Foolproof Way to Not Spend Money for 1 Whole Day

Leave your wallet at home. Just leave it there! And then leave your house! Without. Your. Wallet. You’ll still be tempted to buy things, but you won’t be able to. Because your money will not be with you. I tested out this method all weekend and IT REALLY WORKS. (Another method, the less fun method, is to bring your wallet with you but have NO MONEY IN YOUR ACCOUNT and also NO CREDIT CARDS or ONLY MAXED OUT CREDIT CARDS. Same results, less fun, dignity, agency.)


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nikp (#3,186)

I’m gullible (dumb) enough sometimes to be able to put $12 in my wallet and convince myself that’s all I have for the entire week.

kerrypolka (#3,331)

@nikp Ugh, I wish this worked for me. I always spend it by Wednesday and then go ‘CREDIT CARD YAY :D’

nikp (#3,186)

@kerrypolka I keep a debit card from a bank account I no longer have in there, plus a credit card that I’m terrified to put anything on (I just paid off the $4k balance that I’d been putting off for five years), so I can look at them and say “Oh credit cards! Oh whoops NOPE”

(Also, the actual credit card is useful in case I am stricken with some sort of emergency)

lizard (#2,615)

you should always have some sort of ID on you.

ThatJenn (#916)

@lizard Agreed (and for me, my work ID is also my bus pass and also a declining balance card for certain locations near where I work). But you could go out without cash or any cards. My dude keeps two “wallets” – a money clip and an actual wallet with membership cards and the like, which the money clip can fit inside if he wants. You could do something like this and not bring the money clip on non-spending days.

lizard (#2,615)

@ThatJenn yes true but i think its a bit irresponsible to go out with no cash. at least have some emergency money. you never know what will happen and if you cant stop yourself from spending that your spending is serious

ThatJenn (#916)

@lizard I suspect that Logan would agree that her spending problem is serious due to her inability to keep from spending her emergency cash. (And I agree it’s probably at least a little dangerous to your well-being to go out without any money or any way to get money, but if it works for Logan, I guess… cool? I’m the kind of person who always keeps a $20 bill in her glove compartment just in case and has never been very tempted to touch it.)

amirite (#2,677)

I want to be able to do this but what about emergencies? What if I need to take the bus somewhere (I don’t take the bus enough to get a pass, I guess I could buy tickets). Or something really urgent happens and I need a cab? What if I forget my lunch? Also, a large part of my success in navigating daily endeavours is habit-driven, if I start bringing my wallet only sometimes I will surely forget it when I actually do need it.

But it is a good idea, I wish I wasn’t so anxious about these things.

ArizonaTime (#2,694)

BUT I ALWAYS FORGET MY METROCARD WHEN I DO THIS. And then I have to walk like 40 blocks.

This sounds like a great way to get your friends to pay for stuff.

ellabella (#1,480)

@Jake Reinhardt Yeah, there’s an old family story of my mom’s from when she and my father were living in St. Louis on her income alone, and her (also young and broke) sister came out from New York to visit her and her brother. They got through most of the weekend taking turns paying. When they went to the movies, my mom’s sister asked my mom if she would pay for her ticket. My mom was like, “Why can’t you buy your own ticket?” and my aunt replied, “Oh, I didn’t want to spend any money, so I didn’t bring any money with me!”

So now this approach is known in my family as the St. Louis Plan.

navigateher (#555)

I’ve done this a couple of times in order to avoid buying expensive lunch at work. Someone always comes and asks if I want to go somewhere and because I have no self control and also happen to manage the office cash I just end up taking money out from it and pay back the next day, because Chinese food beats oatmeal.

chic noir (#713)

When I was a teenager, I would bring out no more than 5 bucks, excluding bus/metro fare.

TARDIStime (#1,633)

I did a thing on the weekend where I took some canvas bags to the supermarket to do the grocery shopping. I then remembered I needed some other random things and made a rule with myself that once my bags were all full I had to go home, because that was literally all I could carry home on foot.
It stopped me from making all kinds of impulse purchases.
#myexperience #thisworksforme

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