Monday Check-In

Happy Monday! Let’s check-in.

On Friday, I called the place I go to get my haircut to make sure the guy I see was still there. Hairdressers in New York come and go very often (unless they own the place, or have a senior stylist title), and I usually pay the price for a regular stylist to cut my hair, and my guy always does a great job. He had one remaining time slot open, so I grabbed it ($65, plus tip, including one for the young woman who washed my hair).

On Saturday, I had brunch with five friends ($58.05). We had plenty of food and things to drink, and they explained to me what Snapchat is. I had a quiet Sunday, and spent it mostly catching up on episodes of Top Chef, paying my gas/electric bill ($50.68, because I away for most of December), and doing some work. Total: $173.73

How were your weekends?



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