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Monday Check-In

Happy Monday! Let’s check-in.

On Friday, I called the place I go to get my haircut to make sure the guy I see was still there. Hairdressers in New York come and go very often (unless they own the place, or have a senior stylist title), and I usually pay the price for a regular stylist to cut my hair, and my guy always does a great job. He had one remaining time slot open, so I grabbed it ($65, plus tip, including one for the young woman who washed my hair).

On Saturday, I had brunch with five friends ($58.05). We had plenty of food and things to drink, and they explained to me what Snapchat is. I had a quiet Sunday, and spent it mostly catching up on episodes of Top Chef, paying my gas/electric bill ($50.68, because I away for most of December), and doing some work. Total: $173.73

How were your weekends?


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E$ (#1,636)

Mike, my hairdresser just moved to Australia and I moved heaven and earth to get one more haircut with her before she left. No regrets.

I thought this was a very cheap weekend, but reviewing the facts I see it wasn’t as good as I thought. On Friday I worked late and then came home and watched Netflix ($0). On Saturday, I ran errands and went to a documentary ($0, because I bought the ticket a week ago) and then brought snacks and beer to a party ($20).

On Sunday I went out for egg and cheese on a bagel ($4) and then cashed in a Groupon to see “Zero Dark Thirty.” (It was awesome.) Unfortunately, the Groupon carries a $2.50 “surcharge” in Manhattan, so it isn’t free — but much better than full price. Then I stopped on the way home for groceries for the week ($46). So, about $73, but I would have had to buy food eventually!

I estimated $110 on groceries, tennis shoes, and gym clothes.

Ended up spending $60 on groceries because I found a beer I’ve been looking for since November, and bought 2 bottles at $10 apiece. Definitely okay with that extra expense.

Saturday I went to see Les Mis, a matinee showing for $7.50. I bought a drink and some Milk Duds for $5.75. Total cost $13.25. I had to pee so bad after the movie that I went straight home instead of stopping to browse at Target, so that was a bonus.

I did some dishes and saw that my sink was leaking, so I called my handyman (aka my dad) who drove an hour and a half to fix it in like 3 minutes. I probably could have figured that out. He and my mom did finally take a look at another leak in my floor, which involved pulling up lino tiles and saying “Uh-oh” a lot. I just placed a service request with my home warranty company, which will cost $60 for the visit and possibly a lot more on top of that?

I didn’t make it to the shoe store, so my weekend total was under budget at just under $80.

Runawaytwin (#2,693)

I too know how fast hairdressers move. I have not had my hair cut in over 6 months because I lost the only stylist I liked.

This weekend was a little above average for me- after it I am tempted to do one of those fiscal fast weekends.

20$ for after work cocktails on friday
27$ for brunch with AYCD Bloody mary’s
86$ at Target; (Typically I cant walk into target for less than 100$ so this was good)
22$ at the grocery store; (sadly i still need more groceries)
21$ at the pet shop for my cat;
3$ for snacks during Downton Abbey

I def need to get my friends to cut back on the brunches or do at home brunches…so far that hasnt worked out.

I also purged a garbage bag full of clothes and stuff from my room which felt great and I want to do again.

ThatJenn (#916)

I estimated ( http://thebillfold.com/2013/01/friday-estimate-14/ ) that I would spend $60 on groceries and $25 on brunch. I managed to spend only $48 on groceries, and we didn’t go out to brunch. I did spend $5 on an app I’ll be able to use to create my own interval training for running once the podcasts I’m listening to run out, so that’s probably a worthwhile purchase.

So: predicted total $85, actual total $53. Sweet. Let’s see if I can keep that up long enough to pay off my credit card! My partner’s hours being cut at work means he’s totally on board with cutting our expenses by cooking more and shopping our own house first for entertainment and stuff, too, which really helps. Not that he’s ever been a big spender, but I’ve been so burned out on cooking lately that it’s useful to have a partner who actively suggests cooking things rather than just vaguely going “we could eat at home… or whatever.”

PrettyNicola (#692)

@ThatJenn What app was that?

ThatJenn (#916)

@PrettyNicola Seconds Pro. I bought it sight unseen based on reviews, but they have a free version, too, where you can try it out (it just doesn’t let you save your own intervals). I haven’t used it yet but I hope to soon. I’ve been using the Podrunner Intervals 10k program, but I run much more slowly than others so the 1 hour of running it works you up to isn’t long enough for me to actually train for the 10k I’m running in March, and I thought this might be a good way to continue on with intervals, which I really like using.

