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Heidi Is Not Impressed

Heidi N. Moore has lots to say—and nothing good—about the fiscal cliff deal (“deal”) passed by the Senate early Tuesday morning: “So, after a day, and week, and year filled with manufactured drama, the US Senate not only failed its only goal – reducing the US deficit – but also built a mountain range out of the molehill of budget talks.”

And if you’re in the mood for more good (“good”) news, her piece about the longterm unemployed and how a real deal likely wouldn’t help them anyway is a doozy (“The predicament of the long-term unemployed only has a passing relationship to the fiscal cliff. There happens to be no one in the government who can put their hand up and protect the unemployed”).


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Also note that payroll taxes are going back up by 2% (at least on the income you earn under $100k, if you are lucky enough to earn more than that.) Goodbye, 3% raise!

I mean, in the choice between extending the payroll tax holiday and extending unemployment benefits, I guess I’m happy to pay for the people still struggling to find work. But claiming this any sort of victory for the middle class, as some commentators are doing, is a bit rich.

I continue to be deeply unimpressed by Obama’s negotiating skills.

Blondsak (#2,299)

@stuffisthings I don’t think even Monty Hall could have brokered a deal with these Republican obstructionists.

@Blondsak I think it’s more like The Price is Right — you ask for too much and you lose.

Anyway, I’m hoping at some point Obama learns that giving the opposition 50% of what they want as an opening gambit is not going to make them budge on the other 50%. I mean how many times have we seen this exact same story play out now?

(EDIT: I was going to post a YouTube clip of Amy buying a car in that episode of Futurama but apparently whoever owns the rights to that show now is super aggro about copyright.)

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