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Friday Estimate

Happy Friday! Let’s estimate our weekends. Monday is also an American holiday (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day for our foreign readers), so I’m including that in the estimation.

No major plans to spend money tonight, but I’ll be shopping for a birthday gift this weekend (which will be more like a gag gift). Anyone have any good birthday/gag gift ideas? It’ll be accompanying a real gift, and I’m planning on spending around $20 for it. I’m also meeting two friends for brunch ($25-ish), doing a grocery store run ($50), and have a coffee meeting on Monday. Let’s say around $100.

What are your estimations?

In other news, a reaction to Lance Armstrong’s interview with Oprah last night:

Jeffrey M. Tillotson, a lawyer in Dallas who represents SCA Promotions, a sports-insurance company that once paid Mr. Armstrong $12.5 million in bonuses for his Tour de France wins, said Mr. Armstrong admitted so much that Mr. Tillotson believes Armstrong should return the bonus money. “We paid this guy $12 million and we want the money back. If we don’t get the money back we’ll be filing a lawsuit next week,” he said.

I’d love to know what Lance’s weekend estimation is.


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Monday is Inauguration so I am going to hunker down in my nice warm apartment to watch all the freezing fools on TV.

aetataureate (#1,310)

@stuffisthings All the Freezing Fools, my favorite Mott the Hoople hit.

vicky austin (#2,938)

I swear my life is not normally interesting at all, but:
Two-step lessons/drinks with a cute boy tonight: $30
Transportation to/from inaugural ball (free ticket from an equally cute boy who is also my ex, not looking a gift horse in the mouthhh la la la) Saturday: $60
The Starbucks I won’t be able to live without Sunday: $5
Hiding in my apartment Monday: $0
Total: $95 (I am lying to myself, I just know it.)

aetataureate (#1,310)

@vicky austin Inaugural ball!!! Tell us more plz. Also, with an ex? This is 100% a movie waiting to happen, provided one or both of you is a bounty hunter, a jaded divorce lawyer, and/or some kind of national security threat.

vicky austin (#2,938)

@aetataureate It is the Kentucky state ball, which is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY – love bourbon, love bluegrass! It is definitely straight out of a movie (he is the exact opposite of a national security threat, does that count?) – I will report back after I get kidnapped and Liam Neeson (or similar) saves me.

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

I’m taking a trip next weekend so I’m trying to keep costs down this week. I’m going to grocery shop on Saturday but I’ve already got a lot of food set aside so I’m only expecting to spend about $30 on perishable stuff. I also need to pick up a bottle of wine for a dinner party I’m going to on Saturday night. Sunday I’m going to be updating my resume and working on cover letters and other professional type things. I plan to reward myself with some Thai takeaway ($15) for a job well done. Alternatively I may fail to accomplish anything and watch Netflix all day, in which case I’ll punish myself with frozen leftovers (Free!). Monday plans are vague and may involve a move ($12.50) and probably lunch ($15???) plus incidentals. I’m aiming for $75 but knowing me it’ll be closer to $100.

sea ermine (#122)

Soooo I made reservations at one of the restaurant week places (Butter) for tonight, and another for lunch on Monday (Park Avenue Winter) for my boyfriend and I so that’s going to suck up my money. I was planning to treat my boyfriend to both but money is running a little low for me so he might pitch in a little, at least for the first night. The dinner (with a drink for each of us and tax and tip) will probably be like…$140 or so and the lunch will be like $85? I may have calculated wrong but I’m assuming 10% tax and 20% tip.

And then Saturday we are going to walk around Harlem because we’re hoping to move there so I can be closer to work (I might even be able to bike to my office!) and we want to get a better idea of the area and see what’s there, which should be free for me since I have an unlimited subway pass.

Then later my boyfriend is going shopping for work clothes and I’m going to get a pair of boots which shouldn’t be more than $200 but is actually free since it’s a gift from my parents for Christmas. Otherwise that should be it.

Oh! And I’m supposed to get drinks (at a buy one get one free margaritas place) with a friend after work/over the weekend which could be Tuesday or Monday or Sunday, we haven’t decided yet, so that’s 0 or $30. And I’m getting a haircut on Monday, and I have no idea what that’ll cost since I’m used to paying $40 (in DC) and I might have up the amount to $60 (plus tax and tip).

