Tuesday Check-In

Good morning! I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. Let’s check-in.

I met up with some friends for brunch on Saturday morning. Brunch can be divisive, but thankfully, we went to a place where there was no wait, and the service and coffee were good ($28). I did find a good gag birthday gift, but I used a gift card I had, so it was technically free. I spent $58.56 for a week of groceries, and $5 for a cappuccino at a coffee meeting yesterday. Total: $91.56 (my estimate was $100). Watching the inauguration was free. I also watched The Queen of Versailles on Netflix streaming thanks to Adam’s suggestion, and it ended up being a really great Billfold-type movie.

How were your weekends?


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amirite (#2,677)

My weekend was pretty much exactly how I estimated it:

Birthday dinner: $84 – $40 gift card =$44 (I originally accidentally only tipped on the amount after the gift card –I used the percent key on the debit machine– and then had to get the guy to ring in the remainder of the tip separately. Embarrassing but at least I realized it before I left.)
Farmer’s market: $34
Groceries: $51.50
Drinks at karaoke: $22.50
Late night poutine delivery: $17 (I did this instead of a hangover breakfast, totally worth it)

And I got an awesome cookbook for my birthday which I’ve already been using to make delicious lunch foods, so I’m pretty pumped about that.

eagerber (#1,958)

Pretty low-key weekend, but wound up spending more than I wanted to anyways.

Friday: Pie and drinks at Dangerously Delicious Pies for both me and my boyfriend: $15.60.

Saturday: I met with new babysitting clients at 8 am, and they bought my coffee for me! Then I came back home and my boyfriend treated me to brunch. I worked on my thesis in the afternoon and then went to a babysitting gig: first one in several months! I made $45.

Sunday: I noticed lots and lots of inauguration busy-ness around my neighborhood, so I biked to the grocery store instead of driving. I bought $38 worth of food, mostly dinner prep items because I hosted some friends Sunday night for dinner and sleepover — we walked to inauguration the next morning. I made chili, cornbread, some brandy-soaked fruit cake, and pigs-in-blankets. My friends brought over wine and beer.

Monday: Walked down to inauguration! My friend had tickets for us, so we actually got a pretty good spot! Then we walked up to We the Pizza, on Pennsylvania Ave, and each got some slices of pizza ($8.88 for my two slices) and walked them back to my place. Later I had leftover chili, met up with another new babysitting client, and then met up with my boyfriend. We played skee-ball and had a few drinks (I bought his because he was feeling mopey), so it wound up costing $25.45 for our drinks & entertainment.

Total: $87.93 spent, $45 earned. Actually, not as bad as I anticipated, but I still have to get the rest of my groceries…

probs (#296)

@eagerber Dangerously Delicious and We the Pizza are great! At any given time I would wrassle for a slice of Baltimore Bomb.

eagerber (#1,958)

@probs I haven’t tried the Baltimore Bomb yet but lots of people have recommended it! I’m pretty into the blackberry pie now… Did you know they have a food truck, too?! I just saw one near my work the other day. Might splurge on lunch the next time it’s warm enough to hit the food trucks.

probs (#296)

@eagerber yep, I’ve hit up the food truck several times! Definitely try the Bmore Bomb, but yes, their berry pies are great. Also love the lemon chess.

thenotestaken (#542)

Friday: $30 on groceries, $7 on a cab to my friend’s, $7 on a beer at a bar. Saturday: $33 on an impromptu fancy dinner out with friends. Sunday: $16 on pizza ingredients and other groceries. I’ve been hibernating a lot, but apparently food is still the big vice. Total: $93 and I estimated $70 because I hadn’t planned on eating out at such a nice place Saturday night.

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

My weekend went as planned but I spent more than the $100 I had wanted to keep myself to.

Friday I picked up my prescriptions ($30) and went out to dinner with some friends ($40 for a burger and two drinks..ahhhhhhh……city living sometimes…).

Saturday I spent no money. Went for a lovely run outside with my boyfriend because it was sunny and in the upper 40s/low 50s in the middle of January in Boston. Made some waffles with my new waffle iron (Christmas gift), then helped the boyfriend buy new jeans and boxers. Then went out to dinner with his sister (he paid for all of us).

Sunday I got a bagel and coffee at Dunks but paid with a gift card. Then I took the Little Sister ice skating. That came to $26 for the two of us. Which really isn’t bad because it included skate rentals, parking for two hours, and a bag of chips and hot chocolate for her. Then I went and watched the football game with some friends at a bar. Spent $40 but some of that was my boyfriend’s beer/food.

