Face Cream and a Call to the Bank

Molly Young’s NY Mag profile of astrologer Susan Miller is best. Best. B E S T. Every single line. So good. I’m trying to find a hook for why I’m telling you this and the closest I’ve got: (“A typical day at headquarters begins at 6:30 a.m. with face cream and a call to the bank, sometimes simultaneously, to see what checks went through. Then Miller heads to the gym for a fitness class or a session on the elliptical machine, then to the bank in person to withdraw cash and mail out checks, then to buy fresh fruit, and finally back home, where she sets up on the sofa and works straight through the day and into the night. During daylight hours she will be on the phone with her employees, of which there are ‘about 23,’ although Miller is quick to point out that they are not employees but 1099s. [She was audited last year.]“)


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lizard (#2,615)

i want to like her but her astrology profiles are never accurate. oh well.


lizard (#2,615)

@Logan Sachon dont think im weird but the ones on yahoo for the day are pretty accurate.i started reading her because she has a following with fashiony people. her “gold star days” are always comically horrible.

zou bisou (#1,637)

I’m so happy you brought this up. Read it this morning and couldn’t help thinking what a complete SHAM she souncame off as. And that bought her a 3 bedroom apartment in Manhattan with a view on the Chrysler Building?!

(Your headline should read: “Lie to Gullible Idiots; Parlay into Real Estate Heaven”)

@zou bisou she totally does. but like … i sort of feel like people know that and don’t care? i don’t really have experience with astrologers, but i’ve had my tarot read a bunch and i feel like, i don’t know, it’s just a fun exercise. a little like making a decision by a coin toss – and then finding out what you really want by how you feel about the outcome.

zou bisou (#1,637)

@Logan Sachon I see what you mean. But that’s a fun exercise because it costs like, 20 dollars. Her private readings (I’m only guessing), cost enough to keep her deep in face cream and fresh fruit.

On a side note, I LOVE the weekly horoscope on Refinery 29. One time I got one that was so freakishly on point, that now it’s my favorite one.

EM (#1,012)

@zou bisou If you’re going to get rich making often false and random predictions to people, at least astrology seems more harmless than, say, high finance.

Weasley (#1,419)

Astrology is so gross and my distaste for it has only grown since I majored in astronomy. Because so many people equate the two and ask me obnoxious questions.

@Weasley “astronomy, is that like, signs?”

julnyes (#2,807)

@Weasley So people think you went to college and studied astrological signs?! That must be quite annoying to deal with on a regular basis.

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