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Friday Estimate

Happy Friday! Let’s do our estimations.

I’ve been housesitting for a friend, so I’m going to spend a little money getting things tidied up and replacing a few things I’ve used. I also have a coffee meeting this weekend, and am having a dinner in with a friend on Sunday evening, and need to do a grocery store run. I’m estimating $150 for this weekend, but will hopefully run under.

What are your estimations?

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ArizonaTime (#2,694)

Lunch tomorrow in Brooklyn to catch up with friends, but picked a cheap place ($15). Picking up a bottle of something to take to my friend’s party tomorrow night ($20) and drinks when we go out ($30). Sunday I need to do some grocery shopping, which will include copious amounts of comfort food as I stress about what to watch that night (GOLDEN GLOBES! GIRLS! DOWNTON ABBEY!) Let’s be honest. Girls is going to win. ($50)

Weekend total: $115

ATF@twitter (#1,471)

I’ll be in NYC with my boyfriend for most of the weekend. I know we’re doing a nicer dinner out tomorrow night and the Empire State Building (I haven’t done that since I was a kid). But other than that, I hope to keep things pretty cheap and spend a lot of time just walking around and exploring.

I’ll estimate $200 for the weekend.

PrettyNicola (#692)

I am buying diapers or a gift card for a friend’s baby shower ($25?) and tithing at my church ($25) and going out for lunch today ($8). That is all I hope to spend this weekend.

Total: $58

eagerber (#1,958)

I’m trying to cut back a bit now since I’m in between part-time second jobs (my current side job decided not to renew their lease, so I’m searching for a new second job to supplement my income).

No real plans for Saturday yet, but Sunday my boyfriend and I landed a spot on a West Wing tour (free), which we’re really excited about. Then I’m meeting up with a family I found through SitterCity, and after that I’m going out to my old part-time job, which officially closes that day. I’m going to help pack up and clean up the space. So all in all a pretty much free weekend. But I’m sure I’ll need to restock on some groceries ($25 estimate) and might see Zero Dark Thirty ($12). I’ll estimate $50 for the weekend.

I’m working tonight and tomorrow morning, which is good–hinders spending. Tomorrow night I’m buying deserts to bring to a friends’ dinner party–$30. Tentative Sunday brunch–$30. I’m good on groceries so let’s leave it at $60 for the weekend, and I hope to go under.

probs (#296)

Tonight I’m getting my first shipment from Washington’s Greengrocer, and my girlfriend and I are making honey-lime-sriracha roasted brussels sprouts from it, along with pan-roasted chicken breasts. All the groceries for that are already purchased.
Tomorrow we’re going hiking with some friends of ours, and packing a picnic lunch, so, gas, and groceries. Perhaps drinks Saturday night. Sunday I’ll get groceries to cook the rest of the veggies with, and stuff for lunch at work.

Hopefully no more than…$110?

I’ve got dinner with an old roommate tonight ($20), lunch with a friend tomorrow ($15), and no plans for Sunday besides hitting the grocery store ($40). With the (scarily) beautiful weather I want to spend a lot of time outside! Hoping to keep the weekend under $100.

RVA_TXN (#1,461)

Going for another zero spend weekend. Saturday: Long run, donate blood (after the run), chores, and spend time with my boys. Sunday: Gym, 8 mile day hike around the James River, and I’m planning to go dumpster diving with my best friend (never done this before, should be interesting). It’s going to be a beautiful warm weekend! Can’t wait.

probs (#296)

@RVA_TXN the James River! Oh, how I miss it! Ah, sitting neck-deep in the water at Belle Isle, drinking a ton of beer. I mean, not this time of year, but still.

RVA_TXN (#1,461)

@probs Oh how I can’t wait for summer. I’m usually laid out on a rock at Texas Beach every possible moment from May-September!

Blondsak (#2,299)

One of my New Year’s financial goals is to keep every weekend under $50, not counting weekly groceries and laundry, until I graduate in May. That said, here is my estimate:

Going out for cheap dinner tonight ($11) and to ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ ($12). Tomorrow we are hosting a friend for dinner (red snapper w/roasted veggies and another side – I haven’t gone shopping yet but plan on using a Whole Foods gift certificate for the fish, so $15), drinks ($8 for wine) and a movie (free). Sunday – nothing!

Total: $46.