So. $70 + $40 + $26 = $136. Not too bad but still far more than I wanted.

Blondsak (#2,299)

Sadly I went over my under-$50 goal this weekend :( This is harder than I thought!

Friday: I had estimated $16 for bowling, but it ended up being free due to my friends buying plus I didn’t partake in any of the beer pitchers they ordered. (FREE)

Saturday: I had estimated $29 for brunch, and while I did get exactly what I had planned on, the tax was more than I expected and the service was extra good, so I tacked on more to the tip and ending up paying ($34). Saturday night I also ordered in pizza ($21).

Sunday: Stopped and bought wine for the week ($20).

Total: $75 :( But my total for the past two weekends has been $100 on the nose, so I’m still averaging $50 at least.

emmabee (#2,008)

I estimated $200 for a weekend trip and went way over: $85 in cash, which went to drinks/cabs/tip for hotel housekeeping. Another $85 in meals out, including $12 on surprisingly decent sushi purchased in Penn Station. Aaaand I still owe around $150 for hotel (waiting on a friend to tell me how much I need to reimburse her.)

So a total of $320. But it was great, and I regret nothing.

Theda Baranowski (#2,989)

A bit more than I expected.

Friday: I had to stop by the cable customer service center, and then trudge home from there. (The modem I was picking up then proceeded to not work.) I ate dinner and played with my phone ($0)

Saturday: Mostly a lot of waiting for people. First, the bed delivery guys. Then the cable guy, who fixed the internet problem and reconnected me to the world, and finally my parents with a chest of drawers. I also dropped off dry cleaning ($15) and went out to lunch with my parents (their treat). Bought cumin, Italian seasoning and balsamic vinegar ($27)

Sunday: Did absolutely nothing and hung out on the internet. Decided I wanted to watch New Girl after browsing Zooey Deschanel gifs on Tumblr and bought it off iTunes ($40) Paid gas bill. ($102)

Monday: Stayed in. Made sausage and lentil stew and chocolate chip pecan blondies with ingredients I had in the house. Bought a book for my Kindle and read it ($4)

Total: $173, about $20 over my estimate.

maebyfunke (#292)

Definitely spent more than I wanted to this weekend. $20 for two bottles of wine and a toothbrush to bring to my friend’s house that I was staying at for the weekend. $30 Saturday night for dinner+drinks (could have been much worse if not for my very generous friends). Spent $31 including tip on a gel manicure and $23 on groceries, then $27.50 at the bar last night that we went to to watch the Knicks game. So overall, $131.50 which is way over what the $80 I was shooting for, plus I just remembered I spent $52 on the Modcloth sale last night. So $183.50! Oh man.

KingCash (#2,095)

Went out for fajitas and margaritas with my boyfriend on Friday night ($19). On Saturday I went on a bike ride to buy a cable lock and chain lube ($24) and get lunch at We, The Pizza ($11). I also picked up a bottle of wine for a friend’s dinner party ($14) and ordered a bunch of reflective shit for biking at night on Amazon ($40). Pretty quiet for the rest of the weekend, avoiding inauguration crowds, but I somehow spent $89 on various grocery runs, I think because I managed to run out of every thing in my apartment all at once. Also spent $14 on a pregnancy test (not pregnant — woo hoo!).

Total = $211. I think I might need to stop buying so much bike stuff…

sea ermine (#122)

I had an expensive weekend but since this is not the norm for me I feel like it’s ok?
It was restaurant week so I bought my boyfriend and I dinner ($130) at Butter and lunch ($80) at Park Avenue Winter and they were both delicious and amazing and soooo worth it. That was Friday evening and Monday.

Saturday was a super lazy day, I sat around and played Fallout 3 and then made a run to the grocery store to get…I don’t even remember, maybe a tomato? Oh wait it was basil and tomatos, because I made this amazing pasta sauce. Couldn’t have been more than $3.

Then Sunday I went window shopping and then went to Mandoo Bar with my boyfriend and I bought us 30 dumplings and a soda, it was delicious. Ended up being a a little under $40, plus tip

And then Monday evening I got a light dinner and drinks (including a prosecco mint lemonade! so yummy!) with my friend, my share was about $40, plus a $10 tip.

