Why Yes I Am Drinking Perrier And Yes It Is French

“What are you drinking?” Matt asked me last night while we were chatting using a video chat interface. “Perrier,” I said once I swallowed my swig of refreshing Perrier. “Why are you drinking Perrier?” he said, implying that I should not be drinking Perrier. “Is it because it’s French?”

It is because it’s French. I knew that answer immediately. Thanks for noticing my fine taste in French waters, Matt. But there are deeper reasons, yes, why a person with little to no disposable income (“little” if you ask me, “no” if you ask anyone familiar with my finances) would be drinking French water.

Perrier comes in a glass bottle that feels good in my hands. The water is bubbly, which makes it more exciting than still water. I like the word “bubbly.” In Germany, you order water “with gas” or “without gas,” which is a less luxurious way of putting it. My parents buy San Pellegrino, an Italian bubbly water brand, by the case. We have it with dinner. It’s also a nice happy hour treat, mixed with orange juice. A “shorle,” is what that’s called in German, the mix of bubbly water and fruit juice. Orangenshorle. Apfelshorle. So, you see, it reminds me of home in addition to reminding me of Europe. Comfort and adventure, it says to me. In one little glass bottle.

Oh, I’ve been to Europe. When I was in Europe, I drank bubbly water. It wasn’t Perrier. I don’t remember the brand. Maybe it was Perrier sometimes. I’m not sure. Anyway the glass bottles and the  bubbles remind me of my time in Europe. Buying it feels good. Drinking it feels good. Pulling it out on the subway to take a small sip feels good. When I go to Europe again, if I go to Europe again, will drinking Perrier remind me of Brooklyn? It might.

A bottle of Perrier is $2. I buy one every few days, say five a week. If I didn’t buy Perrier and instead saved that money, I could afford a plane ticket to Europe in … two years. I’ll take the water. The glass really does feel great in your hand. And hydration is important.


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Marissa (#467)

I feel you here, Logan. My life would be so much easier if this stuff just came out of the tap.

iffie (#1,911)

Can we talk about grapefruit Perrier, plz? Next level Perrier.

honey cowl (#1,510)

I have a similar obsession with fizzy water. I drink the store brand that comes in 12-pack cans — 144 oz for $2.50! Sure it doesn’t have the nice bottle & classy connotation but it is a slightly more economical option if you’re looking to downgrade!

limenotapple (#1,748)

I don’t really think that’s such a huge splurge. Even if you are on a budget, you should get to have some fun things that make you happy. This is a simple way to bring some happy. The grapefruit…my goodness it is good. But here in the midwest, the last time I went to grab a Perrier on a road trip, the bottle was plastic! WHAT. I hope they aren’t switching to plastic for all the bottles.

sintaxis (#2,363)

@limenotapple Last time I bought a bottle of Perrier it was plastic too (west coast though). It seems that out here only the really big bottles are glass; the smaller ones are just green plastic.

e (#734)

Sodastream! Also Cuisinart just launched their own homemade water bubbler. I have one and it’s so good. Seltzer on demand, as much as you can drink all the time. So worth it. the unit is a pricey start up cost, so maybe hold out for a birthday.

readyornot (#816)

fizzy water is the best. gazeuse. gazuuuuuuuhz.

we have a sodastream, which i feel guilty about ever since i found out their production facilities are in illegal settlements in the west bank.

@readyornot Really? Dammit. I have one at home and work and use both multiple times a day. When I lived in London for a few months I bought one there, because while I am ok with paying $2 for a Pellegrino every so often (far superior to Perrier, bigger bubbles), apparently I am aghast at paying £2.

Slutface (#53)

I think this is better than wasting money on coffee. You have memories and feel a sort of experience when drinking your fancy water. You’re allowed at least one splurge in life. Drink on girl!

I too love Perrier, but my only excuse for buying it is that the place I sometimes get breakfast has a $5 limit on card purchases, which is not much of an excuse at all…

I buy the super classy 24-packs of canned LaCroix. The Franzia of bubbly water…

amirite (#2,677)

I drank fizzy water for a few months after I came back from my trip to Italy several years ago. I still do it if I’m trying to motivate myself to drink more water or less sugary sodas. So fancy!

Sarah H. (#408)

I’m a new bubbly water convert – if you buy it by the case the price isn’t toooo awful. I like Perrier with lime the best!

I like Gerolsteiner. It has tons of minerals, so it must be better for you than regular water, right?

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