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Monday Check-In

Good morning! Let’s check-in.

On Friday, a friend and I did our evening snack run ($18.30) and stayed in catching up on TV (basically the perfect Friday night for us). I went to a dinosaur-themed birthday party on Saturday night (the decor was dinosaur themed, as was the cake. I thankfully didn’t have to dress up like a dinosaur, although I would probably make a good velociraptor), and brought a bottle of something nice ($51.16). I also picked up some groceries ($43.66) and notecards to mail out to all you amazing people who are paying off your debt ($16.28). My estimation was $110, but I ended up spending $129.40, which I still feel good about.

And how were your weekends?

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selenana (#673)

Those notecards sound nice!

On Friday, we went to see Life of Pi (¥1200+300, my share). Beautiful flick! Saturday, we went to pick up our newest foster dog and paid some gas and tolls (¥3000), then went out to dinner at a vegetarian Taiwanese joint yay (free for me, was a belated birthday dinner). Sunday we hosted a game night and informal birthday party. I made Smitten’s lentil soup and David Lebovitz’s hummus and some cupcakes and we had mimosas. Friends brought some stuff and we bought a few groceries (¥1000).
Total was about ¥4500, or around $50.

Weasley (#1,419)

I didn’t do the Friday estimate bt this was a particularly fun weekend of spending.

$4,647 for the last tuition bill I will ever pay
$15 on a ridiculously bright pink dress
$55 on bb cream and lipstick
$11.25 on water and small popcorn at the movies
$24.00 on dessert at one of the fancier restaurants in town for two

megsy (#1,565)

I have to pay tuition today. $4,849.37. Then my line of credit will ratchet back up because of this darn tuition payment. I’m supposed to be reimbursed for last semester’s tuition but that hasn’t happened yet…

I spent a lot of money this weekend:
Friday: $10 at a drinks (I overtipped but the poor waitress had to put up with our disorganization) networking event, $50 at the Museum of Nature for a nature nocturne event and then around $12 for post event poutine. $5.20 in bus tickets.
Saturday: $20 for lunch, $34 for sushi (so expensive! this was a new place with friends and it seemed REALLY expensive to me). $5.20 in bus tickets.
Sunday: $30 in groceries, $12 for brunch.

I’m also waiting on about $200 in payment for my liquor store sampling gig but so far nothing… when I sent in my last invoice I asked the guy what was going on and he never responded.

I need to get a real job. I want to wait tables somewhere but have zero experience and I’m old (29) which I feel will make finding this job difficult.

chic noir (#713)

@megsy -Are you kidding? Is there really age discrimination in waiting tables for people who are 30(or almost 30)?

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

I did so well this past weekend.

Friday I got a brow wax ($17 including the tip) and went out for fancy cocktails ($33 for two drinks. I am thankful they were amazing and super boozy). Saturday I went for a run at the gym ($0), got Dunks ($0 due to gift card), took the Little Sister to the mall because she’s 13 and that’s what they like at that age ($13 on the food court), and then hung around reading Saturday night while my boyfriend was at a party I did not want to attend. Sunday I did have my stay in jammies and cook day ($40 on groceries) and as a bonus, I have enough leftover to feed myself for dinner most nights this week.

So I had estimated $90-$110 and I spent $103. Hooray for keeping on target!

kate@twitter (#2,935)

I purposely overestimated $226 and ended up spending $98.57. I still feel uncomfortable about my inability to ballpark my spending within like $100, but whatever!

joyballz (#2,000)

I spent $32.74 on groceries at Trader Joe’s on Friday and took $100 out of the ATM Saturday. I have $20 left. I don’t like this method because I have no idea where it all went. Food, drinks, a cab, what else??

Total: $112.74, slightly over my estimate.

E$ (#1,636)

I didn’t stay under $50 like I planned, but I was closer than last weekend:

$3 – Groupon surcharge for “Lincoln” (really liked it!)
$5 – snacks for the movies
$58 – groceries for this week’s lunches, plus restocking the freezer
= $66.

breakfast (#633)

I stayed about in range of my estimate, but the happy surprise was getting paid for a museum install! I was expecting to wait a couple more weeks for this. Friday I bought a Bota box of wine $20, to last the month/next two weeks, as a cost-saving experiment. I also went to the movies but we didn’t sneak in contraband candy so we had to pay concession, $16. Saturday, $16 at the farmers market, then $15 at the bar. Sunday, $16 at chipotle celebrating how rich I feel now that I’ve been paid, $4 on flours for my new hobby, $5 on laundry. Total: $92 Which was $40 over my estimate, but I estimated still being broke this weekend.

