A Place Where Work Is Fun

Rachel Monroe once spent three weeks at Twin Oaks commune in Virginia, and she explores the history and work ethic of the community in a really fantastic essay for Cluster Mag. (“Even today, people joke that Twin Oaks is a home for Type-A hippies, the sort of nonconformists who chafe at too much idleness … Twin Oaks does not exactly cultivate a lounging atmosphere. Its home to the kind of people who will tell you that their work is fun. And, since they get to more or less choose when, where, how, and with whom they work, that may well be the case.”) (thx sarah!)


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KatNotCat (#766)

I have actually visited Twin Oaks on a group tour. I was only there for a day, but a lot of other people in the tour agreed that the community seemed much more uptight and less welcoming than we would have imagined it being. Seems related…

All I knew about Twin Oaks before this article was that they make the firmest tofu I’ve ever eaten. I seriously love that stuff.

probs (#296)

If I’m going to live in the woods of Virginia in some wacky social setting, I think I’m gonna go White Tail Resort.

I used to think vaguely about trying to find a place there, back when I’d just finished school. Now I think more about growing vegetables in my yard and turning my house into a mini-commune. Good read.

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