is sad, although I did impulse save this week and deposited $300 into my savings account…

Beezus (#1,007)

@LookUponMyWorks “Impulse save”! I like it! (I live it.)

Dancercise (#94)

@LookUponMyWorks What, pray tell, is contra dancing?

eagerber (#1,958)

DC is sadly missing out on all this crazy weather. I’m trying to cut back on my expenses, for no particular reason other than I’m still glowing from finally paying off my car — I just received my title in the mail yesterday! It feels so official now.

Today: Getting lunch with a work friend, so probably $10, and then my boyfriend & I are having a date night: probably another $40, but could be less. Oh, and I’m getting coffee with some office-mates this afternoon: $3.

Saturday: helping a friend pack up to move, and I offered to bring over pizza and wine: $25. I’m babysitting in the evening, so I hope to make money and not spend any. Do you ever feel like all your monthly magazine subscriptions send you their magazines at the same exact time? I just got 4 this week, in addition to my weeklys, so I’m planning to tackle them all once the kids go to sleep.

Sunday: I have to get groceries ($50) and I NEED to work on my thesis, so I might take myself to a coffee shop for some variety ($5).

TOTAL: $133, but I should be making some money back through babysitting.

Kind of a low-key weekend. I ate lunch with a few co-workers the other day who asked if any of us are going on any cool vacations this year. I traveled so much last year that I hadn’t really thought about 2013! So I might research flights and other costs… anyone have any cheap-ish suggestions?

honey cowl (#1,510)

@eagerber That’s…. a lot of magazines.

Beezus (#1,007)

@Lauren Wait, you’re helping a friend move, and YOU’RE bringing over pizza & wine? You’re doing it backwards :)

eagerber (#1,958)

@Beezus Yeah, she’s moving back home (way out in Wyoming) because she hasn’t found a job here in DC and has run out of money! So I’m helping her pack things up and also spend time with her before she leaves. Sad.

@Lauren tons of magazines! I love reading, and love physically flipping through magazine pages (no downloaded subscriptions for me). Some of the mags are literary, because I’m a writer and submit my work to contests pretty often (in exchange, you usually get a year-long subscription, and the mags are usually published quarterly or so). The other mags are guilty pleasures; Cosmo is something stupidly cheap to subscribe to, like $20/year or something, which is much better than impulse-buying an issue in the check-out line for $6.99, in my opinion. I also get weekly’s: New York, New Yorker, Businessweek. Other monthly’s like The Atlantic and Smithsonian. (ETA: most Christmases I ask for magazine renewals, so a lot of these I don’t pay for annually.) So yeah, when it rains, it pours.

hellonheels (#1,407)

@eagerber You’re making me feel better about my magazine addiction. In the past year I’ve let my number of subscriptions drop from 18 to 12, but all monthlies.

chic noir (#713)

@eagerber wow 20 bucks for Cosmo? I think I’ve seen Cosmo discounted down to 5 dollars certainly 10 dollars on Amazon. I now get most of my magazines free via e rewards or very cheaply discounted on Amazon.

The only magazines I pay top dollar for are my foreign fashion mags (Russh, Lula, Frankie)and limited run high fashion mags.

P.S. Has anyone seen Material Girl magazine anywhere in the NYC DC area lately?

I am, thankfully, avoiding BLIZZARD OF THE CENTURY. I need gas and groceries ($30 and $20 respectively). My boyfriend and I are taking a cooking class on Saturday which is $0 because he is awesome. Sunday I have to do laundry, so I’ll probably go to my parents house when it just happens to be dinner time.

Let’s see if I can ACTUALLY stay at $50 or if I go crazy at the grocery store and buy a bunch of fancy beer, which is what happens when I go to the store that’s holding the cooking class.

I also forgot – about $50 on fabric and buttons. My grandma is customizing some patterns she has from the 50′s to make me a few dresses for the summer. I’m providing the fabric and she’s providing the sewing, which I am terrible at.