@ThatJenn Seconds Pro is a great app. Worth it.

ThatJenn (#916)

@down the rabbit hole Sweet! Glad to hear it.

RVA_TXN (#1,461)

I estimated $0 and I spent $0. I had a great weekend too. Worked out a lot, ate yummy food, and spent quality time with my boyfriend. I’m really trying to break the habit of spending money just for the sake of it. So far so good…

ThatJenn (#916)

@RVA_TXN Awesome, I was rooting for you! I am also thinking I should try my best to have one $0 weekend per month in 2013… it’s not like I don’t have enough to entertain me around the house!

RVA_TXN (#1,461)

@ThatJenn AW thanks so much, I’m glad I didn’t let you down. ;) It was fairly easy once I decided I’d had enough. I think it’ll be even easier once the weather warms up… so many fun things to do in the spring/summer.

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

I estimated $25 because I was super sick on Friday and all I had planned for the weekend was a long anticipated Louis CK show. I did manage to make it to that and I made it out for dinner beforehand (completely unwise). I had forgotten that two of my friends never paid me for their tickets, so that was an unexpected $90 given to me. Dinner cost me $15 with tip.

Saturday I never got out of pjs and my boyfriend bought me some food. $0 spent.

Sunday I made it out of pjs long enough to take a walk (relatively unwise given that it was cold out and my lungs objected rather violently) and get takeout chinese ($20).

So I spent $35 this weekend but got $90, so I finish at -$55.

kate@twitter (#2,935)

I estimated $80, but I ended up going grocery shopping once on Friday ($40) and again for stuff I’d missed on Sunday night ($20). I bought beer for a friend on Saturday ($16); got an egg and cheese, orange juice, and a cookie Sunday afternoon ($9); and went out to dinner on Sunday night ($21). So all told I spent $90 which isn’t bad, although in the future I’d hope to spend less than $60/week on groceries…

KingCash (#2,095)

Friday: Paid $14 for dinner at Pho 14 with my boyfriend and then met up with friends for drinks at 18th Amendment, which came out to $10. Looking back on it now, I think they may have forgotten to add a drink to my tab…

Saturday: I bought a bike! I’ve been loving Capital Bikeshare but I wanted something that was totally at my disposal and also didn’t weigh a ton. The goal is to use it for commuting to work, which will mean more exercise and less money spent on Metro.The bike was about $430 and then I spent another $200 on stuff like lights, a bell, a pump, a rack, a kickstand, locks, etc. This was actually under what I was prepared to spend, so I feel good about it. Spent the evening in, slightly depressed by the Georgetown basketball loss.

Sunday: Spent $4 on a bagel and a bottle of water after testing out my commute on the new bike. Met up with my boyfriend and his cousin for lunch at an Ethiopian place, but my boyfriend picked up the tab. Spent $35 on groceries (bikes: also good for carrying groceries!) and then went out and collected signatures for a local politics race. Resisted spending money at the bookstore I was canvassing outside of but I did see (and totally fail to recognize until he told me his name) Jake Tapper!

Total: $693, or $63 without all the bike stuff.

littleoaks (#1,801)

@KingCash This is the DCest response EVER. Love it.

A District girl who spent most of her weekend dollars on Ethiopian food and who’s trying to save $$ by bike commuting.

KingCash (#2,095)

@littleoaks Aaaah yes, reading back over this, not sure how this could have possibly been more DC. Maybe I could’ve used a Living Social deal for something?

eagerber (#1,958)

I spent way more on groceries than I had anticipated, and still wound up forgetting a few items on my list! I wound up spending $114 total. However, I saved $58 in coupons and store deals. Safeway now has this cool/addictive feature online called USave, where you basically select “coupons” from their site to load onto your store card. Each “coupon” has an expiration date, too, so you don’t necessarily need to load it and then go shopping for that item right away.

The big ticket items I got were a flour sifter ($9.99), a whole lot of frozen vegetables, spices, and toilet paper, and then I had to restock on so many essential lower ticket items–doesn’t it always feel like you run out of ALL your food at ONCE?–dinner meats, deli meats, bread, and pastas. Like I said before, though, I had lots of coupons, too, which are generally helpful, but then I sorta feel like a suburban mom because I wind up filling my cart with 10 frozen vegetables and meats & cheese & TP to last me a lifetime–or at least 3 weeks. But I guess I get addicted to the coupons and can’t refuse a “deal.” So hopefully I won’t be back there any time soon, with the exception of picking up the lemons and cilantro I forgot to get.

