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A Tall, Cold Glass of Perspective

“Hey, everyone criticizing UCB? I took like 6 classes for free thanks to an internship and have performed countless times without paying a dime. There are actual injustices in the world worth talking about and this isn’t one of them. The minimum wage in this country is $7.25 an hour and you want $20 for 5-10 minutes worth of dick jokes for a crowd of 30 people? Grab a tall, cold glass of perspective and drink it down already. You’re being an asshole.”

—That is Billfold pal Lindsay Katai, in her unique and excellent way, reacting to an NYT piece criticizing UCB for not paying performers.


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kayraus (#3,305)

OK I HAVE TO CHIME IN. Performers of all types have to deal with this type of infantilization all the time – your work isn’t worth anything. You want to be PAID?! I thought you were in it for the LOVE!

That’s bullshit. If UCB were nonprofit (IT’S NOT) – then yeah, ok! You’re volunteering your time, doing what you love…that’s great. For-profit arts organizations need to pay people for their work. Even the dick jokes. Full stop. It sucks that there are about zero dollars in the arts, but continuing to undervalue and exploit artists is not the answer to that problem.

selenana (#673)

@kayraus I agree with you.

“We pay our performers. Just not with money.”


TARDIStime (#1,633)

What I’m getting from the Billfold today:
unpaid internships = exploitation.
unpaid stand-up gigs = NBD.

MaxBraverman (#3,273)

I agree with what Marc Maron said on his podcast, “At least give me gas money.”

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