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

Well the snow ate my weekend so once again I will be enjoying a few days of enforced frugality. Tonight, assuming I make it home from work alive, I’m going to stay in and finish watching House of Cards on Netflix and eating leftovers. On Saturday I’ll probably spend the morning shoveling out, then shoveling my neighbors out. I may or may not receive some compensatory dollars for this. I will accept no more than $10. So basically +$10 for Saturday. Depending on how impressive the snow is I may go snow shoeing, or if it’s gross and icy I’ll stay home and work on some writing projects. Sunday I’m driving up to my parents farm for dinner which will also be free but I will probably bring some wine. I’m estimating no more than $25 for the weekend because snow is terrible.

jr (#3,151)

Today: I see a personal trainer on Friday nights ($35) then I will pick up some dinner/snacks after ($10). Earlier this week I picked up the Die Hard collection on Blu Ray so I will probably spend tonight watching some of those in preparation for the new one.

Saturday: Yoga in the morning. I need a new mat so I will probably pick one up before ($20-$30). Will pick up some food for the Pens game ($10). I plan on spending the rest of the day messing around with some new programming framework and watching movies. I will probably end up ordering food for dinner ($10).

Sunday: Yoga then I need to get an oil change since I am past due on that. My car takes some crazy oil ($75). Then some grocery shopping ($60). Probably just watch the Pens game at night and hopefully not spend much more.

Total: $220. Will probably new closer to $300 after I do my customary impulse buys.

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

Heh. The subways will not be running in Boston after 3:30pm today. No word on when they’ll reopen.

SO. I spent $85 on groceries last night and took some rather amazing photos of empty shelves. I will not be making a beef and barley soup as planned because the Stop and Shop was out of carrots, onions, mushrooms, and stew beef (all meat really and I’m serious about that). So I wound up buying a lot of needless crap because it was 10:30 at night and store was mobbed. My plan had been to go to the grocery store near work today and then go home as I had some science to do that could not wait. But with the T being a fuck, it was go last night or not go at all.

So with over two feet coming, I don’ think I’ll be spending any more money this weekend. Since I bought groceries, the boyfriend is in charge of any meals we eat out. The best thing about being in the city is that I can walk to most anything and a lot of places are locally owned and will probably be open.

Blondsak (#2,299)

Continuing with my under-$50-for-fun weekend goal, here is my estimate:

Tonight: going out for dinner and drinks with a friend. It’s a cash-only bar, so I am bringing $40 and will not be able to spend more. However, my estimate is $30 for dinner, two drinks and a tip.

Saturday: Nothing. Staying in to do homework, laundry, and to clean.

Sunday: Also hopefully nothing! Barring terrible driving conditions, I am driving up to PA just for the day to visit family friends. We are having dinner at their farmhouse, so should be $0.

Total: $30, with any luck!

LightSideUp (#2,934)

Friday night – maybe a movie with the GF, dinner at home beforehand.
Saturday – snowmobiling (~ 50$ in gas + 20 in transportation to get to the camp).
Sunday – netflix

All in all, potential sub 100$ weekend.

probs (#296)

Tonight I’ll be driving from DC to Manassas to hang with my girlfriend (who’ll be VREing out there earlier) and our married friends in the insanely beautiful new house I helped them move into last week. They will feed us, we’re bringing already-purchased booze. We’ll crash there, then help another friend of ours move from Virginia to DC. She will ply us with food and drink afterwards. Other than that, I dunno what’s up.

I’ll be charged $32.50 for our Washington’s Green Grocer box. (I think I’d like to start doing my planning for each week’s box on that Billfold meal-planning group. I already have spreadsheets…) I’ll need additional groceries.

Otherwise, I hope to keep spending low. I got depressed using USAA’s mortgage calculator and feeling like I’ll never get ahead in this expensive-ass town, plus I’d like to propose to my girlfriend before too long, so I need to save some dough.

