The Triple-Mint House

A fifth-floor bedroom with en-suite steam shower is being used as a gym. A large luggage closet on that floor is currently dedicated to golf equipment (the owner ranks among the top golfers on Wall Street). There is also a finished basement that houses mechanical equipment, a laundry room and a walk-in cedar storage closet.

I can’t stop looking at the photos of this $30 million apartment.


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yulya (#1,996)

“Only a handful of rooms escape the decidedly blue palette found throughout”!!!!

questingbeast (#2,409)

Something about the combination of check and turquoise and strange pictures of animals makes it look like the owner designed it on The Sims.

ArizonaTime (#2,694)
ArizonaTime (#2,694)

The monthly real estate tax is more expensive than the combined rent for my 3 bedroom apartment down the street. smh.

RocketSurgeon (#747)

But where’s the wine cellar?

tuntastic (#2,769)

This is definitely Sherman McCoy’s apartment from The Bonfire of the Vanities.

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