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My Really Expensive Phone That Is Really Expensive

People who use iPhones have higher wireless bills each month than people who use any other kind of phone. SURPRISE!


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I’ll say it:

Worth it.

Bill Fostex (#573)

My 3-year Verizon contract (with a LG Cosmos 2) expired a couple weeks ago, and I’d been sure for a long while that I would replace it with an iPhone, but when the time came, I couldn’t bring myself to pay what’s obviously an unfair and inflated price. I could afford it, but I just hate giving money to crooked dickheads, so I switched to Virgin Mobile, bought a Samsung Entro for $11.99, and now pay $30/month for a basic call-and-text plan. I think that’s at least $50 less than what I’d pay Verizon for an iPhone, and $30 less than what I was paying Verizon for basically the same service. I am so happy now. Everything will be smooth sailing from here. It all starts with the phone plan.

Anne (#33)

@Bill Fostex Yessssss! Virgin mobile for my iPhone. I bought the phone outright, but $30/month is soooo nice. It’s unlimited, too!

ThatJenn (#916)

@Anne My partner just switched to Virgin Mobile to get his first iPhone and is really happy with it. I’m jealous. (Not too jealous. I have AT&T and through the magic of bundling and sharing plans I end up paying $45/month to the phone line owner, who is probably undercharging me since she’s my mom.)

squishycat (#3,000)

@ThatJenn Yeah, I pay <$40/mo for “unlimited” data, call, and text on my iPhone through the magic of family plans. And the phone itself was free (to me) – I got my dad’s old one when he upgraded. If I were trying to get a new phone and plan on my own… actually I have no idea what I’d do because I absolutely do use my smartphone as a mini computer, including using it to access coursework, to bank, to pay bills…

Trilby (#191)

I cannot saddle myself with another big monthly bill. Well I could but I don’t want to. And I don’t want to spend ALL my time staring at screens.I stare at a screen quite enough at work.

faustbanana (#2,376)

@Trilby Yes, exactly right. I’d rather stare out the window or read something on paper than pay for a data plan.

Try as I might I cannot get my stupid T-mobile bill under $60 a month. And that’s for 500 minutes (I also don’t care about talking on the phone) and unlimited texting. Robbers! When my contract expires in 14 years I’m gonna check out Virgin Mobile, as Mr. Fostex did. I think that guy’s on to something.

Bill Fostex (#573)

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in my dreams

I’m a customer (for only about a month) with Ting.com, and it might be worth checking out if you want to switch and save some money. Right now they’re also offering to buy new customers out of their current contracts (that is, pay the ETF) so the only expense would be paying for the phone (PRICEY, SORRY. But my Excel worksheet told me I’d save money with Ting versus a 2 year contract elsewhere even WITH the phone price factored in), and then you only pay for the tier of service that you use.
CONS: No Nights and Weekends or Mobile to Mobile, a minute is a minute.
PROS: You get to say TING! a lot. Also, you may save money. They have a calculator on their site that is very honest and will tell you if this is true! Oh yeah, if you need to call customer service during their business hours a LIVE HUMAN BEING answers the phone! I was actually SHOCKED at this.

ThatJenn (#916)

@Amber Stewart@facebook I think getting to say “TING!” a lot is what makes this a better deal than Virgin Mobile

I pay around $70/month for unlimited texting/internet (sprint) and the minimum number of minutes. I was paying more than that to have my knockoff blackberry with ATT because they required me to buy the same data plan anyways. Figured I might as well get a nicer phone out of it.

Cup of T (#2,533)

Humblebrag [OK just full-on brag]: I currently live in France, where I pay 20 euro a month for unlimited talk, text, and data [including calls to North America! Vive la France!] It’s crazy. However, it feels like karmic justice for the *horrendous* prepaid monthly plan I had living as a foreigner in the US- something like $45 a month for 200 minutes and a limited number of texts. I was constantly telling friends I had to get off the phone because I couldn’t afford to talk to them! It was the. worst.

josefinastrummer (#1,850)

@Cup of T We have better pre-paid plans now in the States! I pay $39 a month for unlimited talk, text, and data and no contract. It’s considered pretty tacky to have one of those phones but I won’t be swayed. No phone is worth more than $40!

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