Gonna say $100 again. We’ll see.

selenana (#673)

It’s a three day weekend here.
Tonight, dinner and a movie: 2500 yen.
Saturday, shopping for a baby (dog) gate (¥3000), then groceries (¥5000), then girls’ night (¥3500).
Sunday, pick up another foster cat and possibly a meet&greet for the foster pup. ¥2-3000 on gas and tolls. Ice skating and Taiwanese food for Chinese New Year in Yokohama around ¥2500 for both.
No plans yet for Monday, hoping to keep it low key but probably another ¥2000 for something that includes home repair. Plus some train fare for the weekend ¥1500.

¥22500 or thereabouts, or almost $250.

annecara (#1,914)

The weather forecast for Philadelphia keeps changing, so I have no idea if we’re actually getting any snow or not. So weather permitting, I’m buying a bridesmaid’s dress this weekend, ideally under $150, but we’ll see. There will also be at least one trip to buy groceries and wine (tonight, getting what I need to make dinner) and, assuming clearish roads, a more extensive one tomorrow. I’m estimating $300 for the weekend just to be safe; I hope it will be less than that.

amirite (#2,677)

Tonight I have a date with a book and a beer at my favorite pub. This is something that I am planning on doing most Fridays from now on in an effort to build things into my week for me to look forward to: $8 with tip.

I am skipping my trip to the farmer’s market tomorrow morning both because I overspent last weekend and because there probably will not be many vendors there with the storm, which is set to hit us in atlantic Canada at around midnight tonight. However, I am going to go out for breakfast if there’s something open, just somewhere cheaper than the farmer’s market: $12.

Groceries: $30

Hot yoga class (only if the outdoor ice rink is closed with the storm): $16

Going out dancing: $5 (not planning on drinking)

Laundry: $10 (I’ve got several loads to do.)

Total: $81, which would be a pretty cheap weekend for me, let’s do it.

probs (#296)

@amirite the beer/book pub thing is an awesome idea.

E$ (#1,636)

Like others on the eastern seaboard I am hoping to use the storm as an excuse to hunker down for a few days and get some things done.

I have a birthday party to attend tomorrow and I’m committed to bringing champagne and something to eat. I can barely cook but I will cobble something together. We’ll say $30 for all that. On Sunday I have plans to get coffee with a friend ($5) and then a drink with a friend in town later, if he can get in with this crazy weather ($15). So, $50.

PrettyNicola (#692)

Today I will spend $90 at the vet, probably $20 for more veggies and fresh milk at the grocery store, $4 for a women’s gymnastics meet ticket, and probably $10 on going out after.
Tomorrow I will spend ~$5 on fancy coffee to bribe myself into doing some work after the gym.
Sunday I hope to spend $0.
Total: $130

terrific (#1,532)

Fuck everything about this snowstorm. I’m going skiing in the Catskills. We’re leaving either tonight (if the snow isn’t that bad, we’re in NYC) or tomorrow morning/afternoon once the roads are a little cleared off. So, assuming we leave tonight:

Friday: $10 for dinner somewhere.
Saturday: $95ish for skiing stuff. $15 for beer at the ski place. $10 contribution to night-beer. $10 contribution to groceries.
Sunday: $45 for my groceries here. $20 contribution to gas/tolls for the weekend.

And tah-dah! That is my weekend. Total: $205. Let’s see how it actually goes.

Crabtree (#774)

Tonight I’m having dinner with my family so that we can all hear about how my sister’s grad school/job interview went. Free!
Tomorrow I take the train to visit my boyfriend: already paid for on my railpass which gave me 8 one way trips for $200
To be honest, when I see him I will probably spend a lot of money because he never has groceries, so either we buy some together or we eat out a lot. Probably $80 on groceries/restaurants/bringing wine or beer over to a friend’s place while we play boardgames.
So the plan is $80 and hopefully my train travel doesn’t get too delayed.