Let’s see, Friday we got out of work early because of snow flurries (DC is still traumatized by Snowmageddon I guess?) and proceeded directly to happy hour, then I went home and fell asleep because I was slightly sick and had an exhausting week. $20 to drink from 3:30-7:00. I’ll be going back to that happy hour!

Saturday had a cheap brunch ($20 for two), spent ~$65 on random wedding-related stuff, $43 on groceries, and had a lovely board game night in with some friends I haven’t seen in a while. We also finally had our galette des Rois and I got the king, but then I lost at all the board games. Swings and roundabouts, as the Brits say.

Sunday, I steadfastly resisted all attempts to make me leave the house, but gave the fiance $1 for the homeless guys outside her church, and then we made a huge couscous which I’m having for lunch today.

$149. Not too shabby! I’m getting better at not blowing my whole paycheck in the first weekend.

orangezest (#317)

Massively cheap weekend. Helped that I was a little sick, a lot broke, and willing to define “fun” for the weekend as “Netflix marathons and chatting with roommates,” but I might actually come in under budget for the month, miracle of miracles.

$6 for groceries Friday night
$4 at the hardware store Saturday afternoon
$4 for a cheap lunch Sunday
$15 at the grocery store Sunday night

Total: $29!

eagerber (#1,958)

Still nursing a cold, but I’m on the mends.

Friday: Stayed home from work and did laundry ($3.50). Babysitting job (she was already asleep; earned $45) and then unexpectedly met up with my boyfriend at Dangerously Delicious — two times in two weeks! Yum. $15.60 because I paid for both our drinks and the slice we split.

Saturday: Had brunch with my boyfriend and he paid, which was nice. Amazing haircut at Aveda: $23, including tip. Another babysitting job ($65 earned). I also donated more clothes to this consignment shop nearby, so hopefully I’ll be getting a check from them sometime soon!

Sunday: I decided to skip the book club meeting since I was feeling pretty lethargic and yucky. Took my car for a wash and vacuum ($17) and then went grocery shopping. I had estimated $70 and spent $70.29 after coupons and deals. So I feel pretty great about that! And I bought all these ingredients to make my own Dangerously Delicious chicken pot pie later this week! Woo. Then my boyfriend and I saw The Master, which was kinda irritating but sorta good, too, and he bought my ticket so I got the snacks: $8.

Total: $137.39, which was about $10 over my estimate, which is not too shabby. I also made $110 in babysitting, so I’ll be emailing Mike Dang later this week when I make my final car loan payment! :)

I had a crazy cheap weekend:
Friday: gym, ($0)
Saturday: I did a focus group and got paid $50!, went to some art galleries ($0) and then went to the strand and bought a book (7.95), Saturday night went to a friends art show ($0), ran in to another friend on the way home who was headed to a panel discussion on curating performances at alternative art spaces ($7).
Sunday: Bought groceries: $45
Also won an Ebay auction for an American Apparel skirt I want; $6.

Total: 65.95

Blondsak (#2,299)

Managed to stay under my $50-for-fun goal!

Fun things:
- $21.90 on a box of wine for the week
- $16.50 on Indian buffet

Total: $38.40

Other things:
- $42 vet bill for a vaccination for the cat

I also meant to go grocery shopping this weekend and do laundry, but didn’t get around to them quite yet.

terrific (#1,532)

I didn’t completely fuck up this weekend!

Friday: Decided not to go to the Hairpin meetup (which I now kinnnnda regret) because of moneys and because I got out of work super late after a terribly stressful day. So: $23 for basic supplies at CVS and beer to drink at home. $6 for a box of mac and cheese and French bread at the grocery store for dinner. That’s it! $29

Saturday: $5 for laundry. $30 at the brewery for beer. $23 for more beer and cigarettes, because ugh, drinking. $58

Sunday: $9 for Chinese food take-out for me and my boyfriend. $9

But I didn’t buy groceries, so I’ll have to do that tonight. But weekend total: $96, which is pretty much a new record for me.

faustbanana (#2,376)

I had a pretty lo-spend weekend, thanks to gift cards!

Friday: stayed in, but ordered delivery (new show idea: Delivery Intervention. When you order something past 10pm that mustachioed counselor from Intervention shows up instead of the delivery guy and everyone has a good laugh/learns something about themselves.) $16.

