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Monday Check-In

Good morning! Let’s check-in.

On Friday, Logan and I had dinner at a diner (I treated, but let her leave the tip: $18.85). I picked up a few cleaning supplies on Saturday ($11.29), so I could tidy up the home I was housesitting before I left. On Sunday, I had a coffee date ($5 for two coffees), picked up groceries ($60.18), and dropped by a friend’s for dinner who was trying out a recipe from Ina Garten’s new cookbook (free). We decided to skip the Golden Globes. I had estimated $150, and ended up spending $95.32, thanks mostly to a free dinner.

And how were your weekends?


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RVA_TXN (#1,461)

Happy Monday! This weekend was kinda meh. The Weather Channel is a liar and a deceiver and the beautiful weekend I was promised never came to be. I had planned for this weekend to be a no spend weekend. I returned two glass milk bottles for a $4 deposit. Then after watching my guilty please on itunes (The Real Housewives of Atlanta) I noticed that Million Dollar Decorators was back for season two so I purchased that ($12.99).

Total $8.99 Not zero but I’ll accept it since my amazing weekend outdoors was thwarted!

RVA_TXN (#1,461)

@RVA_TXN oops that should read “pleasure”

probs (#296)

Friday- Nada! Made chicken paillard and honey-lime-sriracha brussels sprouts with my girlfriend, went to bed early.

Saturday- $33, Washington’s Greengrocer, recurring payment for a weekly produce box. My girlfriend will pay me for half of this later. Otherwise, went out to hike with our married friends; her family has had a really rough time, and we bought them and her family dinner with a Panera gift card my girlfriend had (free). Got back to DC and went to bed at like 10:30.

Sunday- Got my girlfriend soup and saltines in the morning since she wasn’t feeling well, and a bottle of Cook’s for dinner (classy, yep!), $15 at Safeway. I had spent not too much money this weekend (though I didn’t realize the greengrocer charge would be over the weekend), so I got some kitchen stuff that I had been wanting, namely a mandoline slicer and a stock pot, $50 at Ross. My girlfriend covered most of groceries at Aldi, and I gave her some cash (already accounted for). Got some more groceries at Safeway for dinner ($24, damn bay leaves!). Made green bean casserole from scratch with mushrooms and green beans from the produce box I got Friday and the other groceries I picked up over the weekend, as well as roasted chicken pieces (cooked the breasts on Friday), for dinner. Also made chicken stock from leftover chicken bones and skin and veggies and so forth. Also made some homemade potato chips. The mandoline is kind of revolutionizing my life. Also picked up Crudbump’s latest album, $7.99 at Amazon MP3 (Anyone with song titles like Fuck You If You Don’t Like Christmas and Bite That But is a blind buy when something new comes out.

I predicted $110, and wound up at ~$130 (I rounded up for most of these purchases). A little over, but I got a few kitchen items that I’ve been wanting and should last a long time, made some kick-ass food including leftovers for later, and got groceries, so I’m pretty content.

emmabee (#2,008)

@probs Honey lime sriracha brussels sprouts!! Thank you for changing my life.

amirite (#2,677)

I spent more than I estimate for this weekend:

-Farmer’s market $43 (I estimated $30, but then ended up buying some fancy bread and cheese which put me firmly over)
-Groceries: $70 (I estimated $50, I don’t even know what happened there except that I didn’t really think my estimate through, I had a lot of staples that I was running low on)
-Going out to a show on Saturday night: $32 (I estimated $25, but ended up buying my friend, who often lets me drink her booze, a drink, so no regrets).
-Unplanned late-night snack run: $9 (oh well)

So, not the best, but if I am reasonable for the next 11 days I will still be within my budget for this pay period so I’m not too worried yet.

eagerber (#1,958)

Friday: $15.60 on one drink at Church & State. Great drink, but not worth the cost and the hour+ long wait for the drinks & check.

Saturday: nothing. Stayed in all day to catch up on magazines and books I’d started but had not finished. Highlights included a new short story by Rivka Galchen and a piece by Elizabeth Wurtzel (Prozac Nation author): http://nymag.com/thecut/2013/01/elizabeth-wurtzel-on-self-help.html. Also got a new watch recently and tackled adjusting the links–the pins were SO hard to get out. Next time I’ll probably take it back to the store and have a professional do it instead. Cleaned, ironed, and baked food for the week. Was really happy to have the day to re-group.

Sunday: Woke up early for a private tour of the West Wing! It was really cool. Then we went to the coffee shop my boyfriend works weekends for (Pound on the Hill) and he got us breakfast–wonderful spinach, feta, egg croissant. Then I met with new SitterCity clients. Later on, my boyfriend and I went out for dinner at this new (to us) restaurant, Casa Oaxaca in Adams Morgan. We had a Scoutmob deal, so we got $20 off our bill. The food was awesome! We also got drinks, and I wound up paying ($31.40, including tip, after $0 discount). Then we saw Zero Dark Thirty (amazing!) in Georgetown and miraculously didn’t have to pay for parking (my boyfriend paid for the tickets since I got dinner).

