Friday Estimate

Time to do our our weekend estimations!

I’m having a quiet night in with a friend tonight, but we’re planning on doing a snack run together, and I don’t joke around when it comes to snacks ($20-ish). I have a dinosaur-themed birthday party to attend tomorrow night and will pick up a nice bottle of something for the occasion ($40), and will be doing a grocery store run on Sunday ($50). Estimation: $110

What are your estimations?


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probs (#296)

“I don’t joke around when it comes to snacks.” How is it that Mike and Logan just get more loveable every damn day?

eagerber (#1,958)

RARR! Dinosaur-themed party! That sounds pretty cool. Details to come?

I’m actually out sick today from work. Fortunately, the babysitting jobs I have this weekend don’t involve actually play-time or interaction with the kids– they’ll already be in bed before I come over. This weekend I plan to spend very little money, earn money, and work on my thesis, all while trying to stay healthy/get better.

Friday: My one year anniversary with my boyfriend is in four days, so I’m working on a gift project. I already have most of the materials but will probably need to spend about $10 more to complete it. Laundry, too: $3.50. Then babysitting at 8.

Saturday: Haircut at Aveda: $30 (including tip). Babysitting at 8.

Sunday: Book club in the afternoon. I’m planning to bring some wine ($15) and may make some treats, too. Depends on if I kick this cold. Grocery shopping, too: $70. I need some expensive essential items, which is why it’s more than usual.

Total: $128.50, but hopefully I’ll be able to keep my babysitting jobs and earn some money. I’m also thinking my estimates might be off just a tad.

RachelG8489 (#1,297)

I’ll probably cook something for Shabbas dinner with the roommate, let’s estimate $20 worth of groceries? Saturday I shouldn’t spend more than maybe $5 on a cup of coffee- I have a 5 hour activist training thing, and then my mom will be visiting and she’s taking me out for dinner and a show. Sunday I’m getting my hair cut, $55 including tip, and then I might be going to the New York Gift Show for a bit with my mom. And going out to dinner with her again. Mom visiting = cheap weekend with good food.

ThatJenn (#916)

Your weekend sounds awesome!

I decided this morning to bite the bullet and buy a new sunrise alarm clock. My cheap one died and I was trying to wait until I paid off my credit card to buy a newer, nicer one so I didn’t have to charge it, but my mental health has dropped so painfully and precipitously since it died that I decided that getting it now is good self-care. It was $140 but I found I had $35 in gift certificates, so I paid $105 for it this morning.

I need to get gas this weekend ($40) and I will go to the Medieval Faire in town ($30 for two tickets, $20 for stupid fried food that I look forward to all year). I will not buy any cool souvenirs this year no matter how much I want to, no no no.

I also need to get groceries this weekend, though not too much; let’s call it $50.

All that said, it might actually be my partner’s turn to buy some of this stuff this weekend; I think I’ve gotten all the groceries in January and I paid the last time we ate out. But assuming I pay for everything, the weekend should be no more than $245. Which is way more than I can really afford right now. Ugh. If my partner gets groceries and the food at the Faire, that’ll only be $175, $105 of which was for important self-care stuff so I should probably give myself a break. (Did I mention I’m really sad & anxious right now because winter sucks?)

Lily (#3,106)

@ThatJenn I’ve actually been on the market for a sunrise alarm clock — if you’re getting a new one, I assume you like it? Can I ask what brand you picked?

Renleigh (#2,110)

@ThatJenn I’d like to second the request for details, since I think this is a thing that would probably help me a lot.

ThatJenn (#916)

@Renleigh @Lily Here’s the one I just bought: (I read a LOT of reviews and people seem really happy with it).

Here’s the crappy one I had before: (Its nature sounds were literally 5-second loops; the bulb started flickering maddeningly about six months after I bought it; it was irritating to set and why the HECK should I have to put in the date every time I lose power if it doesn’t have a way to set different alarms for different days?!?)

My frustration with the crap one were actually overshadowed by how pleasant it was to have light in the room when I woke up. I was just happier to be awake. I almost never woke up all the way just from the light (I set my phone alarm too, for after it was at peak brightness), but it had me semi-awake before the alarm went off most days, which really helped.

I will try to report back in this thread on whether or not I like the new one. It doesn’t arrive until Tuesday :( I just barely talked myself out of paying $4 or $9 to get it here sooner (Monday or Saturday). The reviews are nearly all positive; the complaints are things like “the light doesn’t fully wake me up on its own” or the very occasional defect complaint (but those are rare). I looked at a lot of different lights and picked this one, though it was a month ago that I looked at all this so I don’t remember why I decided against the others.

