Mental Healthcare Alternatives

At FastCo, Joe Berkowitz shares a campaign from World For All, an Indian animal welfare group, suggesting that dogs can aid people with depression. There is some evidence of this. Could buying a dog be a cheap alternative to out-of-pocket mental healthcare costs?!!?! (No.) (But this is a really cute picture of the dog that has taken my mood up two points, at least.)


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Erin@twitter (#2,969)

We adopted our dog a month ago and it was the best decision ever. No depression here, and initial vet bills are a bit much (though we are saving on happy hours since we have to get home and let him out) but he’s improved our quality of life so much already!

selenana (#673)

Pets can also lower blood pressure, there are programs linking pets to vets and hospitalized kids with cancer, there are studies being funded by NIH to further research health benefits of animal companionship.

notpollyanna (#2,841)

Yess! My cats are my suicide prevention plan. For reasons I can’t explain, because I don’t know, the thought of leaving my cats behind is more gut-wrenching to me than the people. Because they are totally dependent on me? So I have one younger cat and one senior cat with the idea that I will never be cat-less. (PS – I am not actually depressed right now, but it has eaten so much of my life that I still do things like this just in case.)

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