LizF (#1,399)

I’m going to a show tonight (25$), then on a tour of the Gropius House tomorrow afternoon (Free because I have a Historic New England Membership). Saturday evening I want to see a movie with my boyfriend($16 for both tickets)at the local theater. And Sunday I’ll probably bring a bottle of mead which I already have over to do a crafternoon (Free, except for the sunk costs of the studio and the art supplies)

I will say probably two to three as of now unplanned beers or snacks out as well- (20$)

Hopefully less than 60$ all weekend.

frenz.lo (#455)

I need to go grocery shopping with my husband, because we’re out of pasta and frozen veg, and when that happens, we tend to order in/go out way too much. I also need work lunchy stuff like yogurt, and we also need cat litter and cleaning supplies. I would like to get out for less than $100.
Coffee and bagels on Sunday, about $17 including tip. Going to the hardware store with my mother in law on Sunday, and she’s generously going to pay for a ceiling fan/light fixture to replace the one that crashed out of our ceiling onto the floor last year (I am super excited about this.)
My weekends are actually Sundays and Mondays, so on Monday I estimate some vending machine treats that I don’t actually need, and light rail fare. Let’s say the weekend will be about $125 altogether.

contropercial (#2,981)

Visiting my out of town partner this weekend, so we’ll mostly stay in and make googly eyes at one another. Budgeting $50 for dinner on Saturday – either we’ll get take out and watch something on Netflix, or we’ll go to my favourite Indian place. Train tickets were paid for with the points I’ve accumulated by spending 2 years in a long distance relationship.

emmabee (#2,008)

This will not be a good weekend — my girlfriend and I are going to Ikea to buy some things we’ve failed to find on Craigslist. We’re trying really hard to stick to our list, but I’m still estimating around $300 between the two of us for another bookshelf, a dresser, and a kitchen cart.

Plus drinks for a friend’s birthday tonight ($20), probable grocery run ($20), Saturday night in assembling Ikea furniture and drinking wine we already have ($0), free brunch event on Sunday ($0.)

Total: under $200?

emmabee (#2,008)

@emmabee Oops, also another friend’s birthday on Saturday. Stop being born, friends. +$10 wine gift.

orangezest (#317)

Going to be a spendy (and alcoholic) weekend. Getting my thrice-yearly haircut ($90 including tip) — it’s an obscene amount of money but the stylist is so great. Still, after this one I’ll probably go somewhere cheaper. Plus I’m going to a friend’s birthday dinner, which will be about $60 all-inclusive (yikes).

On top of that, I have friends in town and we’re going to be out and about most of the weekend eating and drinking. And I need to get some groceries. I’m going to estimate $250 — $150 for haircut/dinner, and $100 for everything else — and try hard to stick to it.

terrific (#1,532)

Sigh. I have yet to actually stick to my Friday estimations. But: $25 at the drugstore today for essentials. $15 for a bottle of champagne for my roommate’s homemade birthday brunch tomorrow. $35? for groceries. I’m visiting my cousin’s new baby Sunday and have thought about bringing something, but I’ve already given them New Baby Gifts and figure they have everything they need. So let’s go with $70, plus $30 for negligible expenses – $100. Eurgh.

lizil (#2,780)

Without wifi at my apartment until at least Monday, so spending about an hour or two at a coffee shop tonight catching up on stuff I can’t on my work computer (read: tumblr), and will probably have some tea or hot chocolate (~$3. Tomorrow I’m going up to Boulder to see my oldest friend. I have no idea what we’re doing but I would like to keep it around $20. Sunday I’m seeing Les Mis with my roommate. Not sure when or where we’re going, but we’ll cap it at $15. $50 is my goal this weekend.

faustbanana (#2,376)

I was going to try to do one no-spend weekend per month, and this was going to be it, but I need groceries and my friend invited me to a burlesque show tonight, soooo… I’ll say $50.

I’m going to see Pippin with friends tomorrow, and we may do dinner afterwards. Sunday is cleaning and writing and knitting and a very minor grocery run (mostly I need milk and bread), and I may try to get a flu shot at CVS, so I’ll say $50 for the weekend.

amirite (#2,677)

I haven’t made any fun plans for the weekend yet, but if any present themselves I am going to do it because I need to ward off the winter blahs, and being all cozy in a bustling pub while it’s nasty outside is one way I’ve noticed really works. In fact, I might take myself and a book out for some beer, that sounds nice. But let’s try not to spend more than $20 on going out for the weekend. Otherwise it’s just the usual:
Groceries: $50
Farmer’s market: $30
Coffee/cookie: $7

notpollyanna (#2,841)

I need to pick a recipe for some sort of vegetable stew or chili or curry to freeze for a while (to cook in my rice cooker with some rice or quinoa or barley or something!), so I’ll be going to Aldi to get ingredients and whatever groceries I need. I can only usually carry $30 worth of groceries from Aldi, but I’ll say $40 in case I have to go to another grocery store because Aldi doesn’t have all the ingredients I need. Otherwise, I plan not to leave my apartment.

