Would You Date a Man with a 24K Gold Shirt?

Here is a story about an Indian man who spent $22,500 on a solid gold shirt to get the attention of women. It’s certainly something that would grab anyone’s attention! But maybe not in a way that would get him a date? I’m not a dating expert, so I asked Chiara Atik, who writes about dating for How About We, and who had a lovely post about her trip to Paris on The Hairpin earlier this week.

I just want to know whether or not you’d think you (or anyone for that matter) would be interested or impressed by a man who decided to spend $22,000 on a solid gold shirt to get your attention.
I wouldn’t be impressed, no, but anyone who doesn’t think this is an effective strategy has lived a happily sheltered life. I’m only surprised he felt the need to splurge on such an ostentatious shirt in order to get someone to marry him for his money…surely a simple flashing of a bank statement would do the trick?


Yes! Totally true, but it’s hard to get someone’s attention with a bank statement from a distance. How would you feel about a man who silkscreened his bank account balances on a t-shirt?
Ha! Again, I personally would not feel suddenly attracted to him, but I”m sure it would do the trick for some women!


Yeah, I’d much rather wear a shirt that says: “I have $50 to spend on a dinner date. Interested?” Ack! Actually, the thought of doing that terrifies me, and I’d never do that.
Yeah in some ways it’s silly to think that money doesn’t influence desirability, and if you feel like money is the only thing you have going for you, why not be upfront about it? (Talking about the man now, not you, ha.) But someone who ONLY has money to offer is going to get someone who ONLY has [looks? sex? youth?] to offer, it’s not going to be the deepest of relationships, but who’s to say a golddigger and a gold-wearer can’t be happy together, if that’s really all they’re both looking for?



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My only question after seeing that photo is, “Would you date a man WITHOUT a 24k gold shirt?”

Dang Lover (#2,965)

I just created a commenting account so I could tell you, Mike Dang, that I absolutely love it when you say “Ack!” It just really delights me.

Bill Fostex (#573)

That’s nearly the same price as James Brown’s gold-plated coffin. Not sure which is more absurd.

faustbanana (#2,376)

@Bill Fostex Well, I went on a date with James Brown after I saw that coffin.. who’s absurd now?!?!!

EM (#1,012)

I think women would be more into receiving a $34,000 backpack designed by the Olsen twins, or a $29,000 PS1 bag. I mean, why use gold as a lure when you can use sacks made of reptile skin?

cmcm (#267)

Yes, I would date him. I am very impressed by shiny objects, like this spectacular shirt.

Megano! (#124)

@cmcm I am pretty into this entire ensemble

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