White Elephant Gifts for $10 or Less Brought to the Holiday Party I Attended

10. Gift bag full of candy from the drugstore
9. Gift bag with two cans of Coors and one bag of Gummy Bears
8. A pair of cheap sunglasses and ’80s Retro iPhone Case
7. Bag of Peet’s Coffee with mug
6. Bottle of Merlot
5. Magnetic salt and pepper shakers
4. A wall mount for a bike
3. A DVD copy of Risky Business
2. Toy taco truck with lights and action sounds
1. The top half of a Fir Tree


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honey cowl (#1,510)

The … top half of a fir tree???!!?!

Fig. 1 (#632)

@Lauren Things that are worse than the top half of a fir tree:

1. the bottom half of a fir tree
2. ???

Dancercise (#94)

A friend of mine never fails to bring a chia pet to White Elephant parties. It’s amazing how grabby people get for those things.

mbmargarita (#781)

I’m desperate for ideas… I plan to keep refreshing this page and hope helpful comments roll in :)

Tuna Surprise (#118)


My job cancelled our white elephant (giving to charity instead). I was so bummed because I was going to buy Pippa Middleton’s book on throwing a party.

@Tuna Surprise AGH BUMMER! I’m starting a new job this coming Monday, and left my old job this past Friday. BOTH JOBS ARE HAVING THE WHITE ELEPHANT THIS WEEK. Otherwise I would totally steal this idea.

@mbmargarita so, like…the ten ideas in the post weren’t enough?

sony_b (#225)

One year I bought the grodiest looking Yoda nutcracker thing that was on a lonely clearance shelf at CVS. People fought over that thing like you wouldn’t believe. I was astounded, because there’s no way in hell that thing would ever enter my home.

selenana (#673)

Isn’t part of white elephant that you’re supposed to bring something (new) that you have already that you don’t want/need?

travelmugs (#162)

@selenana From the root of the word, YES! But, this must vary regionally. I was really embarrassed when I went to a swanky Christmas party last year, where they had a gift exchange they called a “White Elephant.” I had wrapped up some random crap I had sitting around that I didn’t want, but everyone else brought artisan chocolates, scotch, etc.

cobalt (#2,114)

I had forgotten about getting a white elephant gift together until last minute (and wasn’t near home), so ended up putting together what I thought was a decent gift from 7-11: “slumdog millionaire” dvd + portable corkscrew + ring pop.

What I ended up getting: 3 homemade paper flowers that were rather unattractive (colored with marker on lined notebook paper) and promptly fell apart when I took them out of the plastic grocery store bag they were in.

meh. I think some last minute gifts are better than others.

kellyography (#250)

The Festivus party I attend every year tends to skew a bit gross in the way of white elephant gifts. Last year, I had to trade away an entire duffel bag of VHS porn (think 40 Year Old Virgin-type homemade mixes labeled with the old plastic tape/raised letter labels), only to get a slim volume about how to have sex after you’ve been paralyzed.

OllyOlly (#669)

But is anyone’s family doing a “Pinterest Gift Exchange” because my boyfriend’s mom is doing something called that and I don’t even understand what it is. We are supposed to bring the favorite thing we bought this year, but under $20. And then something about “pinning” the presents other people buy??

His other half of the family does a normal white elephant and I can say that by far the most popular things are bottles of liquor.

Megano! (#124)

I can’t imagine some of those things are under $10. The top half of a fur tree definitely isn’t. Unless they went into the woods and cut it themselves.

Fig. 1 (#632)

@Megano! (I know what you meant, but a fake-fur tree would definitely make me break my “no Christmas decorations in my house” position.)

These sound great!! Beer cans and gummy bears!

I bought a thing of sea monkeys one year. What’s weird is that the recipient didn’t seem like she’d ever heard of sea monkeys before. How do you not know what sea monkeys are!!

Best gift I ever received from one of these things was a Krusty the Clown watch from Burger King. I wore it for about 2 years before the battery finally died.

ThatJenn (#916)

The last time I had to do this I brought a keychain breathalyzer and a lava lamp (I think the limit was $20 for that one, but still). Both were received or stolen by people who thought they were awesome.

ThatJenn (#916)

@ThatJenn Very small Lego sets are also often well-received.

Lawrence (#2,844)

Ahem, this post contains a serious error. They were Cherry Dolphins, not gummy bears.

Mike Dang (#2)

@Lawrence Seitenbacher Cherry Dolphins Gummi Fruit to be precise! I stand corrected.

Lawrence (#2,844)

@Mike Dang I don’t see an apologetic correction appended to the post. This is your opportunity to prove that you’re better than Ben Smith on that The Oatmeal thing.

We have a complete team of recreation specialist that do nothing but look for great white elephant gifts and create unique white elephant gift exchange games..
In this price range, the top gift is the Slingshot duck or Slingshot chicken… When this is opened and shot across the room, the stealing really begins!
Happy Holidays from AlbinoPhant

Marzipan (#1,194)

My tennis team had one of these on Sunday. I was STRESSED about it. It was $20. I bought bananagrams on sale and Tina Fey’s book Bossypants, because those are things I think are fun. But I was worried about it because it’s also kind of weird and specific thing to get a stranger.

And also some Reese’s trees, because I think Reese’s are your best bet for buying candy for a stranger.

lizard (#2,615)

my favorite white elephant gift was one of those giant Pimp cups with rhinestones in it. it actually says “pimp” and i keep my change in it now. everyone fought over it. i think it was purchased at spencers gifts

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