Grocery shopping was Saturday. Also went out for two beers Sat night and spent $13, including tip. Friday night we stayed in.

Sunday I spent $0 because I worked my part-time job and then went straight to my boyfriend’s holiday work party–delicious food and drinks. My white elephant gift was actually recycled from a gift I received this year that I know I won’t use.

So, $127 total.

amirite (#2,677)

I did not manage to come anywhere close to my estimation but I have no regrets.

Farmer’s market: $31.25
Going out (a show on Friday, which was a last-minute decision, and dancing on Saturday, one drink at each): $27.25.
Clothes: $100. This was not planned but I managed to get a bunch of basics that were on my list to buy sometime in the next few months for really cheap due to end-of-season clearance, so no regrets. I have to be in the right mood to go clothes shopping, so I took my chance when I got it and now I hopefully won’t have to go for awhile.

I did manage to stay home and get work done instead of going out for coffee and getting work done so that saved me a few bucks.

orangezest (#317)

I had a cheaper weekend than I was expecting due entirely to a series of fortunate events!

-A friend bought me drinks Friday night to thank me for doing her a favor. I did have dinner ($16) and more drinks ($14) with other friends later that night.
-Starting Saturday, I was traveling for work all weekend, so meals and snacks were reimbursable.
-Two efforts to do something nice for the friend I stayed with after the work was done were rebuffed: first I tried to buy a bottle of wine, but got so confused by state blue laws that I decided just to buy his after-dinner drinks, but then at the bar we went to the bartenders knew him and comped us $25 worth of fancy cocktails (!). So instead I made us breakfast the next morning from ingredients he already had in the house ($0 and also delicious).
-I left my phone charger on my trip and thought I’d need a new one, but it turns out a friend had one to lend me until mine arrives in the mail.
-Bought $20 worth of gas on my way home from the airport, but had a late lunch and didn’t really want dinner, so I skipped grocery shopping for another day.

Total: $50.
Value of fancy cocktails other people paid for for me all weekend (French 75, whiskey punch, bourbon sour topped with prosecco): ~$30. (~$40 if you count my friend’s too.)
Value of friendship that entails lending phone chargers and letting people crash on the couch and FedExing things for free: priceless

wallrock (#1,003)

Friday I took my car in for service and ended up paying $100 more than expected as I had the battery replaced in addition, but my relative inactivity for the rest of the weekend made up for that unexpected expenditure. I finished off the day by grabbing a late lunch ($10) and going grocery shopping ($35) but stayed in.

Saturday I went over to my friends’ to watch the Packers and brought some refreshments in exchange for a home-cooked meal ($30 for beer, half of which I brought home).

Sunday I picked up coffee ($30) and the Sunday Trib ($3). My father also had me stop at the hardware store for some things he needed ($10) and I spent the day helping him out around the house.

BATS! (#2,770)

Friday night dinner/movie with my lady-friend ended up being just dinner: $57.00.
Groceries on saturday morning (terrible time to go grocery shopping it turns out): $35.00.
Sunday morning tea: $3 with tip.
Additional shopping (i forgot to get avocados and shaving cream): $10.
Plus four bus tickets (I didn’t buy a book of tickets as planned, because there’s no discount in this town for bulk ticket purchases): $12.

Grand total: $117. So I was over by $27.

Friday I put gas in my car ($33) and went out for a burger & beer with friends ($18 including tip). We then went to a Trapped in the Closet singalong at the local theater, where I bought another beer ($6). My ticket was purchased a while ago.

Saturday I grabbed some groceries at Trader Joe’s ($14) and that’s it.
Sunday I treated a friend to the most amazing brunch buffet I have ever seen ($48 for both of us, including tip) and grabbed some cheap canned goods at the grocery store to trade in for my library fines ($7, but will get me out of $14 in library fines – whoops).

$126. More than I should be spending right now, but reasonable, especially since it included groceries and gas!

sparrow303 (#1,641)

Friday afternoon laundry was free as a landlord holiday present ($0), and Friday night Thai food was picked up by the bf ($0). We decided over dinner to move in together (!)* and opened a bottle of 2011′s Trader Joe’s Vintage Ale to celebrate.

Saturday was a coffee run ($6) before accompanying bf to his oil change and then buying groceries ($65– more than estimated but forgot I was planning to buy my officemate some nice tea as a going-away present). Saturday night we met a friend for dinner at our favorite pub but didn’t drink a lot ($50 with tip).