Total: $47.00, but I still have to go to the grocery store tonight for milk, lemons, cilantro, etc. So… on target, sort of.

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

I had estimated $200 for the weekend as I was spending it mostly in NYC with my boyfriend for a weekend away.

Friday night I took the Little to the movies and dinner. Movies were free because I had a groupon. Dinner was more expensive than planned because we wound up at the Cheesecake Factory and not Tasty Burger. I spent $40 Friday night.

Sat and Sunday were spent in NYC. We did the MoMa, went to dinner, ate our way through Chelsea market Sunday morning, walked the Highline area, spent a very foggy hour on top of the Empire State building. All in all it was quite lovely. I spent $140 overall those two days.

So my weekend total was $180. Not bad considering I’d estimated $200. And now we return to our regularly scheduled Austerity January.

Trilby (#191)

I tried a new grocery store that was very cheap but it was a long slog home, uphill all the way, with my packed cart (I live in NYC- no car). So I got some exercise and spent only $38.19. It’s Aldi, a foreign company that sell only their own brands. Then I made a trip to a 99 cent store for TP and paper towels and a couple of other things, $11.19. Don’t know if I really saved money there. This morning on the way to work I bought 2 boxes of cereal for my office, 2/$5. They will last 2 weeks probably.

I cooked up a big pot of lentil stew for my weekday lunches at work, and used up some veggies that would otherwise have gone to waste. WIth plenty of sriracha, it is yummy. I also crock-potted a bunch of chicken thighs. Half we ate for dinner and half are delicious leftovers. I may try to stretch them by making some chili with the cheapo dried beans I got at the new grocery.

KingCash (#2,095)

Friday: Saw Gangster Squad with some friends (would not really recommend, except maybe for the last scene where Josh Brolin literally tosses his LAPD badge into the Pacific Ocean to signify that he is done fighting gangsters). Spent $23 on dinner for me and my boyfriend at H & Pizza, he paid for the movie tickets and my drinks that night.

Saturday: Met up with some friends for dinner at Vapiano’s, which ended up being $37 because I put a bottle of wine for me and my boyfriend on my card.

Sunday: Bought a set of panniers for my new bike for $144 — pricey but I think they’ll be worth it in the long run. Also bought an LSAT prep book for $32 and then spent $9 on a minor grocery run.

Total: $245

kate@twitter (#2,935)

I optimistically estimated $50, $30 for brunch and $20 in miscellaneous expenses. In reality I spent:
-$30 for dinner on Friday (was treated to brunch)
-$15 on groceries on Saturday (in spite of the fact that I’d already bought $50 of groceries earlier in the week, but I wanted pizza so I bought that and some other stuff)
-$12 for laundry
-$8 ($2 for a pineapple at one grocery store, $6 for eggs and hummus at another one on the way back because I felt I would die without an egg and cheese sandwich and I had a Sabra coupon that would’ve expired)

So I overshot by $20. I have a problem with re-grocery-shopping. But it was still a pretty low-spending weekend for me…

emmabee (#2,008)

I was under my estimate of $200, mostly because of an Ikea run that ended up not happening. But I also spent more than planned on drinks ($28 rather than $20), and girlfriend and I did a big Trader Joe’s run ($80/2 = $40) that required a cab home ($20/2 – $10.) Trying not to think about whether the roughly $0.25 – $1.00 saved per item vs. Key Foods was actually worth the cost of the cab. So total of $78, but I still have to go to Ikea…

E$ (#1,636)

On Saturday I bought my book club book for this month ($32) so I could start reading it. Saturday night I started feeling ill, and was sick all Sunday, but managed to leave the house for juice and crackers ($11).

BUT! I got a returned check from a radiologist I went to (unrelated ailment) because the bill they sent me last week ($81) was covered by insurance. So really, I came out ahead! More importantly, I’m feeling better.

RVA_TXN (#1,461)

Sigh, reading about everyone’s weekend makes me realize my social life is pretty non-existent. I’m not sure how I feel about this…

RachelG8489 (#1,297)

@RVA_TXN Don’t worry- mine is not particularly exciting either. I have to force myself to schedule ONE THING that is social on the weekends or else I just won’t leave my apartment except to go to the grocery store.