Total just over $300. So…wayyy more than I usual spend (I try to keep spending on stuff that isn’t bills or basic groceries to $50 a week) but! It was worth it, the groceries I bought at the beginning of the month should last for 3 more weeks, and I’ll be getting about $400 in overtime pay at the beginning of February so I’m all set.

annecara (#1,914)

I stayed in pretty much all weekend and managed to avoid my usual weekend takeout, which was nice. $60 at Kinkos for printing, about $40 combined for groceries and wine. $100 total, actually a little less than I expected.

breakfast (#633)

What did I spend money on this weekend?
Friday: $8 on a crepe after some friends’ opening, then got a free beer at another opening because I forgot cash, then decided not to drink at the bar after so that was also free.

Saturday: $17 at the farmers market, then cleaned my messy messy house, then $50 on staples and brunch stuff but I had a Trader Joe’s gift certificate so really $0.

Sunday: $3.50 (all in change) for coffee while we took the dog to the park and he got his ass kicked by another dog. I didn’t even really mind, I was just so happy to not be the one with the worst-trained dog for once. Brunch at our house $0, 12 pack of beer to hopefully last the week, $14. AFC watching party at a friend’s house cost us 5 of the beers that were supposed to last the week.

Monday: Class prepping, then $3 on coffee with a friend ( I got his to payback the beer he gave me on Fri), then $12 at the Asian grocery in hopes that these ingredients will cure the illness I am afraid is coming.

Total: $42.50, not counting the gift certificate purchases. Trying to keep costs down because I am at the end of the between semester no pay slump and feeling awful every time I have to transfer money from savings.

probs (#296)

Friday- $24, Harris Teeter, beer, broccoli, and ? $35, Amazon, chef’s knife as recommended by the Wirecutter, and, uh, “Curly Sexy Hair Curling Creme.” $39, Daniel O’Connell’s Pub in Old Town Alexandria for a friend’s birthday. People played quarters and I’m really surprised the bar didn’t yell at us. It was fun. $30 for an Uber ride home for girlfriend and myself; would have been $40, but got a first timer $10 discount.

Saturday- $33, Washington’s Green Grocer, produce. $9, Good Will, two mugs and some records.

Sunday- $60, Monument Ave 10k registration, registration was $30 and I intended to donate $20, but accidentally did $30. That’s ok.

Monday- Nada, worked from home, ate pulled pork at my girlfriend’s house.

Total: $230, higher than I was anticipating. Got a kitchen tool I’ve been needing, registered for a race and made a donation, but it’s funny how I always feel like I did so well until I do these check-ins.

ThatJenn (#916)

I estimated ( http://thebillfold.com/2013/01/friday-estimate-16/ ) that I would spend $50 this weekend, entirely on groceries.

What I actually spent:
$10 on Saturday – our share of the pizza we ended up ordering at our friends’ house (totally fair that she didn’t want to cook! I supported this)
$21 on groceries that will probably last me the whole week. We are already totally stocked up on a lot of stuff! Also we have no plans to buy meat for a long time, because probably at the end of this week we will be getting the WHOLE PIG we ordered, as it was sent to the butcher late last week and it takes about a week for the butcher to process it. We got our chest freezer a year ago for exactly this purpose. I am excited for pork. (I have met the pig. He lived a very good life until his one bad day last week.)

So: $31/50. I came in under, even with an unexpected meal from a restaurant! I am excited about that. It helps that we’ve started making our own bread and that I’ve gotten over my distaste for leftovers. And that all our friends are either broke or saving like fiends so we won’t be going out for a while.

sparrow303 (#1,641)

@ThatJenn “until his one bad day”- ha!

@ThatJenn I got a quarter pig last fall because I have a tiny freezer, it was soooo good. I got a lamb last year and getting another one this spring. I just wish there were local chicken growers by me.

DickensianCat (#971)

OT, but I LOVED the Queen of Versailles and was fascinated how the family’s riches to (well hardly) rags story arc played out. Did you find the woman oddly likeable despite how clueless she was about certain things? At the airport car rental desk: “does it come with a driver?” I highly recommend this movie!

OllyOlly (#669)

@DickensianCat I found her VERY likable! I did read a reaction article in Business Week that claimed some of the shots were staged, so it makes me wonder about the Hertz counter scene. My biggest hang up was that there were key economic storylines to tell that the directors just avoided.

If anyone is interested, this helped give a better idea of how the Seigels got into their financial situation: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2012-03-14/versailles-the-would-be-biggest-house-in-america

vicky austin (#2,938)

I estimated $95 (two-step date, ball, coffee.)