Sunday we cooked at home ($0) and spent the whole day watching Game of Thrones in bed, except for an evening taco run ($0- bf’s turn), and then I really needed a cake pop ($2).

Weekend total= $125, approx. A little over but not bad.

*Going to re-read the Lisa-and-Bryan moving in advice right now!

Blondsak (#2,299)

Under budget weekend!

Friday: Dinner out ($10) and wine for home ($17).
Sunday: Laundry ($3.50)

Total: $30.50, when I had originally estimated $53.50.

Caveat: I am paying a $700 credit card bill and a +$6000 semester tuition bill today. So, if I counted that in, I was over by bajillions (okay, only about $6600, but it FEELS like bajillions when I spent soooo long saving up that cash. The good news is that this is my last semester of grad school, and then I will be joining the debt payment (in my case, +$50,000 in school loans) monthly round-up group! (@ThatJenn, show me your debt-paying ways).

Dancercise (#94)

I estimated $12 on seeing Les Mis. I spent $11.50 seeing Les Mis (amazing) and $15 on dinner before Les Mis. I also had to get gas, so that was $59.

But I also made money this weekend with some extra freelance work!

LizF (#1,399)

I stayed in on Friday instead of going out to a bar so I didn’t spend any money that way but I paid for my monthly subway pass (70$)
Thursday I bought a bottle of wine for a party on Saturday, so I’m counting it towards the weekend- 14$.
Saturday was a wedding shower and then bachelorette party for which I budgeted 100$ and took out the cash. I spent 60$, including my share of bottle service and a cab home.
Sunday was my family’s holiday party (we always do a post-New Year party) so I had no expenditures and got a few Christmas gifts (+$!)
150$ which isn’t terrible considering I had budgeted for 200$.

ArizonaTime (#2,694)

Estimated: $110

Actual: $81
Friday drinks ($16); Gift for Super ($33); Groceries ($12); Brunch ($20)

Saved on drinks and groceries (realized I only needed milk and eggs to get me through the week, though I may have drank all the milk with the cupcakes I made last night). Did throw in a brunch, but overall success!

Estimated budget: $200

What I actually spent: $313

I mostly have Target to blame, as my original estimation for Target was $60, but OF COURSE I ended up picking up more things that I needed… hence spending double my budget. But, I have no regrets. Overall it was a great weekend and this week should be pretty cheap, so all is bueno.

RVA_TXN (#1,461)

@Tatiana Jimenez@facebook Target is on my banned list. I have no self control when I walk in there…especially when they start putting all their summer items out while it is still cold. I have this crazy belief that buying a bikini in February will cause a warming trend. Not so much…

alpacasloth (#108)

I had an expensive start to the new year. I spent about $50 shipping presents to friends that I didn’t see over Christmas and $240 on dinner for my parents and fiance. It was definitely worth it.

What I did that was great was start a new tradition in our household: the monthly family meeting. We have to start saving money for a wedding next year, our personal savings, and for projects we want to do on our house this year. Our first meeting lasted 4 hours(!) because we looked at our spending in 2012 and made realistic budgets for 2013. It was scary and eye-opening and tedious but I’m really glad that we took the time to make measurable goals for this year. We’re going to sit down at the beginning of every month and look at the previous month’s spending. LIKE ADULTS.

joyballz (#2,000)

My plans were kind of screwy/changing, but I did still do archery (SO MUCH FUN) and brunch with my friend on Sunday. Lots of other meals and drinks and shopping filled the gaps.

Total: 125.98 – 33.87 in returns= $92.11

selenana (#673)

Estimated 9000 yen.
Friday, met with a friend for a snack and a stroll. 900 yen train fare, 600 yen crepe and coffee, 300 yen cheap sunglasses. Movie later that evening, 2400 yen for two tix.
Saturday, met another friend for a chat. She treated because I sent her a job lead/introduction. 900 yen train fare.
Sunday, went shopping for my new used phone, a Xmas present. Mister paid for everything. 300 yen train fare + 100 yen for a new case from Daiso.
Total of 5500 yen.

breakfast (#633)

Friday: $0
Saturday: Spendy but worth it. $20 farmers market, $75 on a party outfit for my opening (but all on a gift certificate so, free?)
Sunday: my friend treated me to coffee, $0, $62 Important Things at Target: Electric toothbrush like my dentist wanted, new razor, hair goo, shoe polish, candy. This was with a gift certificate, too, so I only spent $12 of my money. TOTAL: 157

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