Total $205-$325 or so, depending on whether my boyfriend pitches in for dinner and whether I get drinks or not. Which is A LOT of money but I haven’t spend anything this month on stuff that wasn’t basic food or bills and I’ll be working 4 hours of overtime on 4 nights next week so that should cover it (time and a half! yay!).

annecara (#1,914)

Trips to the grocery and wine store this weekend that will probably combine to be about $50-75. Also however much money it costs to print a few hundred pages at Kinko’s (I’ll be reimbursed for the cost eventually, but “eventually” could take a long time). So, upwards of $75 for the weekend.

annecara (#1,914)

Ok, total cost of printing appears to be around $60. Weekend estimate: $140.

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

It is still Austerity January, so I have a budget of $100 to spend this weekend. I really don’t see how I’m going to be able to keep to that because there are things to be done.

Tonight I have to pick up my prescriptions ($30) and I’m meeting two friends for a verrrrrrrrrrrry much needed burger and drink. Burgers at the place we’re going to are $14, a beer or two will run anywhere from $6 to $16ish. So I’ll estimate $35 for dinner.

Tomorrow is ???? So up in the air. Possibly hanging out with my boyfriend’s sister for something? I have no idea. He’s so bad at telling me what plans are. I also want to cook a nice dinner if I can. I have most of the ingredients but I need a few things and I’ll have to run to Whole Paycheck most likely. I also need to spend quality time with the Little Sister. I think I’ll take her ice skating at Frog Pond or something. I need to get a run in as well but that’s at least free.

Sunday I’m going to make waffles with my new waffle iron. Because WAFFLES. I have all the ingredients for that thankfully. Sunday night we’re going to a bar with some friends to watch the Pats game. That’ll be some fried stuff and beer. Hopefully no more than $20 spent.

So I’m already at $85 in anticipated costs and I haven’t yet sorted out plans all the way. Aiiiiiiie.

aetataureate (#1,310)

Well, honest Abe, I just spent $70 on two pairs of Pumas. But I think I’ll keep the rest of my weekend under $80 — been sick and laying low so probably just groceries and maybe delivery one night.

It’s also interesting to me how these estimates almost always include someone’s qualifying/justifying statements, like, “I think I’ll spend $100, but it’s only because of x, y, z!”

honey cowl (#1,510)

@aetataureate I know what you mean. Especially on Mondays, everyone says “I spent this, if you don’t include this, but I’m okay with that!” It’s an interesting social trend, like we are all competing to be the cheapest possible ones & we have to make excuses if we can’t manage to get there.

@aetataureate Yeah, I started to type mine out and it sounded like a big long list of excuses. For the record, I will most likely spend $400 this weekend. The expenses are budgeted for, and I’m ok with it.

NeenerNeener (#156)

I think it’s funny that already purchased things that will be enjoyed during the weekend don’t count. Doesn’t seem like we’re reflecting the true cost of things here. Also, I don’t think the intention is to include things like rent, utilities, etc. just because they happen to be paid on the weekend, but people seem to do that, too.

aetataureate (#1,310)

@NeenerNeener YEAH. This is inappropriate and not possible, of course, but it would be neat if everyone’s income was also available so these estimates made sense in context.

Theda Baranowski (#2,989)

I am thinking it will be a fairly low-cost weekend. I’m having my bed delivered on Saturday, but I paid the anxiety-inducing amount of money for it a couple weeks back, so it’s just the nice delivery guys coming to bring it up the stairs and put it together. My parents are also coming this weekend to bring me a dresser/chest (nothing beats free furniture, especially when it’s free antique furniture). There will probably also be lunch out, which they will insist upon paying for, and they’re bringing me cat litter and four cases of life-affirming caffeine (i.e. Dr. Pepper 10)

I need to buy groceries, but considering the aforementioned grocery gifts, I’m budgeting about $30 for that, barring any major Trader Joe’s impulses. I also need to pay my gas bill, which is $100, thanks to the heat segment and some seriously cold and windy days in the last month.

Monday, I might go to a movie ($10) or I might go to the Spice House in Old Town and get a few things I need (and a few things I don’t) which will also round out to about $10, more if I’m weak and go into the oil and vinegar store next door.

