We Need Young Blood

Jordan Weissmann argues for increasing immigration to grow the economy because we need young people and people who will have babies and also skilled workers, which, ha, WE DON’T HAVE. Scientists! Engineers! And lest you think we don’t need more breeders: “Just ask Japan what it’s like when your country turns into a nation-sized nursing home.”

I didn’t ask Japan but I asked Google, and to start, the retirement age goes up. Taxes go up. Spending on education and defense go down. Elderly care costs go up. Grandmas turn to crime. Dark days.



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deepomega (#22)

Kind of bummed this law didn’t pass – incrementalism can work!

Sean Lai (#559)

@deepomega If you favor higher levels of immigration, this bill wasn’t incrementalism so much as it was a different version of the status quo.

The author’s name is spelled Weissmann. :)

EM (#1,012)

I read this amazing (sad/scary) essay on the weekend– it’s a few years old but still very relevant:

“Americans haven’t come to grips with the new demography. We cling to the notion of retirement at sixty-five—a reasonable notion when those over sixty-five were a tiny percentage of the population, but completely untenable as they approach twenty per cent. People are putting aside less in savings for old age now than they have in any decade since the Great Depression. More than half of the very old now live without a spouse, and we have fewer children than ever before—yet we give virtually no thought to how we will live out our later years alone.”

Megano! (#124)

People keep the corpses of their mummified elderly relatives for decades so they can collect their benefits.

I have a good friend who is every Republican immigration proponent’s dream — hardworking, loves America (mostly), has paid more in taxes than I ever will. It bums me out hard to hear about his expensive struggles with USCIS and constant anxiety about being deported to a birth country he has never lived in for more than a few months at a time.

I mean would his company be paying thousands and thousands of dollars to immigration attorneys, plus his six-figure salary, if someone in the US could do his job? Sorry, poor white working class people, but my friend is NOT taking your job & wouldn’t want it.

readyornot (#816)

screen capture does indeed still work.

bella plus the title make me wonder whether that clap your hands say yeah song was subtly about vampires. hey, remember clap your hands say yeah?

selenana (#673)

Come on, immigrants, we want your BABIES.

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