Never for Money, Always for Love?

Professional writer John Scalzi is in it for the money, and his post explaining why that’s cool and valid is really good: “Every once in a while someone in the comments here says, usually as an aside to something else, that no one becomes a writer to get rich. So as a point of clarification, and to give everyone else who is slightly exasperated by this sort of comment something to point at: Hey, I became a writer to get rich. I’ve always been in the writing business not just to write, and not just to make money, but also to make a lot of money—basically, to get rich at it.” (thx Meaghan!)


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Wilgrims (#1,318)

I dunno, that post skips any difficult questions. The vast majority of writing jobs involve (and always have involved) copying other dumb entertainment or helping sell something useless. To say you want to get rich writing is to say you want to do those things most of the time. Only a tiny, tiny fraction of writers make a lot of money not doing those things.

TheDilettantista (#1,255)

Interesting that the Billfold has two posts about sci-fi/nerd cult figures who from what I know are friendly in real life, back to back with each other. John Scalzi is a well-respected sci-fi writer in the nerd world, he knows his base and he writes well for it. i haven’t read any of his books (yet) but I have a few on my Kindle, waiting to be read.

All socially beneficial occupations should be poorly-paid. That’s why doctors make so little money.

deepomega (#22)

@stuffisthings Which jobs would you count as non-socially beneficial?

@deepomega Child pornographer. Hitman. Republican member of the House of Representatives. Etc.

@stuffisthings (um, not equally, obvs.)


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