So Much Going On, On the Street Where You Live

This is the master bath in Miranda Brooks and Bastien Halard’s Brooklyn home, featured in Vogue. It used to be a four-family unit; they purchased it in 2008 for $1,400,000 (thanks, Google) and renovated it themselves (ha, kind of—Halard is an architect with “his own well heeled roster” of clients and he “completed the entire gut renovation in six months with a crew of Chinese contractors who couldn’t read an architectural plan, and with a budget roughly equivalent to what one of his clients would pay for a bathroom.”) I CAN ONLY IMAGINE WHAT THIS MIGHT BE???? I feel like it must be millions. It must be, right? Look how fancy this house is. It was not fixed up with supplies from Home Depot.

If you look very closely at this photo, peeking through the trees you can see the Gowanus Houses, a public housing development with 1,134 apartments. Tenants pay 30% of their gross annual income, less $480 for each dependent.

[Photo in Vogue]


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Roxy (#1,469)

i feel like there needs to be more of a discussion of the fact that they appear to have a bathtub in the living room.

Roxy (#1,469)

@Roxy oh wait, it is the bathroom? amended discussion topic: why does their bathroom look like a living room?

@Roxy $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

@Roxy What’s the point of building a multimillion dollar apartment next door to a public housing development if you can’t rub it in by forcing them to watch you bathe?

City_Dater (#565)

So pretty, and yet…If they have a view of Gowanus Houses, chances are that bathtub fills up with toxic black goo from the canal, bubbling up through the drain, whenever it rains a lot.

And they didn’t even bring the bunnies indoors when there was a hurricane!!!!!

cat (#3,004)

@werewolfbarmitzvah I registered (finally) just to upvote this. Assholes.

From the article for those too lazy to click through: “To his professional credit, Peter and Bun Bun’s hutch withstood Hurricane Sandy, though Halard noticed the next morning that the bunnies themselves did look rather windswept.”

@werewolfbarmitzvah @cat D:

this giant goddamn house and they can’t dedicate one room for your pets? I know rabbits can be destructive, but there are ways to make a room safe for them that are NOT a big deal if you’re into doing things like totally remodeling a 4-unit building!

outrage possibly fueled by my currently petless lifestyle and longing for more pet bunnies. give me your bunnies, rich jerks! I will play with them every day in the comfort of my home.

‘”I’m sorry; it is really bad,” she says of the mess. Her housekeeper lives on Long Island and has been stranded without rail service since Hurricane Sandy.’


@Anna Jayne@twitter :(

Trilby (#191)

OK thanks, now I’m just sick. My life sucks so bad– compared to theirs! I think I’ll go kill myself now…..

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