ThatJenn (#916)

@Renleigh @Lily My sunrise alarm clock ( arrived yesterday and based on this morning I already love it.

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

It occurs to me that I always do Friday Estimate but I never follow up with Monday Check-in. This is basically the height of unaccountability. I’m working on it.  I’ve been putting off some needed purchases so this weekend might be expensive. I need some new work shirts. I’m estimating about $150 for shirts and maybe a new tie. I’m also in the market for a new winter coat but at this point I’m tempted to put that off until spring sales. My current coat is serviceable just deeply ugly and a bit embarrassing. This may change if I need to go to any interviews or important meetings in which case I will spend wildly in order to purchase utter wardrobe confidence. Other than that I’m planning a fairly cheap weekend. I’m going sledding on Saturday, weather permitting, which will be free with maybe a $5.00 Hot chocolate purchase after. Sunday I’m staying in to work on some projects but I’m also making food for the week so I’ll need about $20 in incidental groceries.
Overall I’m estimating between $200 and $250.   

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

Tonight I plan to eat dinner at home ($0; hooray for leftovers!) and then meet my boyfriend and some friends for fancy winter cocktails at a bar yet to be determined. This is mostly because I have this kickass velvet blazer I don’t wear enough but also because it’s frigid out and there are a lot of nice bars with fireplaces in the Boston area. I’ll probably spend $30-$40 tonight.

Tomorrow I’m going to for a run at the gym ($0) and seeing the little sister to do something as yet to be determined. I’ll be renting a zipcar to get her and drop her back off ($0 due to monthly membership). I want to keep the activity cheap, so hopefully no more than $30. Saturday night boyfriend is going to the birthday party of a friend of his and I’m passing for various reasons, so I’ll stay in and make myself some mac and cheese.

Sunday is going to be a slug day. I’m not putting on real pants at all that day. I do plan to cook up a storm. I have the ingredients for most of what I want to make (pancakes and bacon, spicy peanut chicken rice bowls, chocolate chip cookies) but I will need to do a small grocery run, so I’ll estimate $30-$40 for that.

So total is $90-$110.

probs (#296)

As for my actual estimate, tonight I’ll probably just cook with my girlfriend and maybe crack open a bottle of sparkling wine given to me recently- depends on whether the heat is fixed in my apartment. Got my Washington’s Green Grocer box yesterday; made a spreadsheet earlier in the week with recipes. Will be charged $32.50 for the box tomorrow, and will probably get at least ~50 bucks worth of groceries to cook the stuff with. Getting a much-needed haircut tomorrow, $32 with $8-10 tip. Indeterminate plans with friends tomorrow night- probably $30-50. So, could be $175 or more.

dotcommie (#662)

tonight i’m going to a school event that includes dinner (paid for awhile ago, so free). i’m going to try to take public transit home, but given that it can be iffy in that area after rush hour, i’ll put a cushion of $40 for a cab.

tomorrow i have study group at a coffee shop ($10) and then a girls’ night out ($15 byo, $15 dinner, $30 drinks, maybe $10 cab). $80 for a generous estimate–hoping i don’t spend that much.

sunday, i’m going grocery shopping ($50) and need to get an anniversary present for the dude ($50).

total: $220. going to aim for lower.

Blondsak (#2,299)

Once again, trying hard to keep it under $50 for fun spending this weekend. Here is the estimate:

Tonight, going out for drinks with friends. I estimate $20 for two drinks, some bar food and a tip.

Tomorrow, going to lunch at an Indian buffet with other friends. I estimate another $20 for buffet, drink and tip. Then we are going to the Hirshhorn Museum in DC to see the Ai Weiwei exhibit – I am super excited! Also it’s FREE, besides $5 for the metro.

Sunday: Nothing! Staying in to do laundry and homework and work out.

Total: $45. Let’s do this!

PrettyNicola (#692)

Dinner tonight with my friend and her nephews and niece: ~$20
Tickets to women’s gymnastics meet: $4 (but I am paying with cash that I already took out of my bank account, so does it really count? Probably, and thinking it doesn’t is why I have credit card bills)
Bottle of something for ladies’ night: ~$12
Coffee to bribe myself into doing some work this weekend: ~$5
Total: ~$40

kate@twitter (#2,935)

I have underestimated in both of my estimates, so I’m going to try to wildly overestimate this time in hopes that my total will be gratifyingly low.