So, all in all, aiming for under $150, most of which is a utility bill.

pterodactylish (#2,321)

It’s my birthday weekend! Tonight is a secret special dinner where I’ve been given an intersection, time, and indication of dress code (fancy!) by boyfriend and simply have to show up! I won’t be allowed to pay. Boyfriend also surprised me with most of the booze we need for tomorrow’s party, but I’ll pick up snacks, supplies, and 4 bottles of prosecco for the pomegranate champagne punch ($50.) Before the party, we’ll probably clean and grab some take-out before the party. Sunday will be hungover comas and breakfast all day long.

eagerber (#1,958)

@pterodactylish Secret birthday plans! That’s so awesome. Happy birthday!

amirite (#2,677)

@pterodactylish Happy birthday! It’s my birthday weekend too! You secret dinner sounds like fun.

pterodactylish (#2,321)

@amirite happy birthday to you too!!!

vicky austin (#2,938)

@pterodactylish Happy birthday! Enjoy your seeecret surprise!

contropercial (#2,981)

Should be about $70 this weekend.

Going to a party at a friend’s house tonight, so $15 for a bottle of wine. Tomorrow night will probably go out for pitchers and greasy bar food $40.

Taking the train out of town (again, on points) to visit my sweetie, but will probably recoil at the cold when I get in on Sunday night and take a cab home from the train station, $15.

eagerber (#1,958)

Gag gift ideas: My boyfriend and I went to his job’s white elephant party and he got a $15 CVS gift card, which is kinda funny (and also very useful). Someone else got a wine bottle that can’t be opened until you solve this wooden puzzle on the top. There were others, but those stuck out the most to me. Hope they’re helpful!

Weekend estimate: literally no idea. I just started SitterCity and have a job lined up for tomorrow night, and hope to get one more in this weekend in possible. Groceries. No real movies or entertainment to speak of, except for walking down to the mall to view the Inauguration this weekend! My boyfriend’s volunteering at the event, so I’m going with some friends and I’m planning to have people over for food and drinks afterwards at my place (I live literally six blocks from the capitol). So, I hope to earn money this weekend and not spend too much!

dotcommie (#662)

Knowns: Going to my boyfriend’s show tonight at a bar and probably eating out before=guessing $40. Grocery trip=$50. Guinea pig supplies: $20 (Goddamn, little fuckers are expensive).

Unknowns: rest of the weekend. Probably eat out once more ($15), maybe go see a movie (Zero Dark Thirty, I hope–$12). The forecast in Chicago for MLK day is high of 12, low of 0, so I plan on not leaving my house unless it burns down. Poor boyfriend doesn’t get that day off of work! Who ARE these people??

Ima say $140 for the budget this weekend.

sparrow303 (#1,641)

@dotcommie “unless it burns down”. THIS.

megadith (#273)

We just moved into a new apartment and are starting over almost entirely in terms of furniture, so this weekend will be spent furniture shopping, organizing, unpacking, and cleaning. We also have to go back to the old place to pick up the remaining odds and ends and clean. The majority of my expenses this weekend should be related to apartment setup/furry friendz – a new litter box and kitten food from the pet store ($35), a bookshelf ($500 max budget), a floor lamp ($100 max), and a shower curtain ($35). Hopefully the new duvet covers and barstools will show up today or tomorrow (total of $680 that I spent last week). There will probably be a grocery run in there somewhere ($100). My husband and I both have colds so there will be no going out and no wine purchased, so we’ll be mostly consuming soup and tea we already have. I’ll round up and estimate $800 for the weekend.

thenotestaken (#542)

Making dinner for friends tonight but they’re vegan so my grocery list is almost all vegetables. I’ll say $40 for tonight, including if we go out for drinks after. The rest of the weekend should be pretty low-key and will hopefully involve a lot of hibernation so I’ll say another $30 for food and such. No holiday for Canada though!

kate@twitter (#2,935)

Honestly not sure what I’m going to spend this weekend. If I can get a hair appointment tonight, that’ll be $60, plus going out on Saturday night is probably $40 (drinks, some food). I have some groceries but always seem to spend an odd $20 on stuff I forgot during the week. So maybe $120 but hopefully less than that.

Blondsak (#2,299)

So, continuing with my goal to keep every weekend under $50 until I graduate in May, here is my weekend estimate:

Tonight: going bowling for a couples date night ($16). I am such a horrid bowler that this will dent my pride more than my checking account, but should certainly still be a good time.

