New Year’s Check-In

Good morning! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Let’s do the first check-in of 2013 and talk about our New Year’s spending.

I spent more than a thousand dollars on my trip to California during the holidays (flight, gifts, dinners with old friends), so I didn’t want to spend much more when I flew back to New York right before the New Year. I was invited to a few different gatherings, but ultimately decided to stay in, order food ($14), and go to bed promptly after the ball dropped. Logan and I met up for a New Year’s dinner last night so we could catch up ($25), and I’m seeing a friend I haven’t seen in six years today.

And how was your New Year’s?

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ThatJenn (#916)

I spent $75 on party supplies/snacks and hosted a party at my house (my partner also spent $100 on alcohol and other party supplies). We played board games for seven hours and drank very little and it was awesome. On New Year’s Day, we went to a state park to hike ($0 since I have an annual pass and was full up on gas) and also went out to dinner to get some black-eyed peas ($26). So I guess I personally spent $101 for my awesome NYE/NYD… totally worth it.

AlliNYC (#1,725)

I spent $33 on ridiculously high heels and glitter eyeshadow, another $11 on a pretty necklace, and then about $35 on champagne.

Yesterday I spent $6 on a late, late, post-hangover dinner of mashed potatoes and cole slaw.

Worth every minute, except for the minutes spent throwing up yesterday afternoon (not many).

aetataureate (#1,310)

@AlliNYC Mashed potatoes and coleslaw! Best.

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

I went to a bourgie New Year’s Eve party thrown by some equally bourgie friends. I felt a little inadequate so i did bring a nice bottle of wine ($23.00). I also performed a small wardrobe upgrade. I’ve been dabbling in the vagaries of online shopping so this only cost me $100 and eight million hours of anxiety. I hate buy clothes online because i never know if things will fit and if they don’t fit I have to return them, a process which i find totally overwhelming. At any rate, i bought some new clothes but they have pretty solid re-wear value so that was worth it. Yesterday I went to a family party, there were mimosas and bloody marys and it was all free. It was excellent.
New Years Resolution: spend more on quality products and services and less on impulse buys.

Megano! (#124)

@EvanDeSimone Measuring tape man, measuring tape

ArizonaTime (#2,694)

I spent $90 on a 5 hour open bar that seemed like a good idea/deal at the time. It wasn’t. Don’t do it.

…and $5 on some street meat on my way home. That was absolutely worth it.

aetataureate (#1,310)

Oh my gosh, I accidentally freeloaded at a potluck I wasn’t told was a potluck (invited secondhand!) so I didn’t spend any money on NYE.

Let’s see. I cancelled my debit card after someone defrauded it before Christmas, and finally got my new one on Friday, so over the weekend I updated and paid things like Netflix, my WBEZ membership, etc. and registered for a volleyball league with friends ($125 for those things all together). Then $25 at Target for a few groceries and personal items.

I’m going to tell you about a small-but-great personal victory I had this weekend, which was picking up and then PUTTING DOWN a number of items I don’t need, nutritionally or financially. Take that, Oreos.

Megano! (#124)

I spent $30 on wine and cheesecake and then my friend couldn’t come over :(

pterodactylish (#2,321)

I spent wayyyy to much in the lead-up to New Years on a dinner party that I threw as a gift for my sister, so New Years was done relatively cheaply. Probably $40 on cabs for the two of us, $10 on bubbly at the party we attended. Bf made a steak dinner and french toast in the morning (I am a lucky girl.) I cooked NYD dinner, which was $23 dollars in groceries. So, $73 on two very, very lovely days. Oh, and I spent $101 on a lost prescription replacement thanks to NYE purse dropping. Here’s to hoping my insurance will repay me for this after I do the manual claim!

Today starts the New Year’s resolution for saving budget! Wish me luck.

orangezest (#317)

I picked up a stomach virus on the way to New Year’s Eve, so I had the cheapest New Year’s ever! Total damage: about $8 for Gatorade, ginger ale, bananas and saltines.

amirite (#2,677)

I spent maybe $20 on ingredients for a hangover breakfast that I made at 4 in the afternoon.

$25 to see some bands play and $42 on drinks and cab fare. Could’ve been worse! It was the first time I’ve been out for new years in 5 years, so I was expecting it to be more.

sparrow303 (#1,641)

Went out for gyros Monday night before splashing out on cab fare to the concert (it is balls cold in Chicago this week, y’all). Boyfriend bought the first round and I bought the second. He also bought the concert tickets, which was super cool of him.

Tuesday snacks at home before meeting up with my college friends to watch our bowl game. $30 for tacos, burgers, and Coke, as we didn’t feel like drinking. Spend the evening in bed eating pears and watching Sarah Connor Chronicles.

My total for the holiday: $50. Not bad at all!

RocketSurgeon (#747)

I spent $15 on groceries for NYE/NYD on NYE. I made a New Year’s eve dinner in for me and boyfriend, and we drank a bottle of wine that was a Christmas gift. We walked over to Central Park to watch the fireworks at midnight, and then he made us a cocktail when we got home. That was a quiet evening well spent. The next day, we cooked at home, caught up with family phone calls and watched Glengarry Glen Ross with another cocktail.

