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I Almost Do 1 Thing

Thursday is a great day to do that 1 thing you don’t want to do but also don’t want to continue thinking about doing.

That 1 thing that I did this week was that I finally, finally, finally, FINALLY called my health insurance company and asked them if I was allowed to keep my health insurance even though I moved out the state for which residence was a requirement to get that health insurance. It’s been … two years. And during those two years, each time I have received a letter from them, I’ve been sure it’s THE ONE that says, “Oh hey we just notice you moved, you’re fired from this health insurance, goodbye.” Level 4 panic. Once a month. At least.

But I’m becoming a better person and better people do things like make phone calls. So I made a phone call. I called and a human answered, and I said, “Hi please, What if I move?” And the dude said, “You just use our partner networks!” And I said, “No I mean what if I Leave Oregon Forever?” And he said, “You just use our partner networks.” And I said, “So I could move to, say—I don’t know, New York!— and this insurance that I bought in Oregon would still be cool and everything would be great?” And he said, “Yes. You just have to live in Oregon to apply or change plans. Otherwise you can live anywhere in the U.S. And just use our partner networks.”

The phone call took one minute. Two years and one minute.






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lhorntx (#2,302)

Mine was to take the case of water that’s been sitting in my trunk for over a week into my apartment. Not anything major, but success.

Mine was to figure out what kind of workout…I dk, plan, I wanted to do this year. What gym to join etc. I finally decided to swim with the local Master’s club once a week and start training for the SF half marathon in June.

Eventually I have a Crossfit groupon I need to use (I’ll probably do that once I’m deeper into marathon training) and I’m going to check out a different master’s club in a few months too, but this is a good start I think.

@polka dots vs stripes This might just be me (probably just me), but starting crossfit really got in the way of my marathon training. I’d either be too sore from Crossfit to want to run, or too concentrated on running to want to lift massive weights. I recommend (in my non-infinite wisdom) to find time to do this once you’re running 16-20 miles a week, but not in the month before the race.

@Lisa Lenner@facebook That’s a good point, thank you! I’m only doing the half marathon, and right now I just need to start getting used to exercising 4-5 days a week. Keeping in mind what you said, maybe I’ll do the Crossfit (I think the groupon is like, a certain number of workouts within a 2 week period?) right before I start to actually ramp up mileage, so I have a decent endurance base but it won’t put me behind in adding miles.

mbmargarita (#781)

Here is a cautionary tale about not doing your 1 thing. About 2 months ago, my Kindle wireless stopped working. For 2 months, I apparently decided it was easier to have to connect to my computer to download my eBooks than to delay my gratification by another 2 minutes and look up how to fix it. Then I finally looked it up and it looked like I’d have to call customer support, so I put it off a few more weeks. Then I called and found out my warranty had expired a week earlier and I was shit out of luck. Do your 1 thing, boys and girls!

WhyHelloThere (#1,398)

I am embarrassed to admit how much I relate to this post. I have lost so much sleep over things that I would have known not to worry about if I’d just had the guts to make one phone call.

I am currently doing my one thing, which is a dreaded work task from hell. I must now stop taking a break and go back to my dreaded work task so it will be done.

jfruh (#161)

Waaaaaiiiittt I thought individual health insurance (which I assume is what you have) was, like, not portable across state lines at all? MY MIND SHE IS BLOWN!!!

But also how were you getting your bills and stuff if they thought you still lived in Oregon?

ghechr (#596)

@jfruh In my experience with cross-state insurance, they won’t let you transfer a policy over but they won’t deny your bills. Perhaps they are all treated as “emergency” out of state care? I don’t know.

@jfruh My mother works for my home state, and I was able to find in-network providers while I was still on her insurance and living out of state. My BF has also been able to find in-network providers depsite living in a different state than where his parents (and him) are insured.

Megano! (#124)

Oh fuck I have to call my insurance and change my address. And my credit card. I only haven’t because for some god-forsaken reason you can’t do it online.

kellyography (#250)

I don’t really have a one thing today, unless it is to show a girl the room for rent in my apartment, which I was going to do anyway, because she will be here in like 10 minutes. My one thing for the past two weeks has to stop being sick, which I haven’t managed to do yet. Bullshit sickness.

ghechr (#596)

I did a bunch of “one things” today that I’ve been putting off forever. 1. Made an eye appointment to renew my prescription so I can get a new pair of glasses. 2. Made an appointment to get some stuff on my car fixed. 3. Made an appointment for laser hair removal because this is the year for that. Wait, was that last one a TMI?

limenotapple (#1,748)

@ghechr Not TMI at all! Good luck-It’s the best thing ever. Ever!

readyornot (#816)

I dropped off a box at the post office with a Christmas gift exchange in it. Which always makes me think of the hyperbole and a half webcomic about being a grown-up, “what are you, some kind of wizard?” Earlier in the week I’d had to pick up a phone to call Zappo’s to arrange this exchange. Success.

