The Best Places to Hide Your Holiday Gifts

1. Under the bed

2. In the closet

3. Under the sink

4. In the clothes hamper

5. On the shelf in the store because you didn’t actually buy them because your loved ones know the balances of your bank account and your credit cards and definitely don’t want anything purchased with your disgusting indebted blood money

6. In the trunk of your car



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Quinn A@twitter (#1,008)

Oh, Logan. Your tags kill me. In a good way, I mean.

thecoffeestain (#1,483)

In one of my favorite books of all time, “Gunn’s Golden Rules,” Tim Gunn says that in lieu of gifts, bake someone fudge. It’s super easy, takes no time at all, and it’s a more heartfelt (and more delicious) gift than something you’d find in a store. AND since we all know that Tim Gunn is never wrong, I say follow his advice! :)

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