On New Year’s day, the $25 charge for the iTunes Match went through. I thought it would work and sync songs across my devices, but all the songs show up grayed out on my phone. So it was basically a waste of money, which I can’t get back. May it be the only money I throw away on Apple-related products this year.

Fig. 1 (#632)

@RocketSurgeon There might be some answers here:

Failing that, I would try to contact Apple I’ve only had to call them three times in seven years but every time the support has been great and able to solve my problems.

//not paid for any of this

lizil (#2,780)

New Year’s Eve was really low-key and it was AWESOME. I spent $19 on a veggie burger and a beer at dinner with my roommate, and then I came home and watched Netflix for the rest of the night. Uh, I also paid rent, so $597 out the window, but I don’t really count that. Yesterday I stayed in all day and did some more Netflix-ing. I found out Ben Folds Five is coming to the theater a few blocks away in three weeks. I spent $54 on a ticket because Ben Folds/Ben Folds Five = all-time favorite. Well worth it! All told, $73 not including rent.

Stina (#686)

Since my husband and I are too old for the club*(we’re both 40) we stayed in and had a frozen pizza and a cranberry sparkler drink spiked with our own vodka (About $8 total).
We are not too old to see a band in a bar or in concert but clubbing? Yeah, that would be sad now.

*tm Chris Rock

E$ (#1,636)

This turned out to be an expensive New Year’s Eve with very little to show for it.

I registered for a New Year’s Eve “resolution run” but hurt my foot the week before and was unable to participate ($40 lost). Then on Dec. 30 our power went out and the handyman my landlord sent over claimed he couldn’t fix it till next weekend. (Isn’t it illegal to leave your tenants without power for so long? I know one of you Billfolders will know…) So on New Year’s Day we had to call a real electrician and pay out of pocket to get that turned on ($300 lost).

We basically forced the landlord to deduct that from our rent, but he’s not happy about it and will probably raise our rent in 2 months when our lease runs out.

We’ll take it out of our rent, but our landlord is angry with us for doing that… and our lease is up in 2 months so he’ll probably raise our rent accordingly. Then again, who wants to live in a dangerous powerless firetrap?

At least I had the available funds to be able to pay the electrician on the spot, which would not have been true at other times in my life.

E$ (#1,636)

@E$ Sorry for my inability to edit…

fifteen15 (#1,589)

Hmm… I went out for drinks with friends in the afternoon- maybe $15? Then I had a nice dinner with my boyfriend for New Years ($50) and then we went to a friend’s house party which didn’t cost us anything.

On New Year’s Day we went out for brunch – probably $25.

So I would say I spent about $90 total.

Now that the holidays are over though, I’m actually really looking forward to paring down my spending. With the holidays there were so many things we had to spend money on- I’m going to live like an ascetic for the next few weeks to save a little money after spending so much in December.

TheDilettantista (#1,255)

Um. The boyfriend and I spent around $28.00 for take-out Thai food, and then around $22 for tickets to Django: Unchained (but free popcorn because movie theater loyalty rewards, huzzah!). Boyfriend bought a bottle of champagne at Target but I’m not sure how much it was, and we drank said bottle on the couch post-Django while watching the ball drop on TV. Then Return of the Jedi was also on TV New Year’s Eve and I was tipsy enough to watch the whole thing while saying every line of dialogue before it was actually spoken because I am that person. Isn’t it terrible that they cut out “Yub Yub”? Oh I also spent maybe $8 at the grocery on challah, eggs, and bacon for breakfast New Year’s Day. So I’d estimate around $70 total for both of us.

Also Mike Dang I am one of the many people who has a New Year’s resolution to SAVE MORE MONEY (on my measley non-profit worker salary) so MORE ARTICLES ON THAT PLEASE–maybe a support group? Support groups rock.

megadith (#273)

We always stay in on NYE because we are 200 years old and generally get tired at 10 p.m., also there’s no mass transit here and everyone’s drunk. So my husband came home with $85 in groceries, including two bottles of champagne, some berries, and a boatload of guacamole. We actually stayed up until midnight but were just watching fiscal-cliff-related cable news. Woo!

(Side note: There is now a running guacamole joke in our house – last week I was so looking forward to having some chips with guacamole but when I went to the fridge I found my husband had polished them both off. He says I looked absolutely heartbroken so he’s been bringing me bags of chips and little tubs of guac any time he goes out.)

I was mildly hungover on NYD and so I went back to the grocery store to get smoothie ingredients and stuff to cook through the weekend, $115. Our grocery expenses are a little off the hook right now because we just moved across the country and are restocking the kitchen.

I don’t know how much I spent on supplies (food, booze, garnishes) for my NYE party, but it was probably too much. Although I do have some leftovers, so that’s good. And then I spent $10 on NY breakfast at the boss French bakery near my house (and another $12 on breakfast to bring back to the friend who was too hungover & injured from a drunken fall to get up for breakfast).

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