I wound up spending $0 on Friday despite my best attempts to be a Modern Lady. Saturday was $30 on transpo for the ball, and $mydignity when I drank way too much free bourbon. Sunday, I brought a New York Strip, some chips, and my hangover to my friend’s for football grillin’ ($30 – I spent a lot on “I hate my life and this hangover” snacks!)

Total: $60 and my dignity. Incredible weekend, though!

honey cowl (#1,510)

@vicky austin But how much, really, does the loss of one’s dignity cost one?

sparrow303 (#1,641)

@Lauren In Chicago, it’s $50 (the mandatory “vomit fee” in taxis)

contropercial (#2,981)

My weekend went way over my original estimate. We skipped the party on Friday night because I had a headache and my train was late, so I saved $15 on wine, but I forgot that I had scheduled a haircut, so that was $75. (What do you people spend on your hair and how often?) Saturday we went out for lunch while we were running errands, $40. Sunday we went for a driving lesson in the country and wound up eating small town Chinese food, also $40. So $155, about about twice what I had planned.

BornSecular (#2,245)

@contropercial I am cheap and lazy, so I don’t color my hair. It helps keep maintenance costs down. I only cut it about 2 times a year for about $30 a visit to a friend of the family.

joyballz (#2,000)

@contropercial I go every 10 weeks to a family friend who works out of her basement. It’s about $60-80 depending on how much I need done and I always tip $20. Every so often she’ll have a deal on shampoo and conditioner and I’ll get the big liters that last forever for $12 or so each.

orangezest (#317)

@contropercial My base charge is $75 and I always tip about $15, so around $90. It’s SO MUCH but the woman does a wonderful job. I try to get bang trims (free!) so I go no more than 4x a year.

dotcommie (#662)

@contropercial I spend about $40 + $8 tip on getting haircuts every 10 weeks. I color my own hair because it’s too damn expensive (teaching yourself the brush-and-bowl method is not hard, at least if you’re doing simple color–I match it to my natural, just covering up grays, so there’s lots of room for error). I try to use good dye, so it’s probably like $20 every 10 weeks.

sparrow303 (#1,641)

@contropercial I go to Aveda Institute (basically a supervised beauty school) and pay $15 for a cut (no tipping allowed) every 4-6 weeks (short short hair). Quite a bargain, and I’ve never had a bad cut, really.

Blackbird (#2,196)

Rounding, because I’m not sure where my receipts are:

Friday: Went out to dinner with friends ($13), but didn’t get any snacks afterwards ($0).

Saturday: Got tea at the coffee shop with a friend ($3), went to a local comic/game store but didn’t buy anything ($0), and ended up grabbing dinner with another friend instead of awkwardly interrupting my roommates’ hot pot night with kitchen use ($9).

Sunday: Went grocery shopping due to no food in the house ($36), spent the rest of the day playing Pathfinder and then going to Kyudo, which I forgot to register for again ($0, but merely delayed).

Monday: Spent the day trying unsuccessfully to get homework done, and then went out for pizza and beer with my Runequest game’s group ($10). After that we sat down and played, an event I went snack shopping for (restocking my shampoo at the same time) ($13).

I also rearranged my furniture this weekend, and still need to finish cleaning my room. Because that’s how cool people spend 3 day weekends, right?

Total: $84, which is not as bad as I thought it would be, but then again I still need to pay $35 to register for my kyudo class. But it’s getting close to the end of the month, and it looks like I’ll actually have a good chunk of money left over to transfer into savings for my move to Seattle in June/July, so hell yes to that!

Chel (#2,960)

My estimate was $150 and I went way over.

Friday nght I headed out to get cat litter and PetSmart was closed so I stopped in Target instead. I spent $80 more than planned, but got four cute work-appropriate shirts on clearance.

Saturday I stopped in at Ulta to replenish my Benefit Pore-Fessional and impluse made an appointment later that day for brow shaping. $25 for my brows and $30 for the makeup to try and replicate what she did.

I spent a couple of hours at the bookstore waiting for my brow appointment, $15 for lunch at the coffeeshop and $35 plus a giftcard for three magazines and a book.

I forgot I needed gas and dinner was a little more than expected since I ordered a drink. My drycleaning was also amost twice what I thought since apparently I am a slob and everything I owned was dirty.