Saturday: Endless mimosa brunch out with an old friend! I already checked out the menu and have chosen what to get so I won’t be tempted when I’m there. Total will be $29 (tip included) for endless mimosas and chicken salad sandwich.

Sunday+MLK Day: My only spending plans are for laundry ($3.50).

Total: $48.50.

emmabee (#2,008)

I’m going on a weekend trip, most of which I already paid for, but there will still be hotel costs (~$100), some meals out (~$60), and a bottle of wine for a friend’s party ($10), plus local transit ($10) and probably miscellaneous other things, so I’m estimating $200.

calamity (#2,577)

Going out tonight – $7 cover gets me a 90-minute open bar, so I’ll probably be mostly set after that. I’ll add another $15 for a beer or two and the cab home.

I’ll probably go out either Saturday or Sunday night too, so $30 for that. $10 at a local cafe will buy me a meal + a lazy afternoon to read, and I assume I’ll give in and get another takeout meal sometime during the weekend. $10 for that, and I’ll probably pick up $20 of groceries too.

Monday my father’s office is having an inauguration party = free food and drink! Plus the building overlooks the parade route so I’ll get to see the Obamas IRL (well, through the windows, but it’s realer than a TV screen), which is exciting.

Total = $92. That’s still noticeably less than I’ve spent since Tuessday, when I got paid (damn you, $5 slice of cheesecake) so I won’t complain.

BATS! (#2,770)

This is going to be an expensive weekend because of haircuts, birthday dinner, and a work retreat in the mountains.

Friday: haircut ($50), and a friend’s birthday dinner ($30-40).

Saturday: my share of gasoline (probably $20 or less, given the low low price of gas right now), lunch ($20), drinks ($20, I’m taking a bottle of wine left over from Christmas and it’s a work thing so moderation is probably a good idea). Dinner is on the bosses.

Sunday: brunch ($30). Book of bus tickets for the week ahead ($30). Groceries ($25).

Total: $225 – $235. But I haven’t gone out for fancy tea or coffee all week, and brought lunch to work 3 out of 5 days, so I think I can handle it.

Blackbird (#2,196)

Let’s see…

Tonight: Friends come over for dinner ($12), and there will probably be snacks ($5) afterwards as we hang out at my place and hopefully play boardgames or do something else besides just sit and mutually zone out.

Saturday: Farmer’s market and coffee with a friend ($5, since I rarely actually get anything at the farmer’s market because I am bad at meal planning). I’ll probably spend the rest of the day lazing around my apartment and/or working frantically on personal projects.

Sunday: Pathfinder game at a friend’s house ($0), and then Kyudo ($35 since I haven’t registered for the class yet and really need to).

Monday: Dinner with Runequest RPG group ($10), and then the Runequest game itself, for which I help buy snacks ($8).

Total: $65, and that’s assuming I don’t go grocery shopping, which would probably add on another $40. Numbers are definitely inflated compared to normal due to holiday weekend and class registrations, though.

amirite (#2,677)

I’m celebrating my birthday this weekend! I am excited because I budgeted to take myself out for a nice dinner (rather than not budgeting and deciding to do it anyway and putting it on my credit card, using birthday as an excuse).

Fancy birthday dinner: $80 (but I already have a $40 gc that I purchased for $25 a few weeks ago).
Groceries: $50 (shouldn’t need all that much, because I bought a bunch of staples last weekend)
Farmer’s market: $30
Karaoke tomorrow night: $20? for drinks
Possible hangover breakfast Sunday morning: $17

No long weekend for me (Canadian).

Bit of an expensive weekend, but la la la, I budgeted around it so I don’t care.

vicky austin (#2,938)

@amirite Happy birthday!

Pumpkin (#2,153)

$60 for groceries (hopefully no more)
$15 for beer and dip to take over a friend’s house for the game on Sunday.
No plans to spend anything on Monday.

PrettyNicola (#692)

My estimation is $10 towards coffee. We went grocery shopping last night, I impulse bought $80 worth of workout clothes, and I had a surprise $100 bill for an eye infection, and I joined a gym this week, so I am hoping to spend minimum money this weekend, even though it is a long weekend.

joyballz (#2,000)

I have NO PLANS for this weekend except to watch JLaw host SNL so I have no idea how to estimate this weekend. The only planned expense is my hair appt on Monday which will be $120 with tip and stocking up on liters of shampoo and conditioner. I’ll assume another $100 for random meals and a grocery run.

