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Zou Bisou Bi-Do 1 Thing

Thursday is a great day to do that 1 thing you don’t want to do but also don’t want to continue thinking about doing.

I got paid this week, and yesterday I logged into my checking account to make bill payments and transfers and to check on the state of things (the state of things is sweet relief—the account had been at zero for … awhile). My J.Crew card e-bill hadn’t come, so I logged into the actual site and saw that … my balance was $246.51. SO TANTALIZINGLY SMALL. So I just clicked the necessary buttons and paid it off. This is the second of my current credit cards I’ve paid off. EEK THAT IS EXCITING. So my 1 thing today is to call and close the card so that I’m never ever ever ever tempted to use it ever ever ever again ever. The physical card no longer exists but one terrible thing about store credit cards is you don’t need the card to buy something—they can just look up your account! AWFUL. AWFUL. AWFUL. I have not done this, by the way. I have been tempted! In moments of weakness I have thought, I could totally walk into a J.Crew and walk out with a sweater or some shoes or something and I wouldn’t have to swipe anything because there is nothing to swipe! But I never did. And now I never will. IT IS DEAD TO ME. And very soon, it won’t exist at all.



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Yay for you!! REAL question: does closing a credit card hurt your credit, or is that a weird urban myth?

Mike Dang (#2)

@Hezah Sundell@facebook It’ll have a minor affect on your credit score because it’ll affect your debt-to-credit ratio, but closing your card is much better if you don’t trust yourself to leave it open without abusing it.

selenana (#673)

@Mike Dang It’s something like 2 points, isn’t it? And temporary?

Maladydee (#909)

Congrats, that is AWESOME!

Bravo Logan!! That’s got to feel awesome.

My one thing is to email my doctor and ask about changing acne treatments. I did it earlier this morning and thought, “this is totally my one thing.” Except I have to mail my friend’s Christmas gift, so I guess that’s my one other thing.

OllyOlly (#669)

My one thing is scheduling an appointment to get my side view mirror fixed on my car after someone kindly smashed it while my car was parked on the street. This involves finding my VIN. This is written on my car somewhere right? Why am I too lazy to find it?? Is this all my subconcious trying to avoid spending $400???

@OllyOlly It should be written somewhere visible through your windshield! At least, my Corolla’s is…

readyornot (#816)

@OllyOlly VIN should be on the inside of the driver side door, the part you can’t see when it’s closed. also should be on your auto insurance docs, if for some reason those are easier for you to locate.

OllyOlly (#669)

@readyornot That was certianly easier to locate from my desk at work. I didn’t even think of it being on my insurance card.

1/2 way through my one thing!

readyornot (#816)

@OllyOlly yay!

frushka (#1,207)


edit: my one thing is to clear all my apps and photos off my old iphone 3gs so I can give it to my sis as a secondary xmas present. cause i just got my $0.99 upgrade to the 4 last week.

sintaxis (#2,363)

Good job Logan!!

My one thing to do is to clean my apartment and pack for the holidays, which I wanted to accomplish pretty much every other day this week but passed out in bed instead. BUT today is a half day, so no excuses!

sockhopbop (#764)


J Crew = J Who?

Dancercise (#94)

Congrats, Logan!

My one thing is to mail my Christmas cards!

eagerber (#1,958)

You rock, Logan!

My one thing is a two for one; to mail my dad’s Christmas gift and to also mail a book I sold on Amazaon. So, one trip to the post office after work today.

sea ermine (#122)

My one thing is to clean my apartment before my parents and sister get here tomorrow (they are staying until January 2nd). It was perfectly clean and organized and then I got really sick and now it is a nest of filth. So I have to clean it all again and find change to do my laundry since they will probably want like, towels and things while they are here.

CubeRootOfPi (#1,098)


My two things are to (1) pay the renters’ insurance bill (thanks Sandy for making it go up this year) and (2) redo the budget. Though #2 depends on how the fiscal cliff talks go.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)


My one-thing is a two-parter, part of which I did yesterday (calling the health department to pay the remainder of my huge bill).

Today’s one thing is making a payment on my remaining student loans.

Thank goodness tomorrow is payday!

E$ (#1,636)

Great work, Logan!

My one thing is to haul a bunch of books to donate at a bookstore nearby. This isn’t really about money but I cleaned out my bookshelves and then I had a big pile I was tripping over all the time. No longer!

probs (#296)

I guess my one thing is to go to a work happy hour thing, which is not bad as far as One Thigs go, although I did get in to work before 0730 today because the happy hour starts at 1600 (why??). OH, and I need to pay a parking ticket I got when they put in emergency parking after I parked there, boo.

zou bisou (#1,637)

you rang?

readyornot (#816)

I think it’s time for Mike to send Logan a note. Or TWO! I also think the whole commenting community is vicariously living through how good this feels for Logan, which is a little weird, in a Being John Malkovich kinda way, but also nice?

My one thing is to change my retirement withholding for next year. And close two BoA accounts (checking and saving) which have been sitting with zero money in them for…a while. And to cancel a promo subscription I used to have to Bon Appetit. So..three things? I’ve been putting them off. Next week I’m going to have to pay estimated taxes, so these can’t get put off until then!

lhorntx (#2,302)

@readyornot is paying estimated taxes a painful process/hard to do on your own? I just started freelancing in August and have put aside 15.3 percent of what I’ve earned each month, don’t plan on taking any deductions or anything. I want to do them myself rather than pay someone but I’m afraid I’ll mess something up or get confused :(

readyornot (#816)

@lhorntx No, it is really super easy. The form you need is here. Fill out page 7, send in the end of year stub (the last one). It’s actually not due until January 15 next year, but I prefer to do mine before calendar year end.