Going to get some groceries at Trader Joe’s ($40) and budget another $20 for vegetables and stuff at other stores. I am pricing two kitchen things: a mini muffin pan ($16 with tax at Whisk is the one I’m considering, although it’s probably cheaper at the kitchen supply store near Union Square) and some kind of pour-over coffee accessory for work, to break me of my buying-coffee-at-work habit that costs me $6-10/week. I wish you guys would do a detailed post about how to make a decent cup at work, because I feel like I’ve tried everything. For awhile I had settled into a Bru (instant coffee with chicory) habit, but finally it started to feel disgusting. But I also don’t want to be that person emptying my 3-cup Bodum press in the kitchen trash. You know?

Anyway I’m intrigued by these disposable 1-cup drippers: ($10 for a pack of 30 = still way cheaper than buying coffee at Fika, plus no drip cone to clean)

Anyway, dinner on Saturday plus drinks ($60), possibility of buying breakfast or brunch on Sunday ($30). I’ll throw in the possibility of buying something warm to wear that still looks okay for Saturday ($25) and hell, let’s do an extra $20 for miscellany.

So if I really went all out and bought all of these things, I’d be looking at a $226 weekend. Hopefully that won’t be the case!!

honey cowl (#1,510)

@kate@twitter Have you tried French press at work? Ain’t nothin’ better than French press.

emmabee (#2,008)

Birthday parties on Friday and Saturday night, and I’ll bring a bottle of wine for each: 2 x $15 = $30. I also have tentative dinner plans on Saturday that I suspect will fall through ($35, if it happens.) Tentative brunch plans on Sunday that probably will happen: $25. And likely a smallish grocery run: $15. Possibly a manicure: $10. So I’ll estimate $115.

annecara (#1,914)

I’m not completely sure how much I’ll be spending – picking up prescriptions at CVS tonight followed by a trip to the wine store; tomorrow I’m going clothes shopping with my mom, which may or may not also involve a grocery store run. I’m going to try to keep my spending under $100 for the weekend but I won’t be too upset if it goes a little over.

My checking account is precipitously low due to some travel earlier this month, so I’m trying to keep this weekend cheap. I bowed out of plans to go to a workshop out of state because A) ugh, gas money and B) my car is leaking oil pretty quickly. A save for my sanity/wallet, even if it doesn’t make me look very responsible.

I’ll buy lunch on campus today ($8), I might go out for drinks on Saturday night ($15), spend an afternoon at the coffee shop ($10), and I need to stock up on coffee and lunch foods ($30). Total for the weekend: $63.

E$ (#1,636)

Going to try to stay under $50 this weekend, like this:

Two-drink minimum at otherwise free comedy show: $20
Surcharge for a Groupon I bought for a movie ticket (I haven’t seen “Lincoln” yet, can you believe?): $3
Groceries on Sunday to make lunches: $25

that’s $48, which I realize is not a lot of wiggle room. But I also have a ton of stuff to get done, including potential side-job activity, so hopefully I can crank through that and keep myself occupied without spending money. Otherwise it’s all, free yoga class here, free gallery opening there, and going to the gym I already paid for.

sparrow303 (#1,641)

I am STILL sick– apparently it’s a forever cold. I don’t want to do ANYTHING this weekend besides a few pre-scheduled essentials, so it will probably go down like this:

Take-out tonight with bf– my turn, $30

Saturday: Breakfast at home; cat to vet ($100); lunch somewhere out (his turn, $0)

Sunday: Groceries ($50), napping, etc.

Total= $180 but that’s mostly making sure my cat doesn’t get rabies= money well spent.

pterodactylish (#2,321)

I have friends in town this weekend and my boyfriend and I are taking them around town, which means it’ll be an expensive one as I’d like to treat them to one dinner and we’ll be eating out a lot. Sooo…let’s see, I’ll need groceries so I can make breakfast on Saturday ($20). They get in tonight around 10:30 tonight, so probably a cab back to my place with all their stuff, that I’ll insist on getting ($20), then maybe a late burger out ($15). The next day we’ll probably take them to the MoMA but we’re members, so that’ll be $5 dollars for each of them and free for me (0), then they’re going off with some other friends and I’ll meet them for dinner (my treat for 4, $130, it’s byob and I already have a lot of wine), afterwards we’ll hit a couple bars and all get our own drinks ($40.) Next morning, brunch ($30.) So, $250, but it’s going to be a really splendid weekend, so I think …well, it’s not the end of the world.

