Where the Cool Kids Are on the Internet

Josh Miller talked to his 15-year-old sister about her social media habits and her answers will make you feel old and unhip and old and uncool and old. (“I don’t read links. I don’t read blogs. I don’t know. You mean like funny videos on Facebook? Sometimes people post funny links there.”)


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jfruh (#161)

This is interesting BUT I do feel like reading too much into can lead one to fall into the trap of confusing “How 15-year-olds behave in 2013″ with “How people born in 1998 will behave their whole lives,” yes?

@jfruh What, don’t you still download music on Napster and chat with your MySpace friends on AIM, when you’re not playing N64?

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

@stuffisthings Yes to all?

My sisters (20, 17 and 13 to my 25) constantly make fun of me for sending e-mails. Thet don’t EVER e-mail. They only have them to open a Facebook account.

What ever happened to good old SMS?

TARDIStime (#1,633)

My late 50’s MIL uses facebook messaging and it drives me crazy because I never receive the messages she sends because my fb app crashes so much and 3G is way less reliable than 2G.
I sincerely hope she soon learns that text messages were better and goes back to using them.

Seeeeee, the trouble is that this hinges on the assumption that 15 year olds are cool. In my book, there’s nothing cool about having been born in 1998. 1998! Good god, man!

TARDIStime (#1,633)

I just googled “what is snapchat”.
Over 20 = over the hill.

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