2 Emmys (But Also $57K In Debt) But Also 2 Emmys

Sara Schaefer—of MTV’s new late-night show Nikki and Sara Live—talks about her $57,000 in debt (credit cards, some school loans, personal loans) in this episode of the PBS web series “Modern Comedian.” It is good. She is good. (“Every choice I’ve made has been with the idea that I would make it.”) (thx peter)


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Smallison (#155)

You know, I had a similar attitude after graduating college. Kept spending, but figured I’d eventually have a job that would take care of the debt. It only took me a couple of years to realize that I couldn’t continue that way, and to start budgeting.

Only now (9 long years after college) am I in a position to begin to pay off that debt. And it’ll still take me years, even though I’ve been paying over the minimums for a long time.

I think that, for people my age, our parents set us up to think we’d achieve certain things, just by virtue of having a college degree. I know my grandfather still feels this way, but it’s just not the reality we ended up with.

@Smallison Yep. I was fooled for a couple of years, and then it took me couple more years to convince my parents that my upper-tier college degree didn’t just automatically grant me an amazing job.

Slutface (#53)

@Evan James@twitter I don’t think it’s fair to blame our parents generation though. My parents and most of their friends didn’t have the educational opportunities that I did (most of them ended up in trade occupations) so going to college was BIG TIME to them. Anyone they knew who went to college was very successful so they assumed I would be anything but.

Anna (#945)

“I refused to not live the life I wanted to live.” And that’s the problem. Not appreciating the life that you do live. I’m willing to bet that she will never be out of debt because the life she wants to live will always exceed her income. If we all just lived the life we wanted to we’d be fat, living paycheck to paycheck, and in massive debt… oh wait. ‘merica!

Chuck13 (#3,148)

@Anna And Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, UK, France…the majority of the EU with a few exceptions. Come to think of it, alot of countries, in Asia, Africa, and South America have the same problem. It’s a worldwide problem.

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