Estimated: $220.

honey cowl (#1,510)

@joyballz JLaw + SNL?!?!?! I know what I am doing Sunday morning…..!!!

Chel (#2,960)

I’m dyeing my hair tonight but I’ve had the box of dye for about a month, so no new cost there. I need to go to the dry cleaners and get a hair cut tomorrow then pick up cat litter and some groceries, hopefully less than $100. My extended family is going out for dinner for my grandma’s b-day, so $30-$50 depending on drinks for my share. Sunday and Monday I’ll be at home on a mad cleaning spree and rewatching Sherlock. So I’m aiming for under $150.

Devora (#2,986)

Well, tonight I’m going out with a group of friends for a friend’s birthday – I’ll estimate $25 on dinner and $20 on drinks.

I’m also going to try to get an oil change and new wiper blades for my car – $40

Tomorrow I’ll be doing free yoga, hopefully making breakfast at my friend’s house, and eating other meals at home, so no cost there. $0

Maybe going out with some old friends at but I’ll be driving so only 1 beer – $5

Sunday I have no plans so I’ll estimate $40 in case I end up going out randomly.

Monday I’ll go grocery shopping – $30

Extra $30 for buffer

So grand total: $150

Great gag gifts include: tiny cactus, glitter bracelets, beer stein with funny logo or saying, coffee table books, silly hats. Good luck!

sintaxis (#2,363)

Going to the Chocolatefest tonight, and maybe a drink after so that’s 24 for the ticket and 10 for the drink. Then I will stay in the whole weekend and work on various projects that I’ve been procrastinating. Maybe go get some coffee & dessert on Saturday for $8. Goal is to keep it under $50.

Also, no monday off for me, just work as usual :(

Stina (#686)

@sintaxis Chocolatefest?!?! Back up here one minute sintaxis. Where is this delightful event being held? Please tell me about it. Use lots of detail.

sintaxis (#2,363)

@Stina Here’s the website! Every single photo looks like a hairpin piece titled “women having sensual orgasms with chocolate”.

sparrow303 (#1,641)

Celebrating the bf’s birthday this weekend (lots of birthday folks out there!), so an expensive one for me, BUT he has been such a peach lately and I am looking forward to treating him.

Tonight will be take-out of some variety– this is his turn, so $0

Saturday morning: His actual birthday, so whatever he wants for breakfast (possibly $15 Starbucks run, knowing him).
Groceries, $50
Dinner at either Bad Apple or Handlebar: $50

Sunday: Brunch with his family in the morning: $40 for us (or maybe free?)
Hibernation and naps: $0

Monday: No school, BUT in Chicago, so too cold for fun. Probably hit the gym, work from home a bit, clean my house. $0

Total= $150? Not as bad as I had imagined.

orangezest (#317)

Last weekend was a spending/eating extravaganza so I’m hoping to keep this one under control, or as under control as a 3-day weekend with a decent amount of social plans can be.

Tonight: Meeting a friend for dinner at a new Vietnamese place – $15. ($20? Probably $20.)
Saturday: Running all the errands and then cooking dinner for some friends. Budgeting $30 for groceries, but hoping not to spend that much.
Sunday: Farmer’s market ($15), coffee/hot chocolate with a friend ($3) and then dinner/drinks ($20) and a movie ($12). I’ll say $60 for the day.
Monday: Either hiding out from inaugural chaos or braving the crowds, depending on how I feel; cleaning my house, getting things done. $10 for incidentals.

Estimate: $120.

ThatJenn (#916)

Tonight I am staying in with friends and eating leftovers. $0!

Tomorrow I am going over to a friend’s house allllll day and playing board games. I don’t know if she is feeding us dinner? But either way the max money we will spend is on something to bring to eat/share, which would probably lead to a $50 grocery run for the whole week.

Sunday I am maybe going hiking, which is free, and/or playing more games at my house, which would probably fall into that grocery run above and nothing else. My partner is busy all day and I have no set plans and this is actually kind of awesome.

Monday I have a doctor’s appointment but am otherwise off work and free, so… nothing? My partner and I want to clean the house and maybe hang out with friends. It’s going to be a good relaxing weekend, I think, and I’m going to try to spend less money than I did last weekend (with two dinners out).