Saturday: spent $2.50 on a can of LaCroix at the place I take guitar classes. Incensed! But realize the profit likely goes to the school, so fine. Spent $25 on a new case for my guitar cause I was borrowing the old one. Went to Red Lobster with my sister, something neither of us would ever normally do, because we had $50 worth of gift cards. Ate self into coma. Left $9 tip in cash. Have $7 left on one of the cards! Stopped and got groceries on the way home while I was stuffed to avoid impulse buys. $25. Went home and took a 3 hour nap. Saturday total: $61.50

Sunday: had to run to Target to get some necessities, but I found $25 worth of gift cards buried in my wallet so a $65 trip became a $40 trip! But I also had to rent an I-Go car to go there, which was $25, but hey – I’m up $25 so let’s move on. Sunday total: $65

Weekend total: $142.50, but that included a few big buys at Target and some groceries so that’s cool.

Stina (#686)

@faustbanana Had to reply to promote because this is a thing of beauty “(new show idea: Delivery Intervention. When you order something past 10pm that mustachioed counselor from Intervention shows up instead of the delivery guy and everyone has a good laugh/learns something about themselves.)”

Would we also have the back story first section? Which I’ve nicknamed ‘So what f**cked you up?’ complete with cute pictures from your childhood before you veered off on your horrible, horrible path?

faustbanana (#2,376)

@Stina Thanks! I haven’t worked out all the details yet. I’m thinking a talking head of someone at GrubHub discussing my account history (“On New Year’s Day she ordered Thai food in the afternoon and pizza at night…”) and a shot of all the perfectly good, grocery store food languishing in my fridge. Definitely some childhood shots of me eating home-cooked meals before it all went wrong.

chic noir (#713)

@faustbanana how many Red Lobster biscuits did you eat?

faustbanana (#2,376)

@chic noir Four :)

probs (#296)

Friday met folks out, then at the urging of a friend, and with the hosts’/birthday girl’s blessing, semi-crashed the birthday party of Megan McArdle, mostly so my friend could hit on some Twitter dude. An outspoken Twitter personality turned out to be shy and withdrawn in real life??? After everybody got kicked out (one of the most gracious, graceful kickings-out I’ve experienced), got an Uber for my friend and I to my girlfriend’s place, $20.

Saturday, $33 for haircut plus $6 tip, $39. Normally I do a little more, but I was low on cash and Metro shenanigans/my pathological hatred for being late meant I didn’t hit the ATM. I’ll get him back next time. $32.50, Washington’s Green Grocer. $40 for beer and chips at Harris Teeter; friends brought chili over to my girlfriend’s place and we proceeded to drink a lot. Friend bought coke and rum on our secondary liquor run (at like ten, getting older…).

Sunday, made acorn squash/kale soup with bacon. $51, car and renter’s insurance, which I didn’t consider in my Friday estimate.

Total: $183, just over my Friday estimate of $175- except that my girlfriend gave me $80 for her share of the Green Grocer boxes this month as well as beer, so, $103!

thenotestaken (#542)

I forgot to estimate!
Friday: free! went to an Idle No More teach-in, then a coworker had us over for pizza (I probably should have brought something but forgot), and then home for my roommate’s birthday party. Actually, I spent $6 on transit–I keep forgetting to take this into account because I normally bike everywhere but it was really cold.
Saturday: $20 on groceries, then a free day of climbing, Catan, and going to a pizza potluck! I made dough for a friend’s and my contribution so he picked up other ingredients, which was nice. I met up with some other friends, ostensibly for dinner but I was too full of pizza so I just stole fries and hung out for a bit before meeting other friends for drinks, where I totalled up about $21.
Sunday: quiet day (more board games) except for my first ever acro yoga session ($5) which I really enjoyed. Also a grocery run of about $25, I think.
Total: $46. I probably would have estimated more because I had a lot of half-formed plans that fell through.

RachelG8489 (#1,297)

I did pretty good! Not surprising, because having mom in town = easy to not spend money. $26 on groceries on Friday, nothing on Saturday, $55 on a haircut including tip and $2 for coffee at Dunkin on Sunday. I spent Friday night eating Shabbas dinner with the roommate, Saturday I had a 5 hour activist training where they fed me, and then went out to dinner and a show with Mom, her treat. And Sunday I got the haircut and then hung out with Mom at the NY Gift Show, which is the reason she is in town, and she invited me to join her and her friends for dinner.

annecara (#1,914)

I spent about $25 at CVS and a combined $70 on groceries and wine; I did not end up going clothes shopping, but I did go to Starbucks ($4) giving me a weekend total of approximately $99, which is what I had estimated. That said, I’m having a hard time not adding the cost of my gas bill to the total, since a weekend spent mostly inside means a weekend with the heat on. Stupid winter.

