What Do Those Lights Mean Does Anyone Know

Those lights on top of cabs in NYC that mean nothing right now (to me, others) are getting changed to just “ON” or “OFF” so that you will know—quite clearly!—whether the cab is “ON” or “OFF.” Helpful! But don’t get any ideas taxis are terrible take the bus what are you thinking.


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hershmire (#695)

Three and a half years in this city and I still have no idea what those lights mean. On means “Not Available” maybe?

Vagabond (#2,747)

YES! I was in New York over the summer and gave up trying to understand them, I just threw up my arm every time a cab went by. I thought I was just being a bumbling tourist.

selenana (#673)

Lights on means “Engaged” I think. So lights off should be up for grabs.

charlottecorday (#2,822)

Wait seriously? People don’t know what those lights mean? Maybe that’s why people are always (befuddlingly) trying to hail occupied cabs. The middle light is ON when the taxi is available, off when occupied. The two lights on the side are on when the taxi is off duty (thus not available although sometimes they will take a fare anyway even if they’re not supposed to), and off when it is on duty.

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