Making Money on a Bike (Or, Not)

If you are interested in how professional cyclists make money, Nicole Cooke’s retirement statement from last week is a thing you should read. And even if you aren’t interested in how professional cyclists make money, it is 1 good read, if only because towards the end it’s great fun to have your jaw actually drop when you read this sentence: “The UCI Road Commission headed by British Cycling’s Brian Cookson has stated that whilst a minimum wage is required for all male professionals, female riders do not deserve this. Only as recently as this October the commission rejected this simple request.”


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Megano! (#124)

Re: women cyclists not getting paid: WHAT!?

Fig. 1 (#632)

@Megano! OK. Got my sign ready. Where does the rage parade start?

selenana (#673)

This reminds me of last year’s Olympics, in which Japan’s women’s soccer team rode in coach and the men’s team in business class, even though the women’s team won the last World Cup and the men’s team comparatively ain’t shit.

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