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What Happened to Detroit?

Dream Hampton’s essay about her childhood home in Detroit, and her neighborhood’s evolution (devolution) from family block to blight, is  a small but important look at a changing American city: “We bought the house on Newport the summer before I began first grade, from a white family in flight.” It might perhaps leave you wondering what happened to Detroit, and so perhaps you should watch this short video) called: What happened to Detroit?


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sunflowernut (#1,638)

I really like her essay. It’s beautifully written.

megadith (#273)

I wish removing blight was so easy! I cannot believe how expensive and slow that process is. And digging up and removing sewer? Yikes. It’s connected with the lights thing, too – the stretch of Livernois I use to drive home every day is often completely dark due to rolling blackouts of street lights and for long stretches there are no occupied businesses or homes to provide even light from signs or porches. It’s spooky.

I love the idea of the Hantz farm. I know people are uneasy about it as a possible land grab, but that land isn’t likely to be doing anything else for quite some time and on a large scale the farm(s) could help the city and its people a lot (jobs, materials produced, taxing the rich guy).

maxiu (#6,198)

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