There’s also a Billfold article somewhere about doing them…

lhorntx (#2,302)

@Mike Dang thanks!

ThatJenn (#916)

That is so awesome! Congratulations, Logan!

I am currently on hold trying to do my one thing, which is to find out if I have a credit at my podiatrist’s and get reimbursed if so. Ah, and they picked up and it seems I misinterpreted my EOB and I don’t have a credit. That is just fine! But I have been thinking about this on and off since AUGUST.

Today I also took care of two other things that have been looming over my head: I started allergy shots after 15 years of considering it (YAY maybe someday I’ll be able to be near my favorite animals again without risking hives! which is good because that animal is a cat and everyone in the WORLD has cats so I can’t go to anyone’s house which sucks!), and I did the paperwork to enroll in a special program that allows me to get my asthma meds for free, at least until the end of March! Yay!

ThatJenn (#916)

@ThatJenn Okay, not everyone in the world has cats, but the 20s-to-30s townies I know living in this suburban university town has cats. It’s a thing. I would have two if I could go near them and still breathe. Also, dogs, which I also love, don’t give me hives but do give me itchy eyes and a little bit of a wheeze and HELL if I am going the rest of my life without a dog. Yes, I am both a dog person and a cat person and I can have neither and that is not okay.

P.S. For people who think I should get a hairless cat or a poodle, you likely are wrong because I would never be able to (a) go into an adoption place to get one without dying or (b) take them to the vet or the dog park or whatever. I like the idea of a poodle but I don’t like that we couldn’t easily have it socialize with our friends’ dogs, etc.

selenana (#673)

@ThatJenn Tell me more about these allergy shots. How is it going? I would love to not have hives. Do you have to know what you’re allergic to? I’m not sure what sets off the hives. Does it help with metal?

ThatJenn (#916)

@selenana Well, first off you get tested for all kinds of allergies, so they do know what you’re allergic to. This is a long involved process of a few hours and you can’t take antihistamines so you itch like crazy. Then, you get to have them give you shots once or twice a week for a year, then you go to one to two times per months for 2-4 years. So it’s a lot of time and can be a lot of money without the right insurance (or even if you just have to pay a copay each time), but I’m really hoping it works.

I don’t know if they can do it for metals, but it’s worth looking into. I know they tested me for metal allergies, so you could at least find out which you’re allergic to!

Sloane (#675)

I should probably finish making and put up my Christmas wreath before Christmas, right? You know, to enjoy it and all…

But other than that, I’ve been pretty productive – funded my Roth IRA this week and made a dermatology appointment that I’ve been putting off. I have one more Christmas gift to buy – so that’s one thing – and the other thing is to make an appointment with my physical therapist to check out my bum wrist (which I’ll need for the making of the wreath).

Mike Dang (#2)

My one thing is to mail Logan a note congratulating her on paying off her credit card.

Megano! (#124)


Ugh, store credit cards are the devil. I have never gotten one, but sometimes the temptation is there.

Laundry, and also I have to take the cat to the vet, and also I have to go out to dinner tonight (feels like an obligation because this time of year is so crazy). The laundry’s the one thing only I HAVE to do today, and it is also the one thing that is least likely to get done.

Congrats Logan!

LizF (#1,399)

I paid my student loans. Always so depressing.

honey cowl (#1,510)

Congrats Logan!

I did so many 1 things yesterday I can’t even think about the possibility of doing 1 thing today but I’m sure I will come up with something.

CONGRATULATIONS LITTLE LADY!!!!!!!!! Your ability to get through your debt is inspiring.

My thing for today is to order enough contact lenses so that I use all the money I had put away in my PayFlex account. I just realized I contributed $12 a paycheck (pre-tax) so that I could pay for medical-related expenses and I never used any of it!! I can order 6 boxes of contact lenses FOR FREE and I’ll be set for years.

theotherginger (#1,304)

@Kara M & Lisa L@twitter I am never sure if I am going to use all my health care spending account, so I use get reimbursed from the premiums from my other insurance! it also motivates me to go to the optometrist and dentist (I am in Canada, so this actually works).

acid burn (#113)

My one thing was to see if my weird nondescript receipts from my sliding scale therapy place where I pay in cash are something that I can have reimbursed from my FSA, and it turns out they CAN! This is exciting because I have like $200 to spend down by Dec. 31st, and have spent at least that much there, if I can only locate all those receipts now (I have $90 worth in my wallet so that’s something).

theotherginger (#1,304)

@acid burn I have had this problem before and was able to get (in this case my optometrist) to send me receipts. There is often a fee for reprinting, but I said that I didn’t have enough money to pay it, so they waived it. If your therapist offers sliding scale, they might be as kind.

acid burn (#113)

@theotherginger Good point, thanks! After I scour all my purses I’ll ask them about it.

Jenn@twitter (#2,325)

Congrats Logan! You just inspired me to go ahead and pay off my Visa! Just over $1000, but damn, it feels GOOD! Now to get that pesky Mastercard off my back!

Oh I see I missed the actual congratulating Logan thread. That’s cool nbd.

My one thing today was to call and book pedicures for my mom and grandma and I did it! Although I did it too late for them to get them before christmas, but they will get them before new year’s, so, sigh. Not soon enough one thing. Not soon enough.

selenana (#673)

Great work Logan! I am inspired.

My one thing was to send in a story that I’ve been sitting on forever, which I did last night, but when I sent it the email box was full and it bounced back. Now my one thing is to figure out another address to send it to.

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