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Cheap Wine Needs a New Nickname

For the past 11 years, Charles Shaw has been selling its popular brand of wine at California Trader Joe’s stores for $1.99. Lovers and haters alike called it “Two-Buck Chuck.” No longer—the price is being raised to $2.49. So now what are we going to call it? How about “something I still won’t drink.” Ba-zing! Kidding, I’ll drink it if it’s there. Pour me a glass. Also in New York, due to higher distribution costs, it’s been known as “Three-Buck Chuck” for a while already. It’s just harder to find something that rhymes with “half-dollar” or “fifty-cent piece.”


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EM (#1,012)

Ughhh I will never stop being jealous of how cheap and available wine is in the US vs Canada.

kstohl (#3,094)

2buckish chuck!

kstohl (#3,094)

also the white zin (it’s pink!!) is not bad at all.

Maladydee (#909)

Half-sawbuck chuck – as a side-benefit, it’s an excuse to start using sawbuck as slang for $5 bill (I come from the land of loonies and toonies. I like me some money slang. )

@Maladydee yeah, but a sawbuck is $10!

@Maladydee I just came down here to make some kind of sawbuck joke!

But isn’t it a $10 bill?

kitten_witawip (#1,309)

Some bucks chuck.

TARDIStime (#1,633)

In Australia, cheap wine is called “goon”. It is generally found in a box/cask.

probs (#296)

Twenty-five dime wine. Two-fifty sippy. Mr. Shaw’s fermented grape sauce beverage (contains alcohol).

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