KingCash (#2,095)

Friday: Bought tickets to see Dear Prudie in a couple weeks ($15), did a quick grocery run ($5)

Saturday: New gloves and wool socks from Nordstrom Rack because it’s cold and I need my extremities not to freeze off when I’m biking ($71), dinner at We the Pizza ($7), a bottle of wine for a friend’s birthday party ($12) and refilling my SmartTrip ($20)

Sunday: Brunch with my boyfriend at the Diner ($15), handlebar mirror for my bike ($21), various presents for my boyfriend for our third anniversary ($64), another mini grocery run ($8) and laundry ($5)

Total: $243. I’ve spent a ton of money this month, mostly on bike stuff. Hoping it won’t get too much worse over the next days and I’ll make up for it in February?

inspector_tiger (#2,651)

I’ve been on a skiing vacation on a farm in the mountains from thursday to sunday, all in all (room, delicious food, drinks, skiing and gas cost) I spent 164 €, which I is more than I estimated because I forgot to factor in gas cost, but 30 € less than the same vacation last year because we didn’t went to the thermal springs this time. Also, I got sick :(

Blackbird (#2,196)

Friday: Went out to get mexican food with friends ($8.52). Then we just hung out talking at my house in what has possibly been the slowest Friday-night Hangouts of recent memory. They can’t all be winners, I guess.

Saturday: Bought soap, like a class person ($2.69). Ended up not going to a movie with a friend, but another friend hosted a waffle and movie night, so that was rad (and free). Just before that I ended up deciding I’m going to try and write a story for the Sword and Mythos anthology, which is looking for Sword and Sorcery stories that use the Cuthulhu mythose in some way. I have never read any Lovecraft, though I’ve liked what I’ve heard of, so I ran out and bought the complete works hardcover from Barnes and Noble ($20) before the movie night.

Sunday: Went grocery shopping for the week ($36.95) and registered for my Kyudo class ($35). I also snapped up a copy of a book that’s going out of print, as the author was planning on buying the few remaining copies from her publisher after the weekend was up ($18.95). I also bought some gas at some point this weekend ($10.05).

(I paid my electricity bill at some point, too, but it’s an expected expense and my roommates help pay it, so it’s not counted here.)

Total: $132.16, which while not ideal, is not terrible. I’m also paying for the two books with some leftover Christmas money, so when the costs of those are removed it’s down to $93.21, which is pretty good considering the expensive Kyudo class registration and that I bought all my groceries.

AitchBee (#3,001)

I’m not sure why “get kind of sick–not, like, go to the doctor sick, but sluggish blanket lump sick” doesn’t get more love as a budget-friendly weekend activity…

annecara (#1,914)

@AitchBee If I have to be sick, I’d almost rather it be on a weekend (at least a weekend when I don’t have plans) because then I don’t feel guilty about lying in bed being a lump. Hope you feel better soon!

muggles (#1,525)

This is my second weekend on Moviepass and I LOVE IT. Movies were my #1 splurge and I’ve already used up my first month’s payment several times over.

Friday: $0, spent watching movies at home
Saturday: $30 groceries, $25 sushi dinner, $17 Gap outlet yoga pants so I can get Jennifer Lawrence’s butt from Silver Linings Playbook, $0 movie (Hansel and Gretel–so dumb but I really liked it?!)
Sunday: $0 movie (The Last Stand–decently entertaining action flick), 75 cents on movie snacks for me and bf (majority paid with reward points from AMC Stubs program)

Probably only would’ve gone to one of those movies without Moviepass, but still at least $12.50 ahead with it, just for this weekend!

I went over my $100 estimate by $14.02! Here’s how it went down:

Happy Hour on Friday: $18.54
Coffee in Golden Gate Park: $2
Dinner & Drink at Beach Chalet: $40.52
Threadless t-shirt order: $31.96 (getting a head start on b-day gift-buying)
BART fare: $10
Golden Gate Fields (entrance fee, food, gambling): $11

quatsch (#582)

My estimate was ~$135, and I ended up spending $145.68. Not great! Friday, I spent nothing. Saturday: $18 brunch, $37.72 banya, $10 to re-up my MetroCard because the ding dang snow and ice made it impossible to bike safely, $25.01 for wine for 2 potlucks that night (and one bottle for me! Thanks, Trader Joe’s!). Sunday: $54.95 on too-fancy groceries because I was sad that the movie I was going to see had sold out.

