1 More Chance to Do That 1 Thing

Thursday is a great day to do that 1 thing you don’t want to do but also don’t want to continue thinking about doing.

Last week I didnt do 1 thing so I didn’t post about 1 thing. Maybe you did 1 thing? Today’s 1 thing is actually 2 things, or maybe actually 0 things, because both of them are things I already said I did but didn’t actually do. But now I’ve done them. Last night I called and actually cancelled my J.Crew card and also my AmEx card. They’ve been paid off for awhile (“awhile”=five months and two months). Now no longer exist. Feels good, feels great.

To cancel the AmEx card I had to talk to a human, but he just let me cancel it and didn’t try to fight back. It took 7 minutes. For the J.Crew card, I didn’t even have to talk to a human. It took 2 minutes. Why put off a collective 9 minutes of phone time so long? 

Let’s start with J.Crew. The reason that I didn’t cancel it before: Emergencies. Which I know. That sounds ridiculous. But I can imagine several scenarios in which having access to $1,000 worth of J.Crew merchandise would be necessary and important and possibly a life saver. FOR EXAMPLE, what if I witness a murder and the murderer knows that I witnessed the murder and I’m on the run from the murderer. I could pop into J.Crew, pick out a whole new outfit and CHANGE MY LOOK and then the murderer would never find me. I could even go to the sale rack and maybe get like, 3 outfits, and then I could disappear forever. See. OR what if I am out in the world and about to have a Very Important Meeting Like Maybe the Most Important Meeting of My Life and something terrible happens—I don’t know, maybe I bleed all over myself???!?!? Maybe I have to help someone who has bled all over themselves? Maybe I get splashed by a car/puddle situation?

But what I decided last night was that if it was an Actual Real Life Emergency that I could steal before I could die. That sounds stupid. But. If a murderer was really after me and I felt that the only way for me to survive was to change my outfit, I could and should go to Forever 21 and put on a new outfit and walk out of there and that I’d feel fine about it because: Life or Death.

I didn’t cancel the AmEx before because I was lazy. But now it’s done. Two down. Really, actually, cross my heart. Four to go.


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maebyfunke (#292)

My 1 thing last week was that I did my taxes! Which didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would.

I’ve had lots of “one things” to do and I’ve done, I think, most of them!

-call people for informational interviews/job opportunities
-find out why I didn’t get a 1099 from one place I worked
-swim after work
-get bloodwork done

I still have more people to call and I want to make the swimming thing a more regular workout and I have my taxes to do and always, always have more jobs to apply for, but there’s only so many hours in the day. I call this week a win.

TheDilettantista (#1,255)

My one thing is to renew my 10GB extra storage space on my blog–and since it will expire later today I better get on that, oi.

Most of my one things these days involve depleting my bank account of money. Yay! I’m going to use my one thing I did yesterday: open a retirement savings plan and dump some cash in it. Wait, they said they were going to send me a receipt for that. Okay my one thing for today/this week: keep an eye out for that receipt.

And there it is in my bank account inbox! (why did they not just send it to my email inbox, ugh, anyway) Alright. Send to self. 1 thing complete!

la_di_da (#1,425)

As soon as I saw the heading I was like, DO IT, DO THE ONE THING! so I walked over to the fax machine and submitted my claim form for my FSA (because I lost the damn debit card).

Also, test run going to the gym at lunch.

I’m officially making taxes my one thing for the first full week in March. Deadline. boom.

readyornot (#816)

nice use of sydney bristow.

You’ve probably mentioned this before, and I’m sure other commenters will pile on, but you really shouldn’t cancel your credit cards. Chop them up, but leave the accounts open. It’s good for your credit score!

@stuffisthings yeah i know but i’ve made the decision that it’s actually better for me to just not have the temptation there. also like, credit score, ha. im not playing that game anymore.

@Logan Sachon Also this 1 Thing post reminded me to check on my credit card which was apparently overdue, so thanks!

Now I just have to remember to do my 123028302862 Post-Wedding Things…

@stuffisthings Congratulations on your wedding!

oiseau (#1,830)

@stuffisthings This is dumb, but whenever I see a long string of numbers scribbled out like 123028302862 etc, in my head I read it as the sound gibbeldy gibbeldy.

…Anyway. Congrats on your wedding!

@oiseau That is exactly the sound I was going for!

And thank you both.

(ETA: Though that is pretty close to the actual number of Things I’m supposed to do.)

eagerber (#1,958)

Mine is to complete my Oscar ballot for my office’s pool. I also need to email an aunt and a friend, and been putting off those emails for a few weeks now. I’ll try to do that tonight, in between stalking Oscar prediction blogs.

Blondsak (#2,299)

@eagerber oooohhhh impromptu Oscar thread! Who does everyone think will get Best Picture? My heart wants Beasts of the Southern Wild but my head says Lincoln will win.

Weasley (#1,419)

I need to clean and oil my bike chain. It’s so easy, I don’t know why I’ve been putting it off for days.

tussock (#1,296)

My one thing was sending an e-mail relevant to preparing my taxes. Done!

terrific (#1,532)

My one thing is to call my doctor and make sure my test results were okay because LAST TIME they WEREN’T okay and despite the doctor saying “if you don’t hear from me in two weeks everything is fine!” everything was not fine. Because they lost my results. And I can’t trust them anymore.