Leila@twitter (#1,607)

@Crabtree Yay for family dinners! Fingers crossed for safe and on-time travel, I know travel cock-ups can strain the time you’ll have together.

BATS! (#2,770)

Friday: one of my favourite co-workers is resigning, so a few of my colleagues and I are taking her out for dinner and drinks. I’m going to be liberal in my estimate and say $100.

Saturday: Farmers’ Market, because I am out of that granola I like. I will probably also pick up some odds and ends, breakfast and some coffee: $40. Also, I need skate tool to change up the wheels on my skates: $20.

Sunday: roller derby dues ($30 for the month of February) and post-derby brunch ($13).

Total: $203. I had a pretty inexpensive week, though, because my bosses are sweet and kept buying me lunches.

ghechr (#596)

This weekend I’ll spend-
$30 on groceries. I hope that I can spend less but let’s be generous here.

$1200 on roof repairs for our home.

Leila@twitter (#1,607)

My closet sucks and I have a very fashionable cousin who will examine my wardrobe with me after work. In return, I will be buying her some meals.
Dinner with family (free)

Laundry (free)
Gym (free)
Freelance work (make some dough/good karma)
Igloofest? It’s the last night for me to dance my butt off outdoors in the winter. Still undecided as to whether I should go. ($20)

Decide on a budget on clothes to replace/augment my closet. Brunch #1 with my cousin ($40)
Gas & parking ($5)
Gym (free)
Looking at apartments! (free)
Finishing a knitting project (free)

Total: $65 if I do this outdoor winter rave thing. Which, let’s face it, I probably will.

emmabee (#2,008)

BLIZZARD. So all of my plans are cancelled. I may try to make it to the grocery store for a few things, but girlfriend and I will probably just order Chinese food and watch Homeland instead ($25.) Some friends are having a party tomorrow, so I’ll try to make it to that with a bottle of wine ($15.) I may try to make reservations somewhere fancy on Sunday, if the weather is better, to celebrate a new job ($75.) So it could be anywhere from $25 to $125, but probably on the cheaper side.

whoaisme (#3,158)

Frozen yogurt for dinner (shhh): ~$4.50

Hot yoga class: $15
Grocery shopping: $40
Birthday presents for sibling: $80

Sunday, hopefully nothing!

Probably around $140. Have to be better next week, my tax return and payday last week made me feel like A Rich Guy all week.

Chel (#2,960)

Tomorrow I am going over to my parents house, they are having a small bbq since my dad got a grill last week for his birthday. I will probably bring a bottle of wine but I already have that, so no cost to me.

On Sunday I need to do some yard work. We had a couple of days of rain over the last month and the weeds are going wild. I’ll also pick up some groceries, about $30.

Hopefully that will be it.

raisincookie (#2,846)

The blizzard is going to make it a frugal weekend for me too. My office has an official snow day today (YAY). I picked up groceries and wine last night on the way home from work ($28) and then picked up some last minute essentials at CVS this morning ($17). The only other thing that I plan to spend money on this weekend is laundry ($20 to fill up my laundry card for my apt building’s machines).

So my goal is $65 total. Or I guess my Thursday/Friday spending isn’t technically the weekend so my goal is really $20 total. This will probably not happen, but maybe with the help of the snow I will succeed.

Beezus (#1,007)

I read these every week, but today, I’m finally playing along!

Tonight, I’m having the Girliest Night Ever and heading over to a friend’s house to do Valentine’s crafts. (I’m going to attempt to make these: http://honestlywtf.com/diy/diy-heart-friendship-bracelet/) Already have the materials for the bracelets, but I’ll probably pick up a bottle of wine to bring over. I’ll eat dinner at home because TACOS.