Chel (#2,960)

I went $5 over my $20 estimate since the larger size cat fod was on sale. Not bad.

I also had to trash a rug I really liked because one of my dogs got very ill on it. He’s fine now and its not like it was a new rug, so I’ll get over it.

Harriet Welch (#127)

($10 Groupon) Lunch date with the husband
(?) Had my folks over to ours for dinner and Jeopardy. (Groceries were included in the meal planning/grocery budget)
+$85 Cleaned out MIL old house and sold some crap

($10) Backgammon date with husband. A beer, a coffee and a glass of wine.

($32) Diner breakfast for three
($8) Acquiring Equifax score

Spend -$24.00!!!! Wooot!

We are on a super strict budget, but we agreed any extra cash stuff (gifts or the selling of items etc) is all bonus fun money. YAY!

emmabee (#2,008)

I estimated $100ish and ended up…more than that. I skipped one party, and another was cancelled due to illness, so instead I spent $88 on drinks (for three.) $27 for groceries. $20 at RiteAid for miscellaneous toiletries. $33 cab to brunch, because I was half an hour late and all the trains were broken. $18 brunch. $25 at Home Depot for things needed to refurbish a dresser (primer, rollers, sandpaper, etc.) So a total of slightly over $200. Oops.

dotcommie (#662)

I estimated $220 and spent 193 on going out, groceries, laundry, and anniversary gift for the dude. Under budget, woot! I was able to find a cool gift that was under budget and was able to avoid some cab rides.

Devora (#2,986)

I feel good about my weekend spend! I forgot about some important necessary-spend items, like subway fare etc, that ended up pushing me over.

Friday: $0 (est $0)

Saturday: (est $73, actual $95)
breakfast – $10
subway card refill – $20
bottle of wine at winetasting to drink – $15
bottle of wine to take home from wine tasting – $15
drinks – $13
sushi dinner – $22

Sunday (est $40, actual $56)
lunch $10
groceries $40
ice cream! $6

estimated: $120
actual: $151

I could have done better – the real unexpected non-essential was lunch on Sunday but it was a small spend. Train fare was the unexpected expense (to refill my card) and I’m ok with that pushing me over.

Go me!

chic noir (#713)

Well this week was the first time I’ve ever done a weekly check in. I’ve got to say, it kept me thinking all weekend that I better watch my spending because I will have to answer for it on Monday.

Pedicure was 20 including tip instead of 25.

Did not get to the libary in time. So 7 bucks saved.

Spend 20 bucks on hair dye. Lets just say…next time I will just go to the shop.

11.95 for shrimp fried rice with extra shrimp. Haha 2 extra shrimp.

5.27 for some Vo5 shampoo(blasted sulfates),cinnamon roles and something else I for got.

6 bucks at McDonalds(don’t judge me) because I didn’t eat before I left the house, trying to make it to the libary on time.

No spending on Sunday because I stayed in all day.

Fridays total = 62.25. vs actual total 63.22
Hey I didn’t do so bad.

Okay next week I will be totally embarrassed to post what I plan to spend because I know for sure I will be spending almost 400 bucks on pretty random stuff but I have gift cards and my year of change saving to cover about 75% of my spending so there..no guilt.

foldingbills (#3,119)

On Friday I withdraw $55 from the ATM. Went out to a show (was comped), spent $20 on drinks. Went to an afterparty and then took a cab home ($19.40). Saturday, went out to a show with a coworker (comped show) and bought us two drinks ($10), then out to a house party where I put $20 toward the kitty. Sunday I bought groceries ($13.40). Total spent, $82.80. I didn’t estimate before the weekend, though — but I’m going to start, and hold myself accountable via this thread!

sparrow303 (#1,641)

Friday night we ended up splitting the cost of our taco feast ($15; I left the tip as well). Saturday morning I bought coffees ($8) to fuel our trip to take my cat to the vet for her rabies vaccine ($115 plus endless dirty looks).

We felt like we’d achieved a lot after that, so we hit the grocery store (boyfriend paid) and picked up stuff to make for lunch and dinner, which we ate at home while watching 4 (count ‘em, four) movies. Suffice it to say, it’s January in Chicago.