Except I don’t want to call at work because I don’t like discussing medical stuff at work so maybe at lunch? But it is cold outside! This is a dilemma.

bgprincipessa (#699)

@terrific Ugh, yup. Just spent 15 minutes on the phone with my doctor huddled in an obscure hallway. Also health insurance is the worst. This: http://healthland.time.com/2013/02/20/bitter-pill-why-medical-bills-are-killing-us/

My one thing is to go home and find my vision insurance card and make an eye appointment so I can get new contacts to replace the monthly pair I’ve been wearing for like… 6 months, probably.

whoaisme (#3,158)

My 1 thing is to go back into H&R Block and figure out why my state e-file was rejected. Sigh.

probs (#296)

Earlier this week I emailed my landlord to get reimbursed for a repair I needed in my apartment, and I had no trouboe on that front. The other one thing I need to do is call my dad and ask him what I can do about my car being fucked up, and how much it will cost to fix.

Blondsak (#2,299)

My One True Thing happened on Monday and it was to make a doctor’s appointment for myself, my first in nearly 2 years! So that was a good Thing.

My only Thing today is to make it through my 13-hour workday and NOT obsess about all of the papers and presentations I have due next week which I have been too busy to do much but panic about.

ellabella (#1,480)

I just signed up for me pretax transportation visa for the MTA and my biweekly MetroNorth trips! Why didn’t I do this until now? I don’t know. Now I need to make a doctor’s appointment. Two things. Two things today.

ellabella (#1,480)

@ellabella Thanks Logan, now I will have birth control! Preventing unwanted pregnancies, one 1 thing at a time.

chic noir (#713)

@ellabella – how do I get a pretax transportation visa?

My one thing is to buy vitamins I’ve needed for a LONG time, but keep putting off for some unknown reason. I hate that I’ll buy new jeans without thinking about it, but every time I see a Vitamin Shoppe I just keep on walking. My priorities are clearly not how they should be.

honey cowl (#1,510)


orangezest (#317)

My 1 Thing: Call Capital One and ask them to stop charging me the $5 monthly fee on my oldest credit card. I know this is common and normal but it feels like I’m asking them to Bend the Rules and Make an Exception for me and it squicks me out. And I really shouldn’t close the card because it’s my oldest one. :-/

hellonheels (#1,407)

I just made a dentist appointment (and requested they assign me to a different dentist because the one I had was awful and tried to like, shame me into whitening treatments) and an eye appointment. Thanks for the reminder!

amirite (#2,677)

Yesterday I made a doctor’s appointment, which I’d been putting off, so today when I saw this post I considered counting that as my one thing. But no, I should take this as an opportunity to do a fresh one thing. So I made an eye appointment. I have hundreds of dollars sitting in a health spending account that I could use to get new glasses, and yet I still put off going in for a checkup for months, why.

kellyography (#250)

My one thing today is to do my taxes. For some reason, this year, I am just afraid of doing it, afraid it will take forever, I don’t know. I will not leave my desk until they are done!

kellyography (#250)

@kellyography Aaaand they are done and I kind of wish I hadn’t done them because ouch, ouch I owe so much money.

ThatJenn (#916)

My 1 thing last week was to finish applying for a job I was really excited about (phone interview tomorrow!). I actually thought about applying when the job was first open, chickened out, then saw that they’d extended the deadline by a month and figured it meant I HAD to apply.

My 1 thing today (for work) is to get started on a funding search I’ve been putting off (one of my 2 least favorite parts of my job) or to plan out my targeting work for the week (the other of my 2 least favorite parts of my job). My 1 thing today (for home) is to go over and pay for and pick up my new-to-me treadmill!

andnowlights (#2,902)

@ThatJenn Yay for a phone interview! You’re going to do great!

ThatJenn (#916)

@andnowlights Thanks! I really hope so! I mean, I do have a job that’s pretty darn good, so if I don’t get it that’s okay, but I’m really excited about this position.

jr (#3,151)

i got to mail out my sewage bill, which is already a month late.

andnowlights (#2,902)

My one thing… well, I did one thing already this week and that was make a dentist appointment. But my one Thursday thing should probably clean the clothes off my closet floor before my husband trips on them…

chic noir (#713)

Oh God when I closed my J.Crew cards two tax refunds ago, I waged war with myself. I so wanted to keep that card open so I could splurge in the sale section but I had to get rid if it, it was far too much temptation.

JitterBug (#1,972)

Well done, Logan! It’ s great that you’ve paid off and now cancelled two credit cards :)

I did a lot of one things this week! Made it to the dentist (no cavities!) AND bought a new car. I didn’t want to, but had been meaning to for months, and my company car was just taken away (through no fault of my own-coworker trashed it, boss took it away from everyone), so now I am the proud owner of a Mini Cooper S convertible. And the unhappy owner of a 48 month car loan. Sigh.

TARDIStime (#1,633)

“To cancel the AmEx card I had to talk to a human, but he just let me cancel it and didn’t try to fight back. It took 7 minutes. For the J.Crew card, I didn’t even have to talk to a human. It took 2 minutes. ”
Logan, I am so jealous of your on-the-phone customer service experiences – If this had been me, it would have taken 2 whole lunch hours to sort that shit out.
Congrats on paying off your cards, though!!! :D

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