Stiffy Byng (#3,109)

Joining the commentariat in light of broke-as-a-joke-ness. Today I plan on walking for over two hours to get to my various social engagements, and once there, spend no more than £3 on soft drinks. I’ll probably end up taking a bus or tube at some point, for a further £2ish.
Saturday: House party, vodka from home but approx £5 on mixers and beers I owe a friend + £5 in transport.
Sunday: A walk and store cupboard brunch, £0

Total= Hopefully less than £15 for a weekend of fun. If only all my friends could stay in one tiny part of the city.

Friday! We’re here again. Here we go:

Tonight – Happy hour downtown with a former colleague hopefully under $20

Saturday – Birthday party in the park, and I’m not sure what we’ll be doing there (so, hopefully $0?). I’ll be bringing a bottle of wine from my stash as her gift ($0). Dinner at Beach Chalet ($30, but $40 if we’re all pitching in for the birthday girl’s meal)

Sunday – Dollar Sundays at Golden Gate Fields!!! I’m really excited about this. I’m estimating about $40 (for entrance, food, booze and gambling $$)

Total: $90-$100

Blackbird (#2,196)

Aiming for a cheap-ish weekend to try and preserve some money for savings at the end of the month.

Today: Dinner with friends ($12), and maybe snacks either after, or before when my RPG co-author friend is coming over so we can work on stuff ($5).

Saturday: Coffee in the morning with my friend ($3). Also, I’m going to try and convince a friend to go see Perks of Being a Wallflower with me at the dollar theater ($2). I’ll end up doing grocery shopping Saturday or Sunday, too ($50, because I have leftovers but I need to restock a few basic toiletries, which I buy at the grocery store).

Sunday: Spending most of the day playing Pathfinder at a friend’s place, and then heading to Kyudo, which I still need to register for ($35).

Total: $107, which is gross, but a huge chunk of that is registering for Kyudo, which is a once-per-quarter expense. And I’m hoping my grocery bill will come in a little cheaper than what I estimated, but we’ll see.

amirite (#2,677)

Hmmm, I have no idea what I’m doing this weekend. Going out dancing or staying home to read? Trying out that new coffee place in my neighbourhood or getting stuff done around the house? Trying a new meal from my cookbook or making something with ingredients I already have? I am in need of some novelty but that will mean buying unusual ingredients.

Here’s what I do know:
Farmer’s market: $30
Groceries: $50-70 depending on what I decide. I need some things like cat food that are going to drive the bill up.
Carpooling: $4
Pages for iPad: $10 (I have some writing to do this weekend and I decided it’s finally time to buy a word processor and see if it works just as well for me as using the computer.)

I’m going to try to keep my other spending (dancing? coffee? glass of beer in a pub while I read?) to under $35 because if I do that I’ll have to buy coffee for the rest of my week next week. So I’ll estimate $114 for my weekend, tops.

breakfast (#633)

I only ever do the Monday check-ins, but I’ll see what happens when I actually think and plan in advance what my spending will be.

Tonight I am going to insist we cook at home and finish some cauliflower sitting around in the fridge $0. Then, my boyfriend’s been talking about going to see Zero Dark Thirty, so $10 for that, and maybe $2 for contraband rite-aid snacks before.
Tomorrow: $20 at the farmer’s market, then brunch at a friend’s house $0 and lets say $20 on drinks if I go out after my closing.
Sunday maybe $3ish if we get coffee before we hike the dog in the morning, massive get ready for the semester crackdown:$0,$15 on a weeks worth of beer, and hopefully thats it.

A couple monkeywrenches: $50 if I give in and order the black blazer I’ve been coveting (it will make me look like a real teacher!) $4 on rye flour to feed my seasonal breadbaking hobby, when the plain wheat flour I have at home would do fine until my first paycheck.
Ideally: $70 total.

joyballz (#2,000)

Tonight I’m going to a BYOB thai place and will probably spend $20 on a bottle of wine to bring and an entree. Possibly going out after so $10 for a drink.

Tomorrow I’ll do some laundry ($6) and then I’m meeting a friend for mimosas and we might make cupcakes and I’m not sure what else we’ll get into after many many mimosas so I’m budgeting $50 for that.