Friday I bought groceries ($43 for recipe ingredients and a few random items) and a bottle of wine for the recipe I wanted to make ($9), and then I made artichoke heart stuffed shells with lemon ricotta bechamel, from the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. Saturday I did nothing and hung around my apartment and spent no money. Sunday I went out for fancy brunch with a friend who I hadn’t seen in a couple weeks and indulged with salmon benedict and an overpriced blood orange bellini ($36). That’s it! Total, $88, not bad.

kellyography (#250)

@RVA_TXN Same here. I have been sick the past two weekends, so all I did was go to the grocery store for soup and snacks ($15).

Kate (#1,408)

I had a flood in my basement on Saturday night and spent five hundred dollars getting it all cleaned up. It could have been worse and I’m not complaining but: five hundred dollars!

I also bought like $20 worth of groceries.

TARDIStime (#1,633)

@Kate Haha, this was Christmas/NY period! Spent next to nothing and then BAM! Random Physio appointment because I sprained my ankle. $98. Ouch.
But $500?!?! ZOMG!!!!!

TARDIStime (#1,633)

@Kate Haha, this was Christmas/NY period! Spent next to nothing and then BAM! Random Physio appointment because I sprained my ankle. $98. Ouch.
But $500?!?! ZOMG!!!!!

BATS! (#2,770)

Friday: $3 for the bus, and dinner at my ladyfriend’s place for $0.
Saturday: $22 for groceries, $36 for a bus pass and cashews.
Sunday: $0 for bus because of the bus pass, $50 for derby insurance, $3 for post-practice tea, and $13 for snacks and epsom salt.

Total: $127. Estimated was $140, which included a haircut but did not include buying a book of bus tickets instead of paying individually, and I still have roughly $20 worth of tickets left. So I’m still under what I had budgeted, but spent more on bus tickets and snacks than I had anticipated. Plus I’m eating some of those cashews for breakfast right now.

megsy (#1,565)

$15 on food after work Saturday…
And then $14 on Sunday for brunch. This is a bit of a WWYD – I went with a friend and we sat and caught up and drank lots of coffee so I left a $5 tip. She only left $2.50 and I felt that was wrong because we stayed for so long. As in well over the normal time for food and an extra coffee after the meal.
$28 on groceries. Normally I wait for Tuesday (10% off for students!) but cheese was on sale and I needed some food to get me through until Tuesday.

contropercial (#2,981)

Friday – train ride to see my medium-distance boyfriend. Went first class on points, so I got free dinner and booze. Stayed in, watched some netflix. $0.

Saturday – took a drive through the country, the restaurant/antique store we wanted to go (Ok – I wanted to go to) was closed, but stumbled upon a nearby cheese factory ($14) instead. Picked up some groceries to make dinner for friends ($30) for a total of $44.

Sunday – slept in, brunch at home, ran some errands (his), went for a walk to enjoy the warm weather, took the train home, caught a cab from the station instead of walking, because it was raining. $11.

Total: $55, about $5 more than I had budgeted due to inclement weather. All in all, not bad.

Friday – $20 on sushi for dinner, justified to self because I had to send work emails from home.
Saturday – $15 on dinner, $12 on sundries at CVS including milk.
Sunday – $3 on laundry.

Holy crap, was that an even $50? Was that my target? A WINNER IS ME

faustbanana (#2,376)

I had a pretty damn responsible weekend, for me. I estimated $50 and spent $61! It would have been about $35 if I hadn’t twice indulged my addiction to takeout. GRR:

Friday: $6 for a drink at a burlesque show I went to, $15 for Thai delivery afterwards. GrubHub is evil and I’m considering asking them to disable my account and ban me for life.

Saturday: Took my first guitar class in three years and it was awesome. Stopped for a coffee and a croissant before class ($5), ran errands afterwards then stopped and got kimchi tacos on the way home (takeout addiction!) ($10) Let me tell you, almond croissants and kimchi tacos make one potent nap potion. Later in the afternoon I took a stroll around the hood, stopped at the thrift store and picked up a few things ($20) and the grocery store ($10).

Sunday: I slept for 13 HOURS on Saturday night, mostly unaided by drugs/alcohol, which is awesome because you can’t spend money when you’re asleep. I stayed home all day and cooked and cleaned. ZERO DOLLARS SPENT. If I could have even one no-spend day each weekend I’d be happy.

I estimated $135 and spent at least $200 (maybe even $250?) but we’re not going to calculate it because I do actually need pretty much everything I bought so I’m not going to shame myself. I didn’t necessarily need to buy these things this hot second, but I was at the Apple store/Banana Republic/The Gap anyway with Mr PDVS, and I don’t like shopping so who knows the next time I’d be near stores anyway.

I’ve recently realized I’m much like Logan – the only way for me to not spend money is to just not have any. So right now I have $60 in my checking account, which I need to “save” for a dinner we have planned with friends next weekend, so as far as I’m concerned, I have no money! = No spending until the end of the month.

Devora (#2,986)

I had a great weekend! I initially estimated $78.