I can’t believe it’s Friday already. But I’m totally happy that it’s here. This weekend I plan to spend the following:

Happy Hour tonight – $20
Lincoln @ the Sundance Kabuki Theater + Coffee beverage – $15
Trip to Daiso (since I’ll be in Japantown) – hopefully no more than $10
Snacks for crochet date with friend – $15
Bridal Tea – $25

Estimate – About $100

I hope I can stick to it!

Probably a spendtastic weekend coming up. My estimate: $170

- Going out for drinks tonight: $20
- Some kind of touristy business tomorrow, to show my fiance’s brother a good time: $25 for food/coffee/whatever
- Pupuseria tour of Mount Pleasant with fiance and brother: ~$20
- Dinner, drinks, etc. etc. with fiance and brother: ~$40
- Card for my great-aunt’s birthday: $5
- Groceries for the next week: $60 (going to try and buy them at the ethnic grocery store near me, per yesterday’s post)

AMc (#2,985)

@cuminafterall Really into your Mount Pleasant pupuseria tour — may have to steal that plan next time I have visitors in town!

kate@twitter (#2,935)

Already dropped $50 (owch) for groceries this week, so my only costs should be one brunch (overestimating $30 just to be safe). Let’s say $20 for unanticipated miscellaneous expenses. If I really can keep it under $50 for the weekend that would be great.

$25 gas
$25 (?) Michael’s/Joann’s – I have a 50% off one item at Michael’s and want to get a new stamp pad, so that will hopefully be less than $5 (really, less than $3), and I need terry cloth at Joann’s, so $7-14? I added in a $10 buffer because I can rarely leave a craft store with EXACTLY what I came in with.
$60 groceries. We have lots of leftovers, so I’m hoping this week will be on the cheap side, but leftovers sketch out Mr PDVS, so we’ll see what we can get away with.

We were going to have a date night this weekend to celebrate Mr PDVS getting a job, but I think we might wait until he gets his first paycheck. We’re heading to the outlets so he can get a couple more pieces of work clothes, so I might spend another $25 there.

So, $135?

Devora (#2,986)

Tonight I may go to the movies – $15 (includes candy!)
Tomorrow I am going to the library and should pay my overdue book fines – $3
Tomorrow I am going to buy cheese for my friend’s party – $20
Tomorrow I am going to 2 friends’ parties – $0 (dinner at home, drinks there, plus bringing a bottle of champagne I already have in my fridge!)
Sunday I don’t have any plans but may get an oil change – $40

Not a big spending weekend planned! $78 total, extenuating circumstances aside.

sparrow303 (#1,641)

Today I’ve already spent a lot of money (perfume/lotion $16; oatmeal/coffee $8; haircut $16; new bra $48) BUT I don’t usually count Friday day-time towards my weekend, so let’s think positively here:

Tonight: take-out/movies– bf’s turn to pay probably
Tomorrow AM: Brunch will fall to me, so $40
Saturday afternoon: Hanging with pals in the burbs, probably $free.99
Sunday: Groceries $45; food out will be bf’s turn again

Total with misc coffee/beer needs= $100? Let’s stick with that.

vicky austin (#2,938)

Dranks tonight – $20
Metroing out to Southern Northern Virginia to hang with Mom for the weekend – $0
Brunch Sunday – $25
Grocery run on Sunday – $40
Total: $85

joyballz (#2,000)

Out tonight for a work event where food and drinks will be covered, but meeting friends and roommates after for more drinks ($20).

Tomorrow hanging out with my friend and making food ($30).

Sunday is Hairpin book club day at Little Branch ($5).

Extra $20 for miscellaneous and $25 for groceries= $100 total.

selenana (#673)

Three day weekend! Staying in and making pesto Friday nite: ¥0.
Saturday morning yoga ¥400X2.
Lunch with a friend plus gas ¥2500
Sunday is a movie maybe: ¥1500
Hot stone spa on Monday: ¥1500
Plus an odd lunch or dinner let’s say ¥8000 or around $90.

BATS! (#2,770)

Tonight my ladyfriend is making me dinner, because I bought dinner last weekend: $0 dinner, $3 bus from work to her place.
Saturday, maybe a haircut because I’m getting kind of shaggy: $50 plus $6 roundtrip bus fare.
Sunday: $6 roundtrip bus fare to get to roller derby practice, $3 post-practice tea, and $50 for insurance.

And probably a little bit of grocery shopping in there, because I need to re-stock hummus, avocadoes, grapefruits and coconut water. So… $22.

Total: $140.00. Kind of spendy, but the insurance is good for a whole year.

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