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Those Tiny Ads in Back of the New Yorker

Via The Browser, a short consideration of those tiny ads in the back of the New Yorker by Dushko Petrovich: “Their size congratulates your sense of discovery. At first, you think these little rectangles are amusing because they offer monogrammed sweaters and self-publishing opportunities—things that are undoubtedly funny, in a sad, Skymall sort of way. But sometimes the funny sadness goes deeper than that, like the sadness of ‘unique diamond fish jewelry’ for $15,000.”

Are they real? Are they a joke? There are some jokes in this essay, I think (“It’s like a mini-Buñuel movie!”), but the ads are not a joke. The smallest ads are priced by the inch—it’s $5,520 for a one inch ad.


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That reminds me, I need to get my fedora reblocked.*

* I don’t actually own a fedora. Jesus.

jfruh (#161)

I’m obsessed with the European Hats guy. Who is he? Why does he look so much like Prince Charles? Is he Prince Charles, slumming? Does he really love berets and other European-style hats, or is he only in the hat-modeling game for the money?

Print ads are insane. Now if only digital ad prices would go up so that those of us in online media could make a living…

I love those ads so much. Every third one seems to be for a fancy academic camp, fat camp, elder care facility, or rehab center in the Catskills.

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