I got an envelope so I can return some tights that I bought in the wrong size! After WEEKS AND WEEKS.

honey cowl (#1,510)

I did a fake 1 thing because I did not want to do my real 1 thing. Which is why it is my 1 thing and has been my 1 thing for……. almost a year? Logan, we are kin.

ThatJenn (#916)

Those are the best 1 things! I am happy for you! Does this mean you need to research doctors in the partner networks next week? :)

My one thing was getting my eye exam, finally. Finally! I now have confirmation that what I’ve already been doing (wearing my right eye prescription contact in both eyes – my left eye used to be better but it isn’t anymore) is really my correct prescription. I also bought new pants to wear to work (my previous pair are fraying in a way that looks like I might be a student instead of staff, which is OK but maybe not for my days with big meetings), and was pleased to discover that they were a size smaller than my last pair. A tiny bit tight, but since I’ve been losing weight constantly I think that’s OK. And I think this will be my last pair from Lane Bryant! I can shop at not-so-big-girl stores soon.

I have a bag of clothes I’ve wanted to donate. I walk past the donation bin for these clothes on my way to work every single day. The bag has been sitting in my room for about a year now. Today I finally carried it with me on my way to work and dropped the bag in the bin. This, literally, took little to no extra effort on my behalf at all. And it took me a year to finally remember to grab that bag on my way out the door.

Maladydee (#909)

My one thing this week was to do the assigned reading for the only class I have this semester, because am an an epic procrastinatrix when it comes to assigned reading.

aetataureate (#1,310)

@Maladydee Thumbs up for procrastinatrices.

amirite (#2,677)

My one thing is to write up and send in my recipe for the fundraiser cookbook my roller derby league is making. It should be easy because I already wrote it up for my blog, I just have to go in and change the places where I wrote “some” and “a lot” to actual amounts like “1/3 cup” and 5 oz”. And yet… I been not doing it for weeks.

My 1 thing is organizing a hotel block for a group of out of town guests we’re having this summer. I tried to do it yesterday, but they were closed when I called at 5:30 last night. It costs me literally nothing to do this but for some reason it feels so onerous and the fact that I have to do it during business hours doesn’t help.

My new system for dealing with my student loan issues is to print out the forms, not fill them out, and then have the problem magically resolve itself two weeks later.

Sass (#1,248)

My one thing this week was calling to cancel my Allstate renter’s insurance policy, since I’ve had State Farm renter’s insurance since….October, maybe? I called, brushed off the halfhearted “can’t we get you to stay?” script, and it is now canceled. I think I’ll get like $5 back since it’s up for renewal next month, but it’s $5 I didn’t have and now I do! So that’s good.
I also got a new battery put in a watch I bought on ebay before Thanksgiving, but I still need an additional link in its band before I can wear it- so New One Thing ahoy!

aetataureate (#1,310)

My 1 thing over many weeks is to transfer some domains and set up a WordPress blog for my dad, made complicated by GoDaddy being the worst possible thing and all these extra steps I didn’t realize I had to do.

RocketSurgeon (#747)

I did my 1 thing before getting a chance to read the post. Logan, you’re training me.

I finally made an appointment with a chiropractor/movement specialist to take a look at my neck, which has been messed up since last spring (and was made moreso by another chiropractor). This guy comes recommended, so hopefully he’s good.

OhMarie (#299)

I am buying a new toaster oven today. Our toaster oven is so fucked up that 1) it has a broken handle that is sharp and will cut you and 2) it sets off the smoke alarm in the kitchen every time we turn it on. Somehow I was so paralyzed by the thought of buying a new toaster oven that we have just dealt with the pointy handle and “temporarily” took down that smoke detector instead of buying a new one. So that’s not ideal.

faustbanana (#2,376)

I did two 1 things this week, before Thursday even:

-I signed up for guitar class, which begins on Saturday. I’d taken classes a couple of years ago but am out of practice and want to get back into it.

-I also had to get a new Chicago Card because my old one was demagnetized, so I went to CTA headquarters and did that. I’d been putting it off for months, wasting countless minutes waving my card at the turnstiles in frustration until an attendant would take pity on me and let me in for free. Pathetic.

DickensianCat (#971)

I finally renewed my G D passport (or mailed off all the documents to get it renewed, anyway)! As an aside, do you know they no longer allow you to smile in passport pics? Bummer.

Jinxie (#2,987)

After 2+ years of telling myself, “I should really find a new dentist”, I finally 1) Asked some friends for their dentist recommendations, 2) called one of the recommended dentists, and 3) made an appointment to see said dentist. I honestly don’t know why I let it go this long – I’ve never had dentist fear and my dental problems have been limited (thus far) to cavities which, though not fun, aren’t that bad. Anyway, I’m superduper proud of myself for making an appointment.

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