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Kate (#1,408)

I feel like you did everything you could do, Amanda!

Could you ask for a copy of the check? Otherwise, yup, you did all you can do!

inspector_tiger (#2,651)

you should get some sort of written confirmation of that. Maybe an e-mail or something? Just so you can prove that you did everything you could, if push comes to shove…

joyballz (#2,000)

Thanks, everyone! I sent this in and I did do most of the suggestions already. I asked my parents and I have the name of the representative I spoke to along with the time and date of our conversation. I’ve made my payments still and my account is currently overpaid by this payment. I will call one more time to see if they can put it in writing and provide me with a copy of the check used for payment.

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

Have you asked to see a copy of the check? Most credit card companies have a record retention requirement of 90-180 days for stuff like that so they should be able to send you a record of the payment if it was recent enough. If it was further back they could get it from their bank. The standard retention period for bank deposit items is 7 years.

cliuless (#36)

This happened to me once, and it turned out that my dad had paid my bill secretly. On the one hand, aw, dad, you’re the best. On the other hand, -1000 adult points.

Jinxie (#2,987)

@cliuless I always have serious mixed feelings when my folks give me money or pay for stuff for me! On the one hand: Yay, free stuff! My parents are so sweet/generous! And on the other hand: “Ugh, y’all are retired and I’m in my 30′s and seriously, shouldn’t I be treating you guys now??” and then I feel like a total dingus because of all the adult points I just lost.

annev6 (#3,087)

I would insist the company send you a copy of the cancelled check that was mailed in, or something. Paypal once deducted $600 from my checking account because of a clerical error involving someone who had a similar name and bank. I would not put it past your credit card company to have made a similar mistake with a payment.

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