I ended up spending $99, which was caused by buying a compost pail (great purchase!) and going out for a meal with friends on Friday night (much-needed). I also bought a hairbrush (how do I not own a hairbrush?) and spent more on cheese for my friend’s party than I anticipated. I didn’t get a $30 oil change – putting it off til next weekend.

The rest of my spending was pretty much the same as estimated. I made up for going out by eating ALL my meals on Saturday and Sunday at home, which is a huge accomplishment for me and cost $0! Yum. :)

joyballz (#2,000)

Friday spent $15 on drinks+tip after my work party. Saturday was spent drinking mimosas and catching up with a friend. She bought mimosas and I bought lunch, $30. Ate dinner at my parents’ house and dad drove me to Trader Joe’s before driving me home so I could get the heavy stuff that I avoid when taking the bus so it was a bit pricier than usual at $45. I also paid for his meter parking, $2.25. Sunday evening I joined the Hairpin book club in Chicago and had a great time discussing the book with some apple cider and a chocolate chip cookie at Little Branch, $7. I can’t wait for next month’s meeting!

Total: $99.25 right at budget of $100. I’m getting better!

sparrow303 (#1,641)

@joyballz I am a Chicago ‘Pinner who would like to know of this…

Megano! (#124)

I spent $60 on groceries ($20 of that was a month’s worth of dog food). Some of those groceries were the ingredients to make a coconut key-lime pie, which I then ate all of. This is pretty much what constitutes a stellar weekend for me these days.


I spent EXACTLY what I’d estimated and I feel pretty great about it.

Friday night – Happy hour with coworkers. I ended up spending $30 instead of $20.

Saturday – Went to see Lincoln ($11 + $4 latte), and picked up some salmon, unagi and spam onigiri from the Japanese market ($6). Then picked up some snacks and ingredients to make cookies for my crochet date ($15).

Sunday – Was planning to spend $25 for bridal tea but the bride’s mom ended up paying, so the rest of my budget for the weekend went to replenishing our toilet paper stash ($6), some pens ($8), wine and snacks for the Golden Globes ($16).

Total anticipated: $100
Total spent: $96

alpacasloth (#108)

Estimated $100 and spent $106, which would’ve been less but I bought a birthday present for a friend’s birthday next month. Most of that was for dry cleaning some heavy coats. The rest of my month looks very austere (aside from the last weekend, which I’m spending in Vegas).

wallrock (#1,003)

Super cheap weekend for me. Friday my sister came up and we met up with a friend to go see a punk show. My sister bought dinner and my buddy paid for parking so I bought their tickets – $15 for the three of us. Gotta love those $5 shows. I was driving so I only had one beer, again bought by my friend. I considered getting a shirt at the merch table but nothing caught my eye.

Saturday I’d promised my sister that I would take her out for breakfast but she didn’t exactly get up and going in time. We drove down to IL for my grandfather’s birthday (the big 95) and stopped for lunch at a coffee shop along the way where my father paid.

Sunday we made our way back and stopped at the same coffee shop. I bought a couple coffees and a cookie for my father ($9). Really an inexpensive weekend, though my sister’s visit left my refrigerator slightly barren so I’ll be heading to the grocery store tonight.

sunflowernut (#1,638)

This weekend was a total failure for me on the budgeting front. I was supposed to only spend $25… and unfortunately I spent more like $50 (on ice cream, cover to the bar, beer, beer, and more beer, and a 3AM breakfast run). I had a really good time? Thankfully I get paid tomorrow… and will start only a little behind.

sparrow303 (#1,641)

Friday night Thai food was covered by boyfriend; Saturday morning we stopped for coffee and snacks at Starbucks but left only with coffees ($6, my turn) for our drive to the ‘burbs. We got snacks at the grocery store (he paid) and later dinner with his friends (he also paid).

Sunday morning we made it out in near-zero Chicago weather for brunch at a new place ($35) before retreating to bed to finish Game of Thrones season one and nap all evening. Later, he ordered a pizza and got me spaghetti out of pity because I’m lactose intolerant.

Total= $41 (??!!?!), well below my estimate of $100. Although we never made it to the grocery store.

selenana (#673)

Friday in bed by 8 p.m. with a cat. Yes! Saturday we went to yoga, then I had lunch with a friend and paid for her, but she brought me girl scout cookies and endless loot. That night we went to Shibuya for dinner and drinks. Day total about 6000 yen.
Sunday we stayed in during the day and he cooked, but went to a movie in the evening. I bought the popcorn, 420 yen. Monday it snowed mightily but we braved the walk to the market for a few groceries, flowers, and odds&ends from the 100 yen store. 1000 yen my half.
Total for the long weekend was 7420. Greatly aided by the fact that the fella has taken up cooking and spent most of Sunday and Monday making elaborate food from our friend’s cookbook.

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