Either You’ve Done This Or You Haven’t (I’ve Done This)



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Fig. 1 (#632)

I would have bought goggles at the pool this weekend but they didn’t sell any :(

My answer to the original dilemma is I use the five-finger shoes. I know, they look stupid. But they’re small and good for my legs/feet/posture, I can run comfortably in them, and they fit in (almost) every bag I own.

E$ (#1,636)

I haven’t bought shoes but I have bought socks at Duane Reade in order to make myself work out. Their socks are terrible but they get the job done.

Now I keep spare clothes in my desk at the office.

TARDIStime (#1,633)

@E$ I did this for a few days before realising that after bringing home the gym clothes to launder them, I forget to bring them to work to leave them in my desk so I remember them.
#facepalm #stillhavethatmembershipIdon’tuse

RachelG8489 (#1,297)

Phone chargers and umbrellas. And tampons. But especially phone chargers and umbrellas, while traveling. There was the time that I didn’t bring my American cell phone charger with me when I went to Israel for two weeks, and when I got back the battery was dead and I needed to be able to tell my family that I made it home, so I ended up buying a USB charger for my cell phone because that was the cheapest option at the electronics store in Terminal 5 at JFK.

faustbanana (#2,376)

I haven’t bought new gym shoes in this scenario (I haven’t even bought new gym shoes in a more appropriate scenario in a long, long time), but I have bought: socks, rubber bands, headbands, sports bras, water, new headphones, tights, underwear, lotion, goggles…

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

I’ve done this sort of thing at the airport. I always convince myself that it’ll be too hard to find whatever I need when I arrive or god forbid to live without it.

amirite (#2,677)

When I was in high school I once bought a new pair of jeans instead of doing laundry (I can’t imagine doing this now).

And, I pay money to rent a locker at the gym so that I can keep things like my bathing suit, towel, shampoo, etc. there, because if I didn’t, I would definitely end up either going to the gym less or buying those kinds of things on the fly. I am forgetful and the fewer things I have that I can forget, the more successful I’ll be. Totally worth the expense.

DarlingMagpie (#1,695)

I once had to buy a black skirt because I was going from one job to another with a one hour break in between, not enough time to get home and get to job #2 but enough to buy a black skirt.

Why did I need a black skirt? We needed to wear dress blacks and I was wearing a black shirt but coloured jeans. -_-

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