Friday Estimate

Happy Friday! Let’s estimate our weekends. Monday is also an American holiday (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day for our foreign readers), so I’m including that in the estimation.

No major plans to spend money tonight, but I’ll be shopping for a birthday gift this weekend (which will be more like a gag gift). Anyone have any good birthday/gag gift ideas? It’ll be accompanying a real gift, and I’m planning on spending around $20 for it. I’m also meeting two friends for brunch ($25-ish), doing a grocery store run ($50), and have a coffee meeting on Monday. Let’s say around $100.

What are your estimations?

In other news, a reaction to Lance Armstrong’s interview with Oprah last night:

Jeffrey M. Tillotson, a lawyer in Dallas who represents SCA Promotions, a sports-insurance company that once paid Mr. Armstrong $12.5 million in bonuses for his Tour de France wins, said Mr. Armstrong admitted so much that Mr. Tillotson believes Armstrong should return the bonus money. “We paid this guy $12 million and we want the money back. If we don’t get the money back we’ll be filing a lawsuit next week,” he said.

I’d love to know what Lance’s weekend estimation is.



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