Saturday, I signed up my boyfriend and I for this incredibly dorky walking tour of our neighborhood — specifically, they’re taking us up and down hidden stairways in the area. I believe it’s a promotional event to promote a new guidebook, and so it’s FREE! Later that day, I think I’ll finish the book I’m reading (“The Dud Avocado”) and then we’ll head to one of our neighborhood bars for some drinks with friends ($12, will try very hard to stick to two $5 beers + tip).

Sunday – I don’t even know what to do with myself on Sundays now that football season is over-over, but I guess I’ll go grocery shopping and do some baking/cooking for the week ahead ($40ish). Oh, we might go on a hike that day, too.

Yikes, that seems like I’m low-balling it, but we’ll see on Monday morning!

Have a lovely weekend, all. :)

Tatiana (#194)

I’m hoping for a cheap-ish weekend, so here’s what I’m estimating:

Friday – Crashing my friend’s MBA alumni mixer (I am not MBA alumni). I hope the drinks are free. If not, I’m estimating $5 (a cheap beer + tip). Then, since I’ll already be downtown, I’ll hop over to Target because I need more oil blotting sheets, and I’ll probably pick up some eggs, tortillas and a fun snack thing ($20).

Saturday – Pick up contacts ($140, but reimbursable through my Flexible Spending Account, so $0), maybe grab coffee or some juice from the farmer’s market and do some work at home ($8). Go to Oakland to hang with the mister ($4 Bart fare since I have extra $ on my Bart card, $10 coffee at his restaurant’s bodega).

Sunday – Brunch ($40), meeting my roommate for Burning Love at Sketchfest ($10 for a drink).

So, total estimation: $97

hellonheels (#1,407)

After a $0 weekend two weekends ago (in Vegas on business) and a $700 weekend last weekend (in Vegas not on business), I am hoping to fall somewhere in the lower end of the middle.

Friday – making dinner at home with ingredients already purchased ($0)

Saturday – produce and breakfast at farmers market ($30), groceries and beer for a few days ($50)

Sunday – supplies for various home improvement products ($20)

So all told, maybe $100? Probably more, but that’s my goal.

Dancercise (#94)

I’m getting lunch tomorrow with my dance team after a 4 hour rehearsal ($12). I’m also getting a new insurance policy on my car ($580). Wheeeeeee.

I spent about $60 on groceries and beer (ESSENTIAL STORM SUPPLIES) yesterday, and now I am planning on being snowed in till Monday, so I will hopefully spend a big fat zero dollars over the rest of the weekend.

Liz the Lemur (#3,125)

Tonight: Grocery shopping and a movie. Going to try and keep the groceries under $40. Going with a friend who has a car though, so the temptation to buy Everything will definitely be there.
Saturday: Snow pants or no pants themed party, byob. Probably $10 for whatever I bring.
Sunday: Brunch? I don’t know. Oh, and a show. $10 if I get my act together and buy tickets ahead of time, $12 if I don’t. I should really do that. I’ll estimate $65 for the whole weekend.

lizil (#2,780)

I have literally $40 to my name, so that limits me, which is good. I don’t need to spend a lot. I’m getting my haircut at Aveda tomorrow ($18 including tip) and I hope that will be it. I will probably hang out with this guy I’ve been seeing later tomorrow and I’m hoping we’ll just watch movies and veg because this week has been exhausting. Sunday I have high hopes that include Netflix and maybe waffles. $30 max this weekend. Holding myself to that.

chic noir (#713)

I’m going to see Django unchained. I expect to spend about 8-12 bucks for my ticket and another 3-5 dollars for popcorn.

10 bucks for random stuff.

43 dollars for a sweater

20 bucks for meals on the go.

Maybe 10 for drugstore makeup. Total =91-95 bucks.

joyballz (#2,000)

Late! Oh well.

Today I’m going to a cider tasting at navy pier but the ticket is already paid for. Probably $15 on lunch then out later for my roommate’s boyfriend’s birthday ($20).

Tomorrow I’ll be doing some grocery shopping and possibly brunch ($50).

Total: $85

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