I stayed in on Sunday, but yesterday I spent $10 at the hardware store for drain cleaner and $40 instead of $30 at the grocery store.

Total I spent about $400 but I look quite cute if I do say so myself. Next weekend will be no-spend to try and make up for it.

kate@twitter (#2,935)

Estimated $120 (with some optimism). Spent $39 on groceries, $72 on haircut, $60 on drinks before succumbing to illness. So…$171.

Hair place raised their prices by $10, I spent $20 more than planned on groceries (shopped twice, a bad habit), and put one too many 20s in my wallet when going out (often, if it’s there, I spend it).

aetataureate (#1,310)

Hahahaha, “Brunch can be divisive.” Real life.

I ended up spending about $76 on food and whatnot, just under my $80 estimate.

I’d estimated $50, and I thought I was going to go over my budget because I forgot to factor in cab rides to and from the wedding rehearsal and back to our hotel, but then the mister paid for brunch on Sunday, so I broke even and spent exactly $50. Feeling pretty good!

lizil (#2,780)

Spent this weekend tagging along on my aunt and uncle’s ski trip. They are very generous people and paid for most meals and lift tickets, so it actually wasn’t terribly spendy considering what I did. $43.99 for ski goggles (the cheapest pair, but surprisingly high quality),$6.60 for a crepe,$21.98 for shuttle parking, $28.33 on gas, and $22.37 at Target when I got back for toilet paper, contact solution, hand soap, and a thank-you card. Total: $123.27. Normally I like to keep it under $100 (under $50 is even better), but this was a long/special weekend, so I’d say I did well.

orangezest (#317)

I estimated $120 and went $40 over, which means I’m going to be on tight rations for the rest of the month. It was worth it.

Friday: $22 for dinner and cocktails — biggest bargain of the weekend (though my friend paid for half my drink because she was late).
Saturday: $40.55 for groceries for a dinner party I threw that night. More than I wanted to spend but extremely reasonable given that I cooked a three-course meal for five people!
Sunday: This is where the trouble began… $3 for coffee and a breakfast pastry. $12.50 for a movie ticket; $10.50 (!) for popcorn etc. (And I only ate a third of it.) $40 for dinner and fancy cocktails. $9 for a six-pack beer to bring to a party afterward. $7 for a cab home. Total: $80 for the day.
Monday: $5 for hangover treatment round 1 (advil, gatorade, sprite). $5.50 for hangover treatment round 2 (McDonald’s breakfast). $9.80 for a handful of things at the grocery store. $1 for a Diet Coke. Total: $21.30

Weekend total: $164. I have ~$100 to live on for the rest of the month if I want to stay under budget, but my only regret is the $10.50 I spent on overpriced movie snacks.

BornSecular (#2,245)

I had estimated $165, and let’s see…. Didn’t end up paying for dinner on Friday because my mom’s boyfriend insisted on paying (someday I will become a grown ass woman and pay for my own meals with my parents, I swear!), instead I bought some expensive cheese for $23. Saturday my dad’s girlfriend insisted she had his birthday bash covered at the restaurant, but I snuck $30 into her purse anyway (see–progress!). Went out for dinner Sunday night for $37. Grocery run was on Monday and I had to work so not counting it!

Total: $90.00

on Friday my boyfriend worked til 11:30 pm, so I had to take a taxi to his house (I usually take the subway, which closes at 12am), that was $60 (mexican) pesos. Saturday he treated me for breakfast and later we went to buy tickets for a concert (Metric! I can’t wait!), which he paid for ($1200 pesos for both of them). I bought us lunch ($130) and later we met up with a friend of his, and he paid for both our coffees. On sunday he woke up pretty sick, so I cooked us breakfast and ordered a pizza for lunch ($90 pesos)so we didn’t have to go outside. So total: $280 pesos, not so bad!

@MaríaJosé E.H.@twitter oh i forgot! my one cute dress’ hem was comming undone, so I took it to get fixed, and that was $120. My goal for 2013 should be buying an learning how to use a sewing machine

joyballz (#2,000)

Friday stayed in and spent $0.

Saturday took myself to breakfast and spent $10 on a croissant, coffee and tip at Julius Meinl. Then spent $17 on wine and snacks and cookies to bring to my friend’s place because he was making dinner for everyone.

Sunday I spent $7 on lunch.

Monday I spent $108 on highlights, haircut, tip and new shampoo & conditioner. Then $18 on wine and vegetarian pasta sauce to bring to dinner at another friend’s. There was also a $15 Starbucks reload over the weekend.

