The NPR Jar

An interactive way to give back! More fun than caving during a fundraising drive! Jeff Rau and co. are smart: “Now every time we mention that we heard something on NPR / KCRW, we put a dollar in the jar. This is not as punishment but rather to contribute back to the station that has offered us so many excellent topics of conversation over the years! At the end of the year, we’ll donate the proceeds to KCRW–our local NPR affiliate station.”


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iffie (#1,911)

Ugh, I hate that the idea of supporting something you love/use is considered caving!

Lily Rowan (#70)

@iffie I was just going to say that very thing! It’s not caving! It’s becoming part of the community of people who agree that public media is important!

BananaPeel (#1,555)

Wait, this is actually an amazing idea that NPR should promote. Are you listening, Ira Glass/Steve Inskeep?

readyornot (#816)

Full disclosure: I’m a monthly member of KCRW and I love never having to think about giving.

A twist on this idea would be also to put money in the tip jar when you get a discount from the KCRW Fringe Benefits card. One time, a home store where I bought a rug retroactively applied a 15% discount (significant change) when I saw the KCRW sticker in their window coming BACK to pick up my custom order. It was a really cool thing for them to do, and I’ve definitely talked up their service (and KCRW’s curation) since.

selenana (#673)

I love KCRW and especially Warren Olney so much.

Thanks for the blog! Make your own NPR Jar and check out The NPR Jar – now on twitter!

alpacasloth (#108)

Oh man if I had one of these I’d be broke so fast. Good thing I’m already a KCRW member (which saved me $10 on Reggie Watts tickets this week!).

it_grrl (#2,903)

I have a Radiolab Jar! If I put in a dollar every time I talked about something from public radio or a podcast, well, I’d be broke, but absolutely all my non-quarter change goes in there and I’m getting a Lab Partner membership with it.

“maybe there’s an app for that” = NPR should totally create an easy spontaneous-giving app.

I know it’s their ultimate goal to do memberships and larger donations, but what if you could just hit a button on your phone for an instant micro-donation whenever you thought of it? that would be amazing (and I’m guessing, worth at least the cost of them developing?)

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