So I’m estimating $50 this weekend. Wish me luck!

honey cowl (#1,510)

I took $20 out of the ATM & I am going for it. $20 weekend. Hear me roar. (PS. my boyfriend is out of town so this is 1000x easier than it normally would be)

kellyography (#250)

My band is playing a couple shows in MA and NH this weekend, and I’ve just taken $60 out of an ATM, so I’m hoping that lasts me two days for food and other unexpected expenses. Hopefully we’ll get paid gas money and possibly something to put toward the hotel, but I’m not counting it. There is no way for me to estimate something like this.

anonymousocelot (#3,037)

I’ve been reading quietly for a while, and finally decided to become a real live commenter. Thanks to Mike and Logan for being our lovely hosts!

So many things happening this weekend! Tonight, friend’s birthday party (free), but my hubs and I need to get dinner beforehand- $30 from Whole Foods hot bar. Tomorrow, brunch with a friend who’s moving to Colombia for 3 months- $30 including her share, if we treat her. Then a friend’s going away to San Francisco party- $15 for supplies (if any) needed to make chocolate chip cookies and some sparkling cider and/or prosecco from Trader Joe’s. Sunday, brunch with a friend in from Boston- $20 if we go to the awesome and inexpensive place near us, $40 if we go somewhere farther afield. Sunday night, dinner with a friend in from NYC- $50. Most of these are costs for both of us. $135 on the joint budget, $30 on my personal budget.

Monday, standing out in the cold for Inauguration unless it’s as bad as last time. Maybe pizza with friends after- $10 or so. No inaugural balls for me, but I’ll have a blast with the friends nonetheless.

My weekend estimate will hopefully be really low due to the fact that I’m in a wedding this weekend, and already bought groceries for the next few days yesterday, so here we go:

Friday: last minute items from Walgreens that I forgot to pack ($15)
Saturday: cash for tips at the open bar during the reception + cash for money dance (if they have one) $10
Sunday: possible brunch $20
Monday: possible coffee shop outing $5

Weekend Estimate: $50

BornSecular (#2,245)

It’s restaurant week, so it will be an expensive one for me. $35 for dinner tonight, $30 for my dad’s birthday thing tomorrow, $50 for dinner on Sunday. We always hit up the grocery sales on the weekend, so another $50 for that…and I get $165. Maybe I’ll actually check in on Monday and see how well I did!

Stina (#686)

Friday: $0 or about $50 as my husband usually works second shift distribution for a big box chain but January is slow in retail and they’ve been sending people home early. So if he works the whole night:$0 . If he comes home we’ll be going out to dinner $50.

Saturday: Gas about $45 I’ll be volunteering cleaning up a local non profit and packing my own PB&J.
Sunday: Hanging out at home $0
Monday: Out and about, Husband is getting his trip vaccinations (I got mine last week)about $25. I have to return a messenger bag to Goodwill which was in great shape except for a broken clasp which I totally overlooked. I think it may actually cost me a little bit as I managed to just get in and get out last time but I don’t expect to do the same thing twice. But we are talking Goodwill not the Coach store so maybe $10. Then probably lunch out as well $20.

So $100 – $150

sunflowernut (#1,638)

I already did all my grocery shopping/paid all my bills, so this weekend shouldn’t be too expensive.
Fri: I’m planning on staying in and maybe cleaning my room. May buy some beer for the weekend? Let’s say $15.
Sat: In the morning I’m going to a coffee shop Meetup event! $5 for a mug of hot chocolate. And later in the day I’m going to look at a local shelter for a cat to adopt! Yay I can’t wait! If I find one I like it will be $60. I already have most of the supplies I’ll need, so maybe an additional $15 for some random cat stuff.
Sat night I am going to a dance party at a bar. $1 cover. I plan on drinking the rest of the cheap beers I hope to buy tonight.
Sun: I hope to be hanging out with my new cat? Or just staying home and being a hermit, probs. Will maybe go to the bar for a few beers, $8.
I do not get Monday off so I’m not counting it. So lame.

Total, with cat: $104
Total, without cat: $29

Stina (#686)

@sunflowernut Yay new kitteh!

TARDIStime (#1,633)

@sunflowernut Pics of New Kitteh for the Monday check-in (which will be Tueasday due to public holidays)?
It’s a good way to start the week when there are fluffy kitteh piccies ready and waiting for you.

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