Estimated: $220
Actual: $175

You guys, there hasn’t been a taxi ride in my updates in a while. Are you proud of me? I’m proud of me.

Megano! (#124)

Uhhh I spent a lot of money this weekend on groceries and like prescriptions and junk. A “quick grocery trip for a few things” somehow turned into $70, but LUCKILY I got a cheque for $50 that was at my old apartment, so it kind of worked out. I still need like, eggs and shit though. WHY FOOD, WHY?

ghechr (#596)

This whole month has been a big spending month. Our vacuum broke and needed repair, we had a plumbing issue at our house that required a plumber to come out twice, I decided to get laser hair removal (which is a million dollars but will pay for itself in fewer waxing appointments RIGHT?), renewed my gym membership, AND suddenly ran out of a bunch of baby supplies. So I’m just going to chalk this month up to a fluke.

dotcommie (#662)

I took out $140 in cash to try and enforce my $140 estimate and I did pretty good. I didn’t itemize it, but I ended up at $160 (bought some long underwear. It’s zero degrees in Chicago. WORTH IT.)

joyballz (#2,000)

@dotcommie SO COLD HERE. I almost wore a skirt to work before realizing how silly that would have been.

dotcommie (#662)

@joyballz yeah i try to avoid wearing pants as much as humanly possible, but i just can’t do tights the past few days. long undies + cords, please.

joyballz (#2,000)

@dotcommie When the wind burns your legs even through fleece-lined tights, it’s time for the pants.

honey cowl (#1,510)

I did it! The $20 weekend. As you can surmise, there was little going out, lots of staying in, with self & friends.

sparrow303 (#1,641)

Less spendy weekend than I imagined!

Friday night: $0 takeout (bf’s turn, to pay it forward for a weekend of forthcoming birthday indulgences)

Saturday: $15 Starbucks run (coffee and sandwiches)
$17 cable my bf totally needed to play with his birthday present– a fancy guitar pedal that I obviously know nothing about or I would’ve realized it was missing the cable!
$70 Dinner and drinks out at Handlebar with his friends (my share and his) (way more than estimated, but still less than he spent on my bday dinner, so fair game).

Sunday: $0 brunch with his family (wouldn’t let us pay)
$0 napping/ frozen food picnic
$3 to “rent” The Watchmen on Amazon

Monday: $0 to be sick and stay in bed all day reading and napping :(

Total= $105 ($45 less than estimated FTW)

selenana (#673)

It was my birthday weekend so I got treated some. Friday, stayed in. Saturday, coffee and a haircut: ¥500 + ¥2100 for a cut and this amazing head massager shampooer machine thing, like a head jacuzzi with jets and stuff. Evening dinner and karaoke and taxi was paid for. Sunday made a few bucks at the flea market (but got rid of stuff, yesss), and then went to book club. ¥500 yen coffee + ¥1500 dinner + ¥600 train fare.

¥5200= about $59

megadith (#273)

I spent less than I estimated, but it wasn’t on what I thought it would be. We don’t normally spend so much but we just moved across the country and are setting up an apartment almost from square one as far as furniture and accessories go.
Friday: $100 for an unexpected dinner invite with another couple (split the bill in half for four people).
Saturday: $120 at the pet store, $30 to get my car detailed, $120 on an impromptu visit to the Gap because we were walking around and it got cold and we needed sweaters (that’s a good reason to spend money, right?) and then they were having a sale on workout clothes, $200 on bedding and towels and shower curtains at West Elm.
Sunday: $250 at Crate & Barrel for a couple of those leaning bookshelves, $40 for lunch at a new raw place that was rlly rlly good.

KingCash (#2,095)

Pretty cheap weekend — no shopping, modest socializing and no groceries since I’m out of town most of this week.

Friday: Stayed in with my boyfriend, ordered pizza for dinner ($26).

Saturday: Got breakfast at the bagel place by me ($7), spent most of the day doing laundry and cleaning up my apartment. Met up with my boyfriend for dinner at We the Pizza ($7, lots of pizza this weekend…) and went to a house party nearby.

Sunday: Got a bagel and a cookie at Bethesda Bagels in Dupont ($7), enjoyed the gorgeous weather by taking a bike ride out to Hains Point, rewarded myself with a late lunch at Surfside ($13). Then I stayed in and packed for a work trip to Houston.

Total: $60

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