Sunday I’ll be getting coffee and some sort of pastry treat ($10).

Total estimate: $96

Chel (#2,960)

After last weekend’s overspending I am keeping it as cheap as possible this weekend. I need to get cat food on my way home from work and that should be it. I don’t need gas or groceries and I am going to take my laundry to my parents house. I also need to get together some receipts from year-end medical stuff so I can submit them for reimbursement on Monday. I have $20 cash in my wallet and am planning to still have $10 of it on Monday.

Getting over a cold, so I’m planning a quiet weekend. Although I am getting my hair cut Sunday, and I have to do all of the laundry ever, so let’s put it at an even $100 just to cover any unexpected grocery runs.

Leila@twitter (#1,607)

Weekend plans!
I haven’t got all of my weekend plans sorted out but here’s what’s what so far:
-Gotta get my eyebrows done (high-maintenance lady), which costs $3, $1 for the tip.
-Dinner with my dad and brother, which means daddy pays (spoiled).
-Laundry (at mom’s cause I’ll do hers too)
-Yoga (free with gym membership)
-Freelancing: deciding the terms for what my friend will trade me for my services. Also I ate lots of his cheese at a get-together and didn’t bring a damned thing, so I will bring some biscuits. So $8?
-Turducken: $10 buy-in on gorging myself. Also, I’m making a trifle, so $10 for supplies.
-Housewarming party: bringing a bottle of wine I have already purchased. I haven’t seen their place yet, so I will probably drop off a gift afterward. If I take a taxi home, which I would like not to do, but it’s -20C tonight, it will cost about $20 including a tip.
-Hopefully free, but knowing me, I will make some random plans with a friends and end up paying $35 for food that is trendy and not amazing.
-Looking at apartments and making budgets. Time to move soon.

Total: $77 including all speculation. Am I condoning myself to spend that much money this weekend? I hope not!

chic noir (#713)

@Leila@twitter where in the world can you get your eyebrows done for three bucks ?

quatsch (#582)

After many weeks of being plans-free and spending a lot of money on just a few big things, I’m going back to my normal habits of probably spending too much on a lot of little things. Tonight, I’m thinking it’s a no-dollars-spent night in. Tomorrow I’m going out to lunch (~$15), then a Russian bathhouse ($35), and probably buying beers or a bottle of wine for a birthday potluck ($15). Sunday, my only planned expenditure is a movie ticket ($15). At some point, there will probably be some grocery shopping for the week ahead (~$55). Total: ~$135. I’m not super jazzed about spending that much money, but I am very excited to go for a schvitz. Priorities!

sparrow303 (#1,641)

@quatsch for a schvitz! Sounds delightful.

Re wakeup light- Lighten Up sunrise simulator is $20 on amazon and works great. Uses your own lamp.

Devora (#2,986)

Last weekend I spent more money than I planned (I think?) but I was so nervous about my deviations from my plan that I totally avoided the check-in on Monday! Not this weekend.. not this weekend :)

Friday: staying in and eating leftover chinese food what upppp

Saturday: going to a winery opening, estimating $8 for a bottle of wine (they fill up your empties!) and $15 for a wine flight. Going out to dinner & drinks ($50) with a girlfriend.

Sunday: farmers market ($20), $20 contingency.

So total: $113 –> round up to $120. If I can go under that’s great!

terrific (#1,532)

I need to stop estimating because I never stick to it, but what the hell. Here we go:

$20 tonight at the Hairpin meetup. Gotta be frugal!
$15 for dinner because I’m out at home and I won’t be home until late so let’s be real, I’ll probably order carry out.
$20 CVS run for essentials.

$40 fun times at the brewery.

$5 yoga
$40 grocery

That’s $140. Let’s see if I can handle that!

chic noir (#713)

25 bucks for a pedicure including designs.
7 dollars for a libary fine so I can check out bell hooks “Where We Stand: Class Matters”.
10 for transportation and other random stuff like green tea.

chic noir (#713)

I forgot to add that I may double process color my hair at home. An additional 20-25 dollars for supplies.

margaretcatwood (#2,236)

Friday night grocery run = $30. Tomorrow my improv team has a show ($6 for the one beer i will likely buy), and then i have TWO birthday parties… one is a dinner (i’m thinking $40 per person?) and one is at a bar (so maybe $12 on drinks). Sunday my improv team has a practice ($20 = my share of renting the space and paying the coach), and then dinner with some friends ($20). Total = $128ish.

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