A Privatized Playland in Florida

There is a retirement community in Florida that is home to 93,000 people and is developing its own health insurance plan for residents only. The draw will be eight clinics that promise to have a doctor no more than a ten-minute golf cart ride away. This place is called The Villages, and it’s like the Truman Show. (“Spend 24 hours in the Villages, and all of the state’s problems feel like just that — someone else’s problems. The Villages’ press-averse developer, H. Gary Morse, who would not comment for this story, runs a tight ship: my rental car is photographed whenever I pass through the community’s gates. There’s nary a speck of litter anywhere, and I walk past parked golf carts with cameras in the dashboards, keys in the ignition and golf clubs jutting out the back.”)


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probs (#296)

Someone once told me that The Villages has one of the highest STI rates in the country.

I’ve also seen some of their promotional materials. Good drinking game for people who will be driving soon: take a shot for every person of color you see.

BananaPeel (#1,555)

I have been to The Villages, to visit my grandparents, who used to stay there for a couple months every winter. It’s kind of a nice place, like Stepford is a nice place. I went when I was 19ish and I had to have a special temporary Villages ID made so they knew I was legit.

TheDilettantista (#1,255)

When I read the first line of this article I was like: “THIS IS GOING TO BE ABOUT THE VILLAGES.”

Yep. That’s my home state. Florida, so bizarre, so amazing.

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

Another disquieting notion courtesy of Florida

M Ra (#3,295)

Ahh my grandparents have a house (technically a villa) there!

RachelW (#2,605)

My parents have lived in The Villages for over 10 years now and I spent many a spring break lounging in the hammock on their lanai, looking out over the 17th hole of a golf course.

It is a ridiculous and kind of creepy place.

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