Gas Prices Will Get Better! (The Earth is Thrilled)

The average price of gasoline in 2012 was $3.60/gallon—higher than any year on record! BUT DON’T WORRY it’s expected to be lower in 2013 because of increased domestic crude oil production, so you know, that’s great. That’s super, super great.


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tertius@twitter (#2,923)

Domestic crude production is more expensive and is only now feasible. If the price goes down, production goes down. Just because getting shale oil into the hands of consumers is very expensive. The same goes for natural gas which is depressed currently.

Don’t worry, the price will continue to stay high.

Also, don’t worry, oil will run out eventually (or get too expensive to use) and cars will have to get more efficient.

And when that day arrives we’ll move to something better. What that better thing will be can only be guessed. Right now it looks like Nuclear is the only thing that will sustain demand, here’s hoping for even better solutions.

(And don’t point a finger at me when fuel prices fall from now until May, that normally happens.)

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