On Sunday, we ate breakfast in again (what are we, responsible?) and bf did some chores. We snuck out in the ice storm for lunch at our favorite pub (my turn, $40) before grabbing work-lunch supplies at the store ($24) and practically ice skating our way home.

Total= $202, which exceeds my estimate of $180, but most of that was cat-related, so not bad in terms of actual discretionary spending.

I spent a ridiculous amount of money just going to the movies. Two tix to Hobbit in 3D: $32. Two popcorns: $16. Two drinks (smuggled in): $4. Over fifty bucks on a movie that wasn’t even that great. Not to mention the Exit signs and aisle lighting made a distracting reflection in the 3D glasses that made watching the movie blurry and frustrating. Worst $50 I’ve ever spent!

Leila@twitter (#1,607)

@Deb of last year@twitter Pretty sure you can explain that to management and get the price of the ticket back?

Just depends if you want to do that…

Leila@twitter (#1,607)

I spent way more than anticipated, but mostly cause of a dumb thing I did last month.

What I did (expect to) spend:
$4: threading
$4: my share of parking and gas to get rides from my brother
$16: trifle supplies (estimated $10)
$4: cookies (estimated $10)
$0: taxi, got a ride with a generous friend instead

What I forgot about:
$20: wool to finish a knitting project
$1,250: apparently I reversed the numbers of my last credit card payment so I had forgotten to pay $500 of my last bill. Fortunately, when I called in about it she agreed to reverse the charges, since I always pay in full and on time! (Reversed $46 charges, YAY!)

Expected to pay: $77 including potential things like brunch and taxis
Actually paid: $28 plus my credit card bill.
Estimate: pretty good!

Friday: Got lunch for free at a lecture, spent $25 on drinks later that night
Saturday: $36 on groceries
Sunday: $9 on lunch and $5 on random thrifting jaunt
Total: $70. Went $7 over the estimate but this week should be pretty cheap. I even had enough to pay my doctor’s bill on time today!

Friday: $23 at CVS on sundries and new moisturizer; it should’ve been less but for some reason my coupon didn’t go through! Bah.
Saturday: $10 on ALL OF THE LAUNDRY.
Sunday: $70 on haircut including a good tip since I haven’t been in since before Thanksgiving and my hairdresser is a sweetheart and gave me good advice without a hard sell on anything. $10 at the corner grocery on a few things (most importantly, apple cider).

So that comes to $113, which is just over my estimated $100. Not too shabby!

Liz the Lemur (#3,125)

Friday: Happy hour margarita ($3.25 score!) and tater tot nachos before dancing. $10 total for my share of the bill. $5 cover for soul and funk jams. Didn’t buy any of my own drinks while on the dance floor.
Saturday: Parents in town, gracious thank-yous throughout the day.
Sunday: Brunch with a friend at a Cuban place – mango mimosas. Yum. $18.94 (look on the waitress’s face when she took our cards and said “You’re both Elizabeth?” Priceless.)Groceries for hopefully the next week and a half – $55 (went with a friend who had a car, so I stocked up on a few things).
Total: $128.94
(Also while out at dinner my dad suggested opening a Roth IRA. I know it’s reasonable, but I’m not sure I can do it right now. He then started to tell me that if I wanted to contribute more than the maximum, I should do it before April 15th when the new tax year starts. I don’t think that’s going to be the issue…)

ThatJenn (#916)

Well, I did buy that sunrise alarm clock ($105), got gas for less than I expected ($37 instead of $40), only bought the tickets for Medieval Faire ($30, my dude bought the food I’d estimated $20 for – he spent $22), had unexpected dinner with friends but my dude paid, had unexpected lunch with a friend ($15), had unexpected dinner out with my dude ($17), and then he paid for groceries ($75 out of the $50 I’d estimated, but it was basically over because he was there and tossed a bunch of chocolate and beer into the cart, both of which I am willing to splurge on for good stuff… plus it was his money anyway).

So some of the things I estimated cost a little more than planned but my partner ended up covering those parts; meanwhile we went out to eat THREE TIMES that we did not plan, so ultimately even though my partner paid for two things I thought I’d pay for over the weekend, I still spent $207 out of the $245 I’d budgeted if I had to pay for everything.

Oh, and the sunrise alarm clock arrived yesterday and I woke up to it this morning: WORTH EVERY PENNY (